Tom and Angela - You Get Me (from Talking Friends)

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Author Salamatu Faransa (14 days)
Wow! Angela send the link to me ❤️❤️

Author Gabrielle G. (2 months)

Author Mariana viegas (2 months)
Que fofos!
Angela and Tom

Author Twilight Sparkle The MLP Cat (22 days)

Author Karen Gómez (20 days)

Author Ines Monteiro (17 days)
Que fofinhos

Author Sunil Nevla (1 month)
Wow adorable song i like Angela! But app is not good and its hacked :/

Author Nicki Minaj (23 days)
aww <3

Author Randy Oum (2 months)
Awwwww its all about love and affection!! <3 ............... *Pukes* Im
gonna cry..... *cries and pukes*

Author Nguyen Tram (2 months)
It's just so cute I almost cry

Author EvO-ERIKKXON -PrO (1 month)
Valla puta mierda dislike!!!!

Author anna miranda (2 months)
Talking angela always tells me about him they are so romantic

Author Bella MG (2 months)
Aaw :') 

Author Pani Śmietanka (2 months)
Angela's eyes It's PEDOFILE! Sorry, i'm Polish:)

Author Gepardzia Natalia (27 days)
I ♥♥♥ Tom :)

Author Diane Fetterman (26 days)
Tom and Angela - You Get Me (from Talking Friends):

Author barby antico (1 month)
ohh soo cute 0:10 0:14

Author В Гостях у Jungheeshkins'a (2 months)
Tom is fucking LUCKY!

Author mrzoozilla (2 days)
Angela is way to hot 

Author Xavier Hellsing (4 days)
my god. My god. I think my ears are melting... NOOOO!

Author Megan Melby (6 days)
omg that is so cute

Author Margie Soriano (8 days)
Its just soso sad! I miss am crying

Author Nicki rayraynicki (1 month)
i teared up in looked so sad :(

Author Cidinha Alves (12 days)
Lindo :))

Author Mónica Jackeline (27 days)
Que lindos ... =))))

Author blossom goodness (1 month)
I love this music

Author Naomi Nabatanzi (29 days)
Its talking gina +lance bryan

Author thuy chau (24 days)
That was really gooooooood👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏

Author anirudh Ananth (24 days)

Author Sakura Haruno (1 month)
:3 <3

Author Du Lịch Hạ Long (1 month)

Author andrea hernandez (1 month)
I love it 

Author zoe perez puy (2 months)
awwww !!!!!

Author Thida Yoeun (23 days)
I love Tom better than angela

Author cristian mistretta (1 month)
I love these two

Author MythicalShyspirit (1 month)
Aw geez this is really sweet I actually shed a tear and had to tell a
friend it was allergies.

Author sophiya punithan (1 month)
i love it

Author mammafranz1 (1 month)
How cute :3

Author jimena gonzalez (1 month)
Que bonito😊

Author @Rocket4Pres (1 month)
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Edo Edo Edo Edo

Author Konata Izumi (1 month)
2:34 French kiss :D

Author NatiAnd Fruty (2 months)
Cute *3*

Author weegeehaterGAME (2 months)
No sh!t sherlock

Author JestemWielkimHardkorem Domikicia (2 months)

Author Marisol Preciado Avila (1 month)

Author Dan Borodin (2 months)
Super romantic

Author Alyssa Wolfe (2 months)

Author Arielle Lee (1 month)
Made me cry... SO ROMANTIC

Author Thắng Trần Lê hoàng Thắng (2 months)
qua hay

Author relvis smith (2 months)
lol many keep requesting me to put this on roblox audio,guys dont
panic.because i will

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