Pini Di Roma - André Rieu & The Johann Strauss Orchestra

André Rieu and The Johann Strauss Orchestra in Maastricht
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Author alfredo gomez (1 month)
I was surprised. At first I though the Rieu orchestra was too small for
this piece but I see he brought reinforcements 

Author lilibetp (5 months)
Aren't the soldiers supposed to be marching into Rome? This has them

Author L.K. Dexter (3 months)
I wish I had an awesome outfit for symphony concerts like they do. 

Author Rudel23 (4 months)
Bravo Rieu! Im' Roman, and this is a great performance!

Author Vincenzo Curione (9 months)
Un incanto!

Author Josh Omaits (1 year)
He plays the violin on certain pieces and conducts at the same time. You've
never seen that before? Look at some of the other pieces he conducts, he'll
be playing along with them. It's pretty cool

Author Eleo Muro (1 year)
me encanta

Author Abel Miranda (3 years)
can someone plzzzzzz send me the sheet music for trombone to this?!?!

Author Abel Miranda (2 years)
@LaserBeam002 TSO.

Author arrchi89 (3 years)
"Maja rozmach skurwisyny ... " Your sincerely Siara

Author Peanutbuttrluv (2 years)
We just played this at our summer camp in Waco and omg it was so intense!
Best song in orchestra ever.

Author Dylan Ruffo (1 year)
I guess I don't get it...

Author falcons1988 (2 years)
After watching it, I wish I could have been playing there myself

Author superality (3 years)
ridiculus, monstruous, kitsch and ugly. Andre Rieu definitely knows how to
make an idiot circus of any great music masterworks. His gigantic shows are

Author M Crosbie (2 years)
Check out conductor Gustavo Dudamel, as well.

Author Annapurna Moffatt (3 years)
@wcip1Angel You need to watch more of his videos/TV specials. :-) While
André Rieu (the conductor) does conduct some pieces in the way that he did
in this video, in others, he conducts while playing his violin, à la J.
Strauss, Jr. André also plays the violin solos in all places where there is
a solo for that instrument, or where he's arranged a solo for violin (for
example: his arrangement of "The Music of the Night", which is on the CD
and DVD "New York Memories").

Author Paul Barrett (1 year)
Why can't he conduct without his bow and fiddle in his left hand? Is it
like his teddy?-a comforter? if you are new to this piece and were excited
by it, then go to a youtube clip in which it's played by a real orchestra
and conducter- you'll be even more thrilled. You won't get girls in big
frocks and hair, but you WILL the real thing instead.

Author EorRompage7 (3 years)
What happened to the articulations and separation between notes? i hate
woodwinds. But grrreat performance!! And I Love YOU BRASS PLAYERS!!!!

Author Kyle Craft (3 years)
The most epic classical music ever written

Author 1965jeanpaul1965 (2 years)
You are absolutely right! :-)

Author amber harper (2 years)
your post made my day xD

Author GoFeri (2 years)
@MastodonRockss That's funny.

Author massimo lioy (2 years)
grande grande grande questa e' la vera musica grazie

Author TheMediankurd (3 years)

Author TheUndacovabrotha (2 years)
When trombones came in they sounded kinda sloppy and not very good :/

Author alonshofar (3 years)
This is just awesome!!!

Author TheGrandBrand (1 year)
For a while I thought my musical hearing is worse than ever, I kept
replaying 4:00 to 4:05 to hear that Bb scale. But then I went like
"whatever, can't heart it, let's listen to the end". And there was the
scale... turned out it was a slow one... up to 4:13. You took me in! I was
expecting some quick run, haha!

Author raft222 (3 years)
Im performing this piece with the orchestra Im in

Author giannibert (3 years)
For critics of this kind of shows. What was the nineteenth-century French
grandopera if not a great show with hundreds of musicians, extras, dancing,
parades and fanfares? Classical music also needs these people, not only of
philological priests of music. People really like this kind of shows: me,

Author MastodonRockss (2 years)
That conductor looks like the offspring of Franz Liszt and David
Hasselhoff. He conducts like it too.

Author anna MASTRANTUONO (1 year)

Author mrshadowbehindme (2 years)
dat english horn solo mun.

Author Pascalsmit1971 (1 year)
Then close your eyes. Snob.

Author Bassobuffo97 (3 years)
Respighi è stato uno dei rari compositori classici a creare una musica così
moderna e contemporanea. Questo pezzo musicale è uno dei miei preferiti,
cosi trionfale e avvincente

Author Slynell1 (2 years)
not odd at all.

Author GoOKuSj33 (1 year)
Thats a reinvention, not the original, Respighi dindt asked for that
massive band brass nor the soprano choir.

Author jaykid160 (1 year)
AR is awesome

Author BratRecord (BRAT©Яecord) (4 years)
Grande Respighi, grande Andre Rieu!

Author Steve Forbes (2 years)
That was just incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author pianodude1971 (3 years)
@superality You're right - but this performance surprised me. I thought it
was quite good. Respighi wanted the score to evoke a triumphant procession
along the Appian Way toward the Imperial Capital. You can't have enough
brass for something like that.

Author Chicxulub65M (2 years)

Author IdleBigots (1 year)
That woman's face at 4:52. That's what everyone's face should look like
when they hear this. Childlike wonder.

Author Josep489 (2 years)
When i go to see a symphony orchestra, i don't go to see the show of the
conductor or the decoration of the stage. I'm interested in the music as it
is, and how can it be played. In past times, Karajan and Bernstein filled
up their concert halls with their philharmonic orchestras, and I don't
remember that they have made a show or a circus, as Rieu does. I'm not
saying that Rieu sucks, just I say that I don't like the style he uses for
make music.

Author superality (3 years)
You're absolutely right, this is brilliant and very impressive, every note
perfect. But this kind of show will not transform myself into and André
Rieu lover.

Author falcons1988 (2 years)
@herrieindetent I would love to have played there myself.

Author Wistala (2 years)
4:00 The most epic Bb scale ever in the low brass.

Author herrieindetent (4 years)
Great i was one of the 400 brassplayers.

Author WildDancer101 (2 years)
The beginning of the fourth part of Pines of Rome sounds a bit scary to me,
then later on it slowly shifts to epicness which I like best.

Author Georges Le Gal (1 year)
Quel cirque c'est honteux

Author garrytr (3 years)
Brilliant! Love it!

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