How To Make a Video Intro for Youtube Videos In Under 3 Minutes - Tutorial

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how to make a intro for youtube videos tutorial

1.Create an animoto account click here to access Animoto video intro maker

2. Select your style

3. Add the required text units you need and a movie image, we need the movie image to render the project.

4. Add text to your text units

5. find a tune you like for your intro then add it

6. go create the project.

How to create a video intro

In this video I used Animoto to create a video intro, i used screenflow on my mac to record the how to create a video intro in under 3 minutes.

If you need a step by step process on how to make a video intro do this, add it on to the comment below and subscribe so you can be updated when its done.

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If your looking for high quality video intros I recommend the braproductions channel they use sony vegas software.

The great thing about this is that you dont need sony vegas to make a video intro or even adobe after effects.

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