How To Make a Video Intro for Youtube Videos In Under 3 Minutes - Tutorial

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How to download your video from animoto
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how to make a intro for youtube videos tutorial

1.Create an animoto account click here to access Animoto video intro maker

2. Select your style

3. Add the required text units you need and a movie image, we need the movie image to render the project.

4. Add text to your text units

5. find a tune you like for your intro then add it

6. go create the project.

How to create a video intro

In this video I used Animoto to create a video intro, i used screenflow on my mac to record the how to create a video intro in under 3 minutes.

If you need a step by step process on how to make a video intro do this, add it on to the comment below and subscribe so you can be updated when its done.

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If your looking for high quality video intros I recommend the braproductions channel they use sony vegas software.

The great thing about this is that you dont need sony vegas to make a video intro or even adobe after effects.

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animoto is diffrent now

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Author The Veggie Nut (1 month)
Won't there be problems with copyright if you use their song and not one of
the youtube songs?

Author Brandon Meyer (2 months)
ya sad face

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How are you going to apply tgat to a video then ?

Author AKprankmaster907 (4 months)
Great vid thanx 

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Author Daisy Torres (2 months)
It costs money to save it >:(

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if you want intro go to flixpress

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Can i download the intro??

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im also gonna make an outro with this

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Cheers Joseph great tips, I've learnt a lot in the 2 videos I've watched so
thanks where abouts in England are ya?

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Thank you

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Is it open source?

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How do u put the intro on YouTube so you can add it to the beginning of

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That sucked it was useless and link didn't work

Author lolo WKA (16 days)
people use sony vegas or ezvid

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Thanks I have been looking for a intro maker for a while now and this seems
perfect for the type of thing I want to do so thanks for putting this up

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Hey guys I made a video intro and I want to see how you guys think I did!
Please check it out!

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