EoC: Full Fight Caves Guide (RuneScape)

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This IS a wave by wave guide but the reason why some waves are grouped together is due to how similar they are. For the most part, waves in the same group have
the same monsters and use the same strategies.

Wave 1-6 17:12-18:12
Wave 7-14 18:13-19:05
Wave 15-21 19:06-19:51
Wave 22-29 19:52-20:42
Wave 30 20:43-21:19
Wave 31-37 21:20-23:05
Wave 38-45 23:06-24:03
Wave 46-52 24:04-25:00
Wave 53-60 25:01-26:18
Wave 61 26:19-26:49
Wave 62 26:50-28:06
Wave 63 (Jad) 28:07

ARMOR SETUP: The gear is basically all magic stuff with rune arrows, and the vampyrism aura, just use the best magic stuff you can wear. Gano or Ahrim's is highly recommended. If you dont have vampryism dont worry about it but if you have any combat auras, use them.

INVENTORY SETUP: On screen is the inventory I went in with but I suggest something different. I have a second combat aura in my inventory, if you have a second one, bring it. If you don't, don't worry about it. Next to the aura are dreadnips which weren't really that helpful, don't even bother if you have them. Bring an extra prayer renewal flask if you don't have overloads. Bring 3 prayer renewals and 3 overloads if you do have overloads. Replace the 6 super prayer flask(the orange pots) with 4 super restore flask. With a combination of prayer renewals, even with around 40 prayer, this should be more then enough.I recommend a magic shortbow or any bow that can fire arrows and two melee weapons that can do a slash attack. Don't worry about melee or range armor. Enhanced excalibur and vine whip is probably the best melee slash combination, if you can't use those, an alternative is to use a scimitar with an offhand version of it. All scimitars do have an offhand and they are all slash weapons. You can replace the air runes + water runes with mist runes. Proceed to fill up the rest of your inventory with rocktails.

About Rejuv: The method I used is this guide is about saving as much adrenaline as possible to use more threshold abilities for faster kills. Using rejuv slows you down A LOT, you CAN choose to use it if you want. I never said don't use it, I just didn't need it. If you are going to use it, just replace a piece of food in your inventory with a shield.

Water Spells vs. Ice Spells(Normal vs. Ancients): Simply put the damage output is about the same. Ancients hits more targets but cost more. Normal isn't terrible but only hits one target. It just comes down to how much you are willing to spend but I recommend ancients.

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Author Rspknlikeab0ssxd (6 months)
Great video man, before I watched this I got to jad on my first try (as a
lvl 151) and I didn't know the difference between the Mage and ranged atks
like they seemed to be a pattern and I started noticing, and off stupid me
I accidentally hit my bgs and I ran up to him to Atk and he hit 5200 I
died. Wasted an hour and a half or so of my life .-. (As I had to
regenerate all the time). Also I found the safe spot u used against jad at
the end in like wave 20 so it was super useful.

Author Sonic Jensen (1 year)
well...fucking lost course i diddent prayer switch.. that was only 1 hour
waste...4prayer flask and 17 sharks back -.-

Author Ben Rodriguez (1 year)
When trying to mage it took me FOREVER to kill even the bats and meleeing
was better but i would always run out of food around wave 20, My stats
are... Att: 82 Str: 86 Def: 78 Mage: 66 Range: 64 and Prayer: 62 I have
full bandos/armadyl with bgs and zgs, is there any other way for me to do
it (inv setup, ect.) or should i just level my stats up more?

Author Ben Smothermon (1 year)
Would using a crystal bow over magic shortbow would be

Author Bipscardoso Leles (1 year)
if u don't have soul wars cape u can use ur legends cape ;)

Author La cooLWhip (1 year)
Got my fire cape in one try. Thanks mate :)

Author lillowe1000 (1 year)
i love that caution sign when he was explaining his names

Author SmoothieCoreify (1 year)
I found that at my levels its easyer to kill all the moba there with
magic... even tho im 95str 85 att and 80 def. 88magic and still faster
killing rangers and mages with magic than meelee and range. just saying

Author Michael Tawdrous (1 year)

Author Mark Donald (1 year)
how do I get inside the kiln cave anyone tell me? I have firecape in my
inventory and I have a rune picaxe but the guy doesn't let me inside the
fight kiln cape do I need specific equipment or something? please help!?!?!?

Author Evan Slaski (1 year)
How long did it take you?

Author Gonethorian (1 year)
No Problem, good luck getting Kiln Cape!

Author erin ritz (1 year)
Just died after 3 hours of getting to jad all because my borther took my

Author SoloShenkk (1 year)
mage would have fucked you...-__-

Author Dwa Pak (1 year)
80 attack, 78 strength, 75 defence, 65 ranged and 55 mage and combat lvl
158. Would I be able to do it with melee and ranged?

Author tehandroidmaster (1 year)
Actually . . . the Mage's melee attack is pretty underpowered compared to
its Magic attack. You don't even need Prayer :p

Author UgisC (1 year)
Lol @ the warning from monster preview xD

Author tyler versendaal (1 year)
this guide helped me out a lot never made it to jad before an almost had
him dead tell i lagged ty for the wanderful guide an im useing batwing,
poly staff, with bat wing wand an ss for rejv

Author Oliver Closseoff (1 year)
if you're doing this now, jagex updated it so now you need to kill the
healers. they still heal even if there attention is on you.

Author Max Lopez (1 year)

Author Julian van Reede (1 year)
can i get fire cape with :99 mage 99 magic 83 def, 77 at str and normal
spells and normal prayers? please respond. filly dash

Author RsAbcStore (1 year)
for arrows use broad arrows, for bow use seecrull.

Author AwaitedGifts (1 year)
70 Attack, 70 str and 68 def, 99 magic, can I do jad also 70 prayer?

Author mon929 (1 year)
Na i got hit for 4k when using the wrong prayers, jad only hits 1 if you
have correct prayer

Author Luke Spicer (1 year)
Wow! JAGEX fucked me over in there lol 5 healers spawned for me and I
didn't reslize till the last second ha

Author VirginbcosRS (1 year)
I had a Volcanic Creatures task today and I tried it with Ice Barrage
runes, a bit costly, but pretty easy. Unfortunately... I had a very low
frame rate and pretty much, lag is a worse enemy than Jad.

Author dirty little liar Owo (1 year)
Well think about how long fire cape takes and a skillcape takes.

Author Pigold11 (1 year)
i don't use food until wave 40, cuz i use regenerate ability at the
beginning of a wave in a safespot

Author mon929 (1 year)
got to jad with full food and health, still died due to nerves and prayer
switching 0.o

Author The60Apples (1 year)
you cant bring summ pets...

Author eatmaaddy2 (1 year)
how about polypore?

Author LiL Payne (1 year)
Thank you, I just got my first Fire Cape!

Author Robert Bartlett (1 year)
do you think i can do it with 86 mage?

Author Herropreaz (1 year)
does ice burst work better than regular spell book spells?

Author John Rambo (1 year)
You can't use summoning pets here mate.

Author potet kanon (1 year)
lol prayer isnt to be trusted for me jad comboes 4k's trought my prayer :(

Author MegaJaffaz (1 year)
Thanks for the guide, I used mage on the magers because my ranging level is
75 and I found that i did very little damage.

Author themaruxxx (1 year)
How long does this take? Do you finish ot in less than 2 hours?

Author DrBloodSpillRPG (1 year)
About Rejuv: The method I used is this guide is about saving as much
adrenaline as possible to use more threshold abilities for faster kills.
Using rejuv slows you down A LOT, you CAN choose to use it if you want. I
never said don't use it, I just didn't need it. If you are going to use it,
just replace a piece of food in your inventory with a shield.

Author vennum69 (1 year)
i got to jad twice and both times i turned on prayer and it deleayed and
didn't turn on untill after i spawned outside the arena rofl.... 72 def-92
mage... also didnt use prayer or food from wave 1-63....

Author Mark Donald (1 year)
thnx man

Author HM Nick (1 year)
:( did spend 2 hours and i died fuck dat bitch :(

Author Masoud Madannejad (1 year)
I use saradomin godsword and pray only and mage jad, I get through this no

Author loljoker501 (1 year)
Thanks, but I already completed the FK yesterday as well :P Aw that sucks
dude.. better luck next time :(

Author 07AndEoc (1 year)
btw bring a war tort with rocktails nxt time

Author woody woodward (1 year)
Should probably use a crystal bow instead of msb =P

Author Oh the Irony (1 year)
Can't use summoning pets

Author Sean Houghton (1 year)
lol this guide is so costly you do not need any pots with my method all i
take is arims set ganno boots and gloves dfs magic and masters or grifolic
wand, keep using rejuvinate to save like 99% food and with rangers take
them out with mele. jad is just as simple as before but a lot easier with
prayers hotbarred and using momentum.

Author Jojo Ghosh (1 year)
Gano absorbed both melee and magic, but it got nerfed soon after that update

Author scalper246 (1 year)
I think you could if you use the same gear as him

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