Funny airplane landing on highway (high quality) - Must watch!

Be one of the millions of people who already saw it. This was made in only 3 months! Its name is 405, a 3-minute film produced by Bruce Branit and Jeremy Hunt. So funny and exciting to see the airplane landing on the highway and an old lady giving buddy the finger.

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Author borg drone (7 days)

Author Michael dadswell (2 months)
Wouldn't the pilot get arrested for doing that

Author Avijit Dev (1 month)
Unperturbed! Spirit of purity with maturity.

Author Ricky32908 (3 months)
that 737 weights 95 tons, im pretty sure it would take less that 2 tons to
squash the cab on that truck

Author Jared H (3 days)
why doesn't the idiot driver just move to the side

Author angelrock936 (4 months)
Fake xD funny tho

Author konnar kober (1 month)
is that was real how would they get the plane of the highway?

Author lego man corrin (1 month)
that was good

Author Chris H. (2 months)
Forking awesome! Like plus whatever :)

Author G-VSEA (2 months)
And it had to be a DC-10 making an emergency landing.......

Author Jones Mao (2 months)
lolthe part of the old women was funny lol

Author The Minecraft Guy 25 (3 months)
that would be so cool if that actually happened

Author Luke Han (2 months)
You guys are aware that this film was created and on YouTube in like 2008.

Author Adam Nassef (3 months)
I wonder how they did the effect of the plane landing.

Author Parthiban Pather (2 months)
Welcome from Panjabi and Indian Community.
Good Night to all Google+ Friends&Members.

Author B Major (2 months)
funny thing is most people will speed up instead of slowing down

Author SUPERBADJEFFREY (2 months)
This idiot couldn't have just kicked it in reverse? The plane would fly
over him.

Author GeFlixes (4 months)
What about braking?

Author Manjit Singh Bains (2 months)
Welcome from Panjabi and Indian Community.
Good Night to all Google+ Friends&Members.

Author TeddyBear10981 (3 months)
is that a movie?

Author David CyberPwn3 (2 months)
Introducing the new 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Apparently tough enough to
double as emergency landing gear. Now this is advertising!

Author MrPilotTroll (3 months)
Welcome back to 1999, folks.

Author Jude Pelaez (3 months)
This is so fake. It's not physically possible to use the 405 as a runway
with the traffic it sees every day! LOL

Author ian1231100 (3 months)
Fake but awesome

Author Tobias Sahlman (1 day)

Author raffi does youdube (1 day)
fake but funny :P

Author TheBigdog6554 (2 days)
One of the dumbest videos I've seen

Author You4ver (2 days)
Is this real?

Author tevin weir (3 days)
lol that's realy funny granny give u something to see

Author Steven St Pierre (3 days)
Was this guy going 160 miles per hours if not then he should of been in the
back ( Anyway its a fake video)

Author WA DAROU TANZIL toure (3 days)

Author jewish gaming (3 days)
umm i would use a Bugatti

Author Quaducopia (3 days)
It had to be an MD-10/11

Author Hamada Elmasre (3 days)
we all know thats some fake shit right there. BUT come on thats some funny

Author Tommy Vance (4 days)
isnt that plane attack 9/11 in 2001

Author johannes henry (4 days)

Author Kennny (5 days)
The highway would just be in pieces if a plane landed on it :)

Author Nick Dawson (5 days)
Fun fact: this took 3 months to make. Only 6 of those days were spent doing
the FX for the plane. Nah, I Kidd, great video!

Author David Haynes (5 days)
I don't understand why the guy would try to outrun a plane. 😐

Author Nasir Muhammad (6 days)
I like it! But the plane was clearly propped in. It looks like it came from
watch dogs I think.

Author Collin Plays (6 days)
2:22 impossable veryone knows a 1ton+++ will totaly make that jeep into a
pancake and the landing gear woulding fall off just like that,landing gear
is ment to handle 1-5 tones more the aircraft actualy waighs... this video
has alot,ALOT of problems,most problem is the jeep would have turned into a
PANcake get it,PANcake :P

Author jack theacegamer (6 days)
I know it's fake but the car driver should of put the brakes on so the
plane would of gone over the car.

Author David Moshe (7 days)
what the first thing you do when you see airplane behind you while you
driving on freeway on your mirror?/
fix your mirror

Author Rob Mosley (7 days)
*Just another one of those days*

Author FaZeGaming (7 days)
American Airline :D

Author Daniels30 (3 months)
I'm no expert but I'm calling this fake...

Author Ahmed Azmi (8 days)

Author Wim Martens (8 days)
Did this relly happen?

Author shadowgandalf (3 months)
Ha, imagine if that happened in real life. Your car becomes makeshift
landing gear for a plane. Hero by accident. 

Author Alex B (9 days)
I think that the highway would collapse

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