Funny airplane landing on highway (high quality) - Must watch!

Be one of the millions of people who already saw it. This was made in only 3 months! Its name is 405, a 3-minute film produced by Bruce Branit and Jeremy Hunt. So funny and exciting to see the airplane landing on the highway and an old lady giving buddy the finger.

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Author Aravind LORD (1 day)
Stupid Grandmas are always in the way.
They once risked the life of a great writer Jackson Curtis...

Author Lester Shane (3 days)
Nice dc-10

Author angelrock936 (5 days)
Fake xD funny tho

Author Red Crafter (5 days)
If that was a diesel car, then putting your foot down would do nothing.

Author lyokofans (8 days)
Fake jeeps aren't that tough.

Author Gustavo Fring (10 days)
he bought a jeep.

Author GeFlixes (11 days)
What about braking?

Author Alan Williamson (14 days)
The 405 in LA

Author TheOpelkoenjas (14 days)
Granny cracked me up!! :D :D :D

Author Tomas Hernandez (15 days)

Author Emilia Hernandez (15 days)

Author royale bleu (22 days)
lol this was hilarious XD !!

Author DAYUMMM (17 days)
i remember watching the same thing in 2010

Author Reb. Berry (23 days)
Wow!!! well done.

Author Levi Rivaille (23 days)
that's funny cause the old women xD

Author ian christian (24 days)

Author mrrockdaddy100 (25 days)
omg lol lol

Author Cory Young (17 hours)

Author Jesse Peterson (2 days)
LOL! Thanks guys. Doing well in your 3d arts/film-making endeavors. Keep it
up! Love it. Pretty original too. 

Author Joshua Collis (12 hours)
Never understood why people do that... just turn a little to the right to
avoid the wheels and break hard... 

Author 'Murica (3 days)

Author Chrystal Baker-Savage (2 days)
That was the dumbest thing I have ever seen.

Author SCRAZ GAMING (2 days)
the roof would cave in

Author camren . perry (3 days)
lol! the grandma sure looked surprised when she saw that plane next to

Author AirHerler (1 day)
Notice, when he is driving by the traffic is backed up for miles, then when
the camera switches to the plane, there are no cars on the freeway, that is
the biggest point among other things.

Author Debbie Milane (4 days)
Must Watch ?
This is fake ! This is a movie clip,,
do not recall,,but the old lady that gave a thumbs ,
was on t,v,,,the guy is an actor !
forgot , but i saw it,,if you look closely,
you can see it is a clip from a movie,,
if it was real,,any body knows what happens ,,dude,,your a blooper !

Author Austin Powell (2 days)
*Plane is landing on highway*

Driver: Oh, I can outrun it.

Author Mustafa Wolf (5 days)
)))She is right!Where is road police?)))

Author SUE NGUYEN (4 days)
LMAO!!! Granny was awesome!

Author Miles Harvell (6 days)
old people do middle fingers

Author Jelas Tarigan (9 days)

Author jaime colocho (8 days)
this thing really happened, but this is a funny version

Author MrRandomppl (9 days)
true story

Author ferira911 (5 days)
its funny

Author Tavares Matthews (10 days)
Why dont turn

Author Arnol'd Zibert (12 days)
Old video...I saw it more 5 years ago.

Author Esray Melendez (7 days)
Great special efx keep up the good work

Author Denys A (13 days)

Author John VerchininaV (14 days)
"mayday flight calling on radio, watch yo runway go boom!"(eject, crash)

Author Toddy Mc (11 days)
fake no 12 kkkkkkkkkkk

Author Kayla moore (10 days)
So fake not even funny

Author Adam Kencki (14 days)
idiot.. he could hav stopped... 

Author Akamu Aikau (12 days)
LoL! That is some funny shit!...

Author dutchboy25al (12 days)
Great film! Reminded me of the THUNDERBIRDS. Thunderbirds are go!

Author richard hart (18 days)
good job next time have the old lady topless ha ha ha

Author Joshua Szanto (15 days)
He should have just slowed down . . .

Author adam gorski (14 days)
Was pulling over not that easy

Author connor gilbert (12 days)
Those were epic effects

Author Ase James Hastly (18 days)
I.... freakin...... LOVE IT!!!!!
Good Job

Author Manuel Manuel (13 days)
That's Mr. Bean's granny, she is just saying " Hello " Lol !!!

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