Funny airplane landing on highway (high quality) - Must watch!

Be one of the millions of people who already saw it. This was made in only 3 months! Its name is 405, a 3-minute film produced by Bruce Branit and Jeremy Hunt. So funny and exciting to see the airplane landing on the highway and an old lady giving buddy the finger.

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Author DIMITRI ROSSOS (1 month)

Author 李翰 (2 months)
客機迫降在高速公路上!Funny airplane landing on highway (high quality) …:

Author borg drone (2 months)

Author Michael Estey (23 days)

Author Michael dadswell (4 months)
Wouldn't the pilot get arrested for doing that

Author praju raju (2 months)
Funny airplane landing on highway (high quality) …:

Author TheMuffinMan775 (2 months)
Why didn't he just stop so that the plane would go in front of him before
it landed?

Author Dennis S. (2 months)

Author Ricky32908 (5 months)
that 737 weights 95 tons, im pretty sure it would take less that 2 tons to
squash the cab on that truck

Author Tony Hendrix (2 months)
Funny airplane landing on highway (high quality) …:

Author angelrock936 (6 months)
Fake xD funny tho

Author konnar kober (3 months)
is that was real how would they get the plane of the highway?

Author Chris H. (4 months)
Forking awesome! Like plus whatever :)

Author lego man corrin (3 months)
that was good

Author YG2000 (13 days)
It's like GTA in real life.

Author Erwin Rommel (12 days)
Obviously people this shit is fake. xD If you cant figure that out on your
own you need help.

Author Minecraftemperor091 (18 days)
lol so fake

Author Smiling China (4 months)
And it had to be a DC-10 making an emergency landing.......

Author LordRaZerAge (23 days)
Why the road was empty?

Author Nikolai Bergland Bakklund (18 days)

Author bbigrocker1 (19 days)
Nicely done

Author Mr. Roman (19 days)
1:30 that nanny sucks

Author Hew YiYun (21 day)
OMG so cool

Author Jones Mao (4 months)
lolthe part of the old women was funny lol

Author MiniMaxMC Old Channel (24 days)
When did this happen?!!!??

I know its fake

Author TMG25 Plays (6 months)
that would be so cool if that actually happened

Author Nadeem Admani (29 days)
Who else thought it's a "JEEP" commercial?

Author Fiana Jones (1 month)

Author mason myers (1 month)
realistic levels are over 9000!! 

Author ramachandran tg (1 month)
A great video clip-is it real?

Author linda kauling (1 month)
I was first watching this video and then the plain landed on the
car? Then the old lady gave the plain the finger? Please send more videos
to us for viewing, thank you?

Author Ishaan Nair (1 month)
dam funny

Author Adam Mason (1 month)
When he saw the plane he should have braked

Author Avijit Dev (3 months)
Unperturbed! Spirit of purity with maturity.

Author TheDiamondBladeHD 2.0 (6 days)
Its 100% possible :)

Author Stephanie Rister (6 days)
is this real?

Author Keegan Gidley (6 days)
whats the alarm from

Author Berkay Tandoğan (9 days)
2:02 lucky bastard

Author b seaward (12 days)
very funny

Author Larry Ogden (12 days)
If the moron had just hit the brakes insted of speeding up.... It would
have went over the top of him !!!

Author Yuvanand Saravanan (5 days)

Author Joe Kaburia (12 days)

Author German Car Mechanic. Советы германского автомеханика. (11 days)

Author Danny Holland (12 days)
It's animated chee cheese chong! Lol

Author Kamal Hossain (12 days)

Author Zain Jafari (18 days)
Looks like it should be on SyFy

Author christopher pope (15 days)
Must Watch Enjoy LoL

Author Nicolas Mays (9 days)
AWSOME!!! To funny.and realistic.

Author Domenick Rapone (10 days)
I laughed way too hard at the ending

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