Handicap child wins wrestling match.

I just found this video on facebook and had to share it. It looks like the meet took place at Sunset Middle School in Tennessee. This is a true act of character on the part of both young men.

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Author ostmana1 (1 month)
poor boy, he need a handjob more.

Author Caesar Roldan (1 month)
Dude, I think he wanted more action. He took the crane stance like Karate

Author Baptiste Cumin (8 months)
Fucking killed him, kid had no chance

Author Lukáš Hejtman (2 years)
Dost nefér zápas...

Author mtench1 (2 years)
Anyone who dislikes this precious moment has serious problems. For the 2
boys on here,,,,,, please disregard anything negative those out there might
say. You are angels on earth and god bless you both especially the boy who
lost voluntarily. I wish I could hug you. I'm in Sevier, tn.

Author DontFeedTeYaoGuai318 (2 years)
yes Hi Mr. Mayes

Author Nicholas Hatfield (2 years)
I had a friend with the same handicap and we could talk and tell jokes
through his computer. The school and family are trying to give him a normal
childhood. Wrestling, like all sports, is a trivial game. The true purpose
is to bring out the best in people and that is exactly what we have here. I
applaud everyone involved. This is as human as it gets right here. Life is
a lesson and both of these young men have the potential to go far.

Author MT1607 (2 years)
yep, u r the only one, u should go and be checked by a Psy...

Author Hu3y123 (2 years)
Please take your own advice hahaha.

Author DontFeedTeYaoGuai318 (2 years)
no his handicap is mental and physical and whats it matter if he figures it
out that will drive him to try to win for real

Author ZeranZeran (2 years)
Do you know this kid? Shut the fuck up, you're talking 100% out of your ass
and you have absolutely no idea how he feels on the subject. I gave my
opinion on it, and I wasn't trying to be hateful in the least. Stop being a
little bitch for no reason, and stop getting offended over nothing,

Author logan harris (1 year)
You all can go to fucking hell what that boy did was amazing not many
people would do tht for a cripple kid

Author WHATISUTUBE (1 year)
Would you rather lie to your mother, father, and entire family by living a
lie, or would you rather tell them the truth? The truth can be painful, and
almost impossible to bear. But it's better to live in the real world rather
than a fantasy. Would you prefer if a spouse lied to her husband, telling
him she loves him even though she doesn't? If a gay kid lived his entire
life as a lie, telling everyone he's straight? How about YOU shut the fuck
up? Cause if you answered yes, you're the asshole.

Author hsg2012 (2 years)
He has muscular dystrophy. that doesn't mean he won't be able to comprehend
this moment dumbass.... :/ no one in this situation is disgraceful

Author Matt Chase (2 years)
How can you seriously watch this and think anything other than positivity.
the handicapped kid obviously wants to wrestle NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. his
opponent OBVIOUSLY knew what he was doing, and for him to give the
handicapped kid the win shows a very high level of sportsmanship that most
professionals probably wouldn't even show.

Author 723tmax (2 years)
depends if he asked to do it

Author Hackmastar1 (1 year)
Haha funniest freakin video ever

Author Dylan Uderman (1 year)
WHATISUTUBE have a fucking heart he is having his moment put your self in
hi posision

Author BabyJenkins Jr (2 years)
dude :O it's retardedly funny. pun intended :D

Author DontFeedTeYaoGuai318 (2 years)
no he is not going to die in two weeks but this is a no kick team and this
is what he wanted to do and whats it matter if they lose one match or not
it dose not matter much this is just middle school wrestling match.

Author Nel Son (2 years)
your comment made me laugh so hard and now i feel bad.

Author Taylor Farmer (2 years)
That was human spirit in its finest moment. Great sportsmanship, both boys
are winners.

Author Chris Vella (2 years)
his name is qwop. see you in hell friends i know you laughed

Author normalpsychology (2 years)
Another victory for Chael Sonnen.

Author JonyJC (1 year)

Author ninjachimp83 (2 years)
>Aaron Rogers regular season.avi

Author TheDrdressup (2 years)
Yeah, holy fuck. This is awful to watch and if I was either of those kids,
I would be embarrassed.

Author Kirk Vaughan (2 years)
good job love it

Author WHATISUTUBE (1 year)
Dude, suck my dick. I want to float. Just because it's scientifically
impossible for me to float doesn't mean I shouldn't be allowed to float.
something? There's the 'you can do anything' stuff your parents tell you,
then there's the ''oh wait I really CAN'T wrestle cause I HAVE NO ARMS OR
LEGS''. I know reality is harsh. But...uhh...grow up? I really don't know
what to tell you.

Author ShaunNuffSaid (2 years)

Author MrAlecRamsey (2 years)

Author Egržvýd Chálobodor (2 years)
If the kid wanted this - okay, pretty cool in fact, well played, hope he
enjoyed it. If not, rot in fucking non-existant hell everyone.

Author Renee Robertson (2 years)
This made my heart smile thanks for sharing :)

Author fx4freak (2 years)
Think thats a pretty cool gesture on the part of the wrestler from the
other team. With a disease like cerebral palsy having no cure and can
possibly be very painful, for Jared Stevens at such a young age and the
challenges him and his family will face from now and on into the future its
nice to see them be able to have happy momemts as well.

Author DontFeedTeYaoGuai318 (2 years)
yes but whats it matter people will see what you did and think it was
better than wining and being undefeated

Author Rhaxma (2 years)
He has muscular dystrophy guys, he isn't stupid. Honestly, if he wanted
this and if his friends and parents were nice enough to make it happen,
that's great.

Author RuckaInc (2 years)
FUCK! I had all my money on the other kid, too! I bet that fucker threw!
I'm contacting my bookie!

Author Ihateironman (1 year)
As a person with a disability, this disgusts me to no end. What a shallow,
sad little display by the adults involved in this.

Author James Samuel (2 years)
@FullMetalFan4life wow hes my friend he cant wrestle and he wanted to see
how to wrestle ur sick

Author netzkmartin (2 years)
u have to be kidding

Author FuryTurkey (1 year)

Author V0xx (2 years)
ahahah. oh man you are stupid. you can't be serious

Author Carol Fisher (2 years)
you surely know how to turn on your Momma's tears! Beautiful!

Author Rene Descartes (2 years)
Just wait until this human paperweight leaves the hugbox.

Author Eddie Poelliot (2 years)

Author Heather Downs (2 years)
good will

Author Tanman swagkid (2 years)
thats a really nice thing

Author Bill Buckner (1 year)
I'm not sure how to feel about this

Author Yong Kim (2 years)
Some u guys dont have a heart wreslting teaches u respect and heart ill let
someone be happy than go undefeated if u are a real wreslter u would know

Author m jaha (2 years)
to the boy who lost ..God bless you

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