Bird hunting with Hatsan AT44-W

Hatsan AT44-W
Casio EX-FC100

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Author Lance Stanford (2 months)
What kind of scope is that

Author Christopher Marchiondo (5 months)
Very nice! Keep it up. Sparrows and Starlings are invasive pests that
kill/run off song birds. The more the merrier! Rock on, friend, and
ignore the bleeding heart babies.

Author kurucaci kinoko (9 months)
now, can you name all those species u shoot? or you are just targeting
everything you see? being a responsible hunter is better than good shooter.
and don't take anything that you can't kill cleanly. hatsan is good for 25
40m max. anything beyond that if you want a clean exact shoot you should
try hw. no offence i own both but my hatsan bt could never keep up.

Author subman719 (10 months)
Hope someone hunts you down like you did these innocent birds! This was NOT
hunting or sport shooting... you are a VIOLENT PREDATOR which needs to be

Author MrSaxc97 (2 years)
is it a177. or 22. rifle ?

Author swibo66 (2 years)
Thank you!

Author Пугно Дмитрий (1 year)
Тот кто птичку из кормушки сбил полный га...дон!!!!!!!!

Author hunter30617 (2 years)
hey what are pellet you use ?

Author Tarik Kartal (2 years)

Author Domenico Foglia (1 year)
Why did you shoot on those birds, you motherfucker son of a big bitch? I
hope to find u with my .50 cal so that i can blast youyr head away...peace
of shit.....natures mistake!!!!

Author leftymadrid (2 years)
Very nice! Bot that's a lot of feathers in the air!!!!:)

Author gatisha100 (1 year)
живодЁр блять! нахуя по птичкам стрелять!!!!

Author swibo66 (2 years)
@Mr123Predator It's a 5.5 caliber. There isn't any squirrel, that is the
problem. But these shots are between 10-50 meters. Exactly, the pigeon was

Author chelfil (2 years)
автор, я бы по тебе пострелялбы со своей русской винтовки!!

Author Mr123Predator (2 years)
cant you take one squerril down

Author bassmanclau (1 year)
every should flag this stupid video

Author doffer26 (1 year)
very clean shots... great

Author NoBull60 (1 year)
You've proved you only need a keyboard. Congratulation.

Author Manxman86 (2 years)
is this a sub 12ft/lb rifle mate?

Author jhon rodrigues (1 year)
atirei em dois pássaros com um único tiro de Hatsan AT44-camo

Author bassmanclau (1 year)
he's just plain stupid . Coward shit

Author Rakloro (2 years)
that last one wasnt proper kill.every animal deserve a clean kill, you
shouldnt shoot those anyway, youre not going to eat the are you?

Author jony6107 (1 year)
you're fucking good

Author MrPcpHUNTER (2 years)
от блять придурок нах... you moron, not the hunter!

Author s18hedberg (1 year)
Nice video

Author Mr123Predator (2 years)
what kind of caliber? alaso acn you try this rabbit hunting or squerril
hinting scope cam! how far was these shootings?

Author velikismajlic (2 years)
damn man awesome almost no recoil

Author Lakwak Oalwka (1 year)
you kill the birds to eat?, if not ...

Author L Neves (2 years)
very nice shot --- very well ---

Author Sportman-un (1 year)
I have the at44-10 also,scope with same reticle. The shots are good. But
WHY these birds? Just to shoot I guess. It's not pest. and certainly no
food either. I am a hunter,so I cannot like this video.

Author Mr123Predator (2 years)
I just wanna see wat would happen with this gun

Author swibo66 (2 years)
I use about a year. no problem very accurate reliable. favorable price

Author tommy3toes74 (1 year)
great shooting!. just ordered mine..can't wait!

Author andyjv2000 (2 years)
SICK VIDEO! Great soundtrack! Great editing! Make more videos! Rammstein or
Metallica would be great!

Author bassmanclau (2 years)
sad thing such a good rifle owned by such a coward shit

Author nervoustwitch77 (2 years)
one bad ass song bro and nice video u got a subscription!

Author Tales William (2 years)
why do not you shoot yourself? Birds feel pain just like you!

Author hyankov (1 year)
I have a question. At 0:40 the sparrow is not focused (i.e. you have not
used the front parallax adjustment). If you have not adjusted the parallax,
how do you know the distance to the target and how do you know how much to
hold over or under?

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