BF3 Chicken dance

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Author Lidia Raven (1 month)

Author frank van trotsenburg (7 months)
since when the recon have defibrilators?

Author Francesco Nexus (1 year)

Author Rafał Smolarczyk (7 months)
fajne hehe :>

Author TobyHolmGaming (8 months)

Author stefano dadamo (1 year)
troppo stupidi 

Author Aufwachen Deutschland (1 year)
nur dumm

Author Suluman Jensen (1 year)
??? :D

Author ohchobruin (9 months)

Author EPICPICKL (1 year)
for fun

Author oguzhanceyhan38 (1 year)

Author Daniel Peixoto Pereira (1 year)
Que bosta kkkkkkkkkk muito massa. Esse exército deve ser russo;

Author Zachary Chandos (11 months)
I've been on bhl server before

Author Dunce Cap Syndrome (10 months)
Is this console or pc? It looks good but not that good. Then the guy
recording had a super steady hand that only moved from left to right IF it
was Pc. So its probably console.

Author benjamin shamblin (10 months)

Author Raehs Puetz (1 year)

Author OmfgCatzyaay (1 year)
Wtf did I just watch...?

Author TheKillerApple221 (1 year)
anfangfia anigafngfia aaonigfonfisgn! :P

Author DanielelihayEU (1 year)

Author Andrey Cat (1 year)
Да ладно ржачно же!

Author federugby18 (1 year)

Author Jonas Christensen (1 year)

Author MaxiM PleshivtceV (1 year)

Author StelarCF (9 months)
I think most people know what a lemming is

Author Warclock1 (11 months)
And same set up!!!

Author knexpert1700 (9 months)
They all fell off of the cliff like Lemmings (Google it if you don't know
what they are)

Author COD Exoticsnipes (1 year)
LOL. they walk funny

Author Дима усков (1 year)

Author vinny corbo (1 year)
DA FUCK? lol

Author SuperAwesomeNoah1 (1 year)
How do the snipers have defibrillators?!?!?!

Author ali ege özlü (1 year)

Author dsmgamehackerz06 (1 year)
Trollololololololololololol!!! Hahahahaha. :D

Author speedReX (1 year)
LoL! hahahahaahahahahahaa! wtf!?

Author antonius ellison (1 year)
The way u died -[- lol

Author iPHYZLL (1 year)
haahahahah xd

Author jerairkilla (10 months)
Captian obvious strikes again!

Author InsaneShadow90 (10 months)
Analog sticks have at least one good thing over keyboard.

Author Jack Martin (1 year)
there not even recons there assaults with defibulator

Author Javier Fernandez (1 year)
dude... HAHAHA

Author Bocost84 (1 year)
lol xD

Author Jake Hill (1 year)

Author SIFSBIAO (1 year)
This is stupid

Author NinomotoMovies (10 months)
That was funny xD

Author Moez Gamal (9 months)

Author khanh nguyen (1 year)

its not call of duty

Author adham badawy (9 months)

Author Кирилл Драп (10 months)

Author GShoklok (1 year)
6 медиков было убить, чтобы каждый снайпер взял китт)

Author Felipee Rincon (1 year)

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