LOU REED intro and " Sweet Jane "

2000 British tv

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Author Emily Meier (9 months)

Author Ed Rybicki (7 months)
Jools Holland's "Later!" has to one of the best music shows ever: it
reintroduced me to Lou Reed, and then to Robert Plant and Alison Krauss...I
am getting into Lou Reed some 40 years after I SHOULD have - and it's

Author Kurt Knutsen (11 months)
rock and roll!

Author scarecrow312 (5 years)
mate, have you fucking listened to the velvet underground? the cowboy
junkies are a bit of gum on the sidewalk next to the Velvet skyscraper

Author rabbitholeofmoxie (5 years)
They sound like each other. You can't say how copied another's sound cause
Lour, David, Iggy, and Bolan all copied each other. They benefit of having
amazingly talented friends that are generous with their music. Besides,
it's no wonder this sounds Bowieish as it was written for Bowie.

Author Richard Elliott (3 years)
@rohanhaggart idiot, he never sang

Author whitedevil2 (2 years)
is it just me, or does it look like all 200 musicians are playing the intro

Author Hasan-Woody Guthrie (6 years)
What a genuios

Author lebarosky (4 years)
anyone who has a heart wouldn't turn around and break it anyone who's ever
played a part, wouldn't turn around and fake it

Author otto bon (1 year)
Nice clip but this should have been posted Sweet Jane (without Intro.) The
original version is 8:10 and it is (with Intro.)

Author Saul Hindson (5 years)
People like you make me laugh.

Author mymindourdream (5 years)

Author Slumpy Doodlebug (5 years)
you ask stupid questions, you get stupid answers. who's he? he's the host.
it's quite simple really. sorry if it wasn't quite witty enough of a reply,
clearly you are a raconteur of the highest order so i apologize for soiling
your mind with such simplicities.

Author Alcuin Edwards (9 months)
Live forever, Lou

Author unclebilbo2000 (3 years)
i have a limited frame of reference because i have not listened to much VU,
but i'd have to say this is pretty awful. no offense to lou or any
fans.....but this is bad....check out phish's version from 10/31/98

Author faebubba (2 years)
Rock-n-roll Animal was one of my first albums ! My mother bought it for me
for christmas if you can believe it. She was such a cool chick ! I love my
mom and Lou !

Author steinsprang (5 years)
Song start 1:55

Author mymindourdream (5 years)
who's this idiot!! Let Lou play !!

Author teojuve95 (5 years)
brano memorabile per la storia della musica

Author binion111 (5 years)
OUT FUCKING STANDING!!!! If you don't like this, go back to your Glen
Campbell 8 tracks.

Author pmfont (5 years)
hahaha, yeah you're probably right about the pyjamas

Author CarlesCanals (3 years)
Lou's one of the many many (but not the less) notorious songwriters from he
sixties who have grown deeper and wiser with the years, both when composing
new stuff and when covering his own songs. Marianne Faithfull, Joni
Mitchell, so many good people give us grown music which is not AOR, but
good experience and knowledge. I like it, yet I can understand some people
won't see it this way.

Author Grant Younger (5 years)
lol...really funny HMNB...I love sarcasm and you hit it...thanks...made me the "everybody is wrong except me" are a
genius....please post again...I look forward to it.....or PLEASE subscribe
to my site...we need humor....not that we are not funny...oh fuck it we
need humor...

Author mediblue9 (4 years)
cool concept

Author Rebecca Smith (3 years)
@scarecrow312 Agreed dude!

Author grimaces (3 years)
@scarecrow312 you deserve a literary award for that comment

Author TheIntruder5150 (1 year)
Rock and roll saved me...kept me from taking my own life. Sad, but very
true. And today, with all the trails and tribulations we all go through, I
love it even more! :)

Author salmonico (5 years)
Great version. I think is the first time i've see him play an sounds like fucking raw!

Author AKLPUNDERGROUND (2 years)
i was 5 when i watched this, back then i was proper into Elvis and Oasis. I
was a weird child.

Author gotzolones (8 months)
Es la versión de Sweet Jane mas sosa que he oido . No se oyen ni los
punteos de la fender

Author H Brayne (5 years)
ha ha love the trousers Lou Reed probably has leather pyjamas

Author rohan haggart (4 years)
the velvets were awesome, but seriously, long ago lou reed fell from a
great height into a tone deaf hole as a performing artist

Author Kohntarkosz (6 years)
Well, he's basically a sideman. I dont think he's ever done much in the way
of leading his own band, the way, let's say Jeff Beck or Eric Clapton. Most
of Hunter's work has been as a studio musician, so most people don't know
the stuff that he's done. Steve Hunter's most famous performance is
probably on Lou's Rock And Roll Animal, where he traded solos with another
studio rat, Dick Wagner. Surely you've heard Intro/Sweet Jane off that

Author pr10s (4 years)
Sweet!!! Lou's playing a Danny Gatton Signature Tele, nice touch there.

Author phil stutt (4 years)
Truth be told rock and roll rescued so many of us.... Life without hope,
without grief, without laughter, without rock, without blues, is no life at
all. I love Lou.

Author Jim Martinez (3 years)
@scarecrow312 So true!!

Author givemesth2believe (4 years)
I agree with you, it wasn't what I was expecting :/

Author Fernando Bezerra (4 years)
action starts on 2:00

Author sandman4321 (4 years)
Lou is one of those rare singers whose voice has aged like great wine and
gotten better with time.

Author flairbird1965 (6 years)
Serious attitude!!!!

Author Tom Shields (1 year)
Truth? Based on what proof? Truth is NOT belief, oh mindless little sheep.
Move along now, and stop polluting youtube with your stale sermons.

Author urwclwg (2 years)
no, maybe not a keeper, but can you imagine the panic of the other guests.

Author sylvie reverbel (3 years)
pour mon ami qui se reconnaitra

Author ericesko (6 years)
yeah hes old now lol back n the day WOW trippin to that lol whoaaaaaaaaaa

Author raindogred (5 years)
awsome version. I'm pretty toasted at the moment -is it just my imagination
or does that Telecaster look humungous, or is Lou shrinking?? Only in frame
4:03 though. Fucken'ell..

Author Slumpy Doodlebug (5 years)
this is really good, shame he never seems to do that awesome intro thingy
that's on the version in loaded when he plays this live

Author TheUnamenable (5 years)
is that jason newsted father?

Author Keefriffhard1 (1 year)
Great song! I had the live version when I about 12! My mom also bought
killer by Alice cooper and it's only rock n roll by the stones for
christmas when I was 12 almost 40 years ago! Omg...

Author PAULLONDEN (3 years)
@rohanhaggart▬True,this going through the motions, has nothing on the '74
Rock'n'Roll Animal version.Nothing sweet here,with this uncharismatic bunch
behind him.The most ridiculous is Reed staring studiously to his guitar to
get those 3 repeating simple chords,which most of us can play blind.Where's
the action? Lou's obviously longing here to feed the animals in the
Zoo(which is prohibited, bytheway).I'm clicking on Live Paris'74 now.Bye.

Author streethassled (6 years)
nice heavy guitars. Nice one Lou.

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