Diane Sawyer High Heel Boots and Short Skirt

Diane showing off some sexy thighs in her mini skirt

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Author greyroom85 (4 years)
good one!!!

Author 3133123 (3 years)
@BIGFISH7831 Maybe you could reccomend somebody

Author BIGFISH7831 (3 years)
@eddiehaynie Get some help retard

Author Ronald Dunwoody (3 years)
Diane looks great in that skirt and sexy pantyhose.I am getting quite a

Author BALLYJUNKIE (2 years)
@tassiehammer diane is not a female dog

Author BALLYJUNKIE (2 years)
@eddiehaynie your sick

Author Ed Haynie (3 years)
love older women who dress this way. i love when my mom wears pantyhose
...makes me hard as hell

Author Tim B (3 years)
She looks delicious. Wish she'd chosen hotter stiletto boots though.

Author legwatcher11 (2 years)
What a pretty, classy lady.

Author chean3438 (4 years)!! love the pantyhose and skirt..dont like the boot..want to see
entire leg

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