Quran Iranian Qari: Hamed Shakernejad Hud part 1

Recitation of surah Hud by iranian talented qari Hamed Shakernejad.

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Author T.Alamsyah Alam (2 months)

Author best1123 (6 years)

Author m03ez (5 years)
Oh ok... like you would know >_>

Author shehzada4u (6 years)
Excellent Sound........and correct pronunced. ireally like..but the plyar
is not properly playing....

Author rameezakhtar (5 years)
MASHALLAH ,,,,,,but why the peoples sitting in the majlis were making noise
,,,cant u listen quran silently

Author Sam Ahmad (1 year)

Author Faizaane Madiena Rotterdam NL (5 years)
i mean the melody. not the qira´ah. if you end all the ayat the same way
with the same tone. then its not very beautiful

Author khaktosareto (6 years)
mashallah, beautiful, mashallah may allah bless you

Author Bahar Alisultanova (10 months)
why do Muslims move from side to side when reciting or when listening?

Author قناه فذكر بالقران (6 months)

Author guher911 (3 years)
im an agh from qandahar and ima sardaar and iranians hate us but i got 2
say he got a good voice

Author edrees786 (3 years)
@hoomanes maN go really learn about islam 4 real and not about what they
say on tv and the news. it just shows how ignorrent u r 2 talk like that
and not knowing anything may ALLAH guide u ALLAHHUAKBAR

Author m03ez (6 years)
No problem, i wasn't offended at all by your comment, i was confused. I
tried my hardest to hear "Ghain" sound but i couldn't :).

Author marekofpol (4 years)
When free, im listening to this reciting again and again. So nice cant
express by words.

Author TheAntiterror777 (2 years)

Author Bahar Alisultanova (11 months)
why it is not discussed among theologians then? in debates with muslims?

Author guher911 (3 years)
i alhamdulillah just finished all the 10 recitasions

Author Faizaane Madiena Rotterdam NL (5 years)
the tune of the waqf is very important. the end has to be different. and
not straight

Author halaetisalath (9 months)
تلاوة اكثر من رائعه ولكن اريد ان اعرف من اي دوله ذلك المقرئ ماشاء الله عليه

Author m03ez (5 years)
in case you haven't noticed, he reads this recitation in the warsh form for
the most part. followed by hamzah towards the end of the recitation.

Author Faizaane Madiena Rotterdam NL (5 years)
by the way the voice control is great

Author aammedia productions (3 years)
Brother i'd just like to correct you there, Imaalah does not happen in
Warsh more than any other riwayah. it does however happen in Hamzah alot. I
think what you're getting mistaken with is Taqleel which happens alot in
Warsh. al-'abd

Author m03ez (5 years)
the end not being straight is a mechanism called "emalah" where the alif
sounds a bit inclined downwards. Emelah occurs in warsh many times more
than any other riwayah. Also in hamzah there's a lot of emalah.

Author Abubaker Motala (11 months)
Beautiful recitation....why is the reader and audience not wearing hats?

Author MrMtelidi (4 years)
بلد الصحابي بطل خزوة الخندق سليمان القارسي شرفه أبوا الزهراء فاطمة صلعم شرف
ال البيت يضيفون وعلي ولي الله قد يقول الاخر وعمر ولي الله أو مولاي عبد
السلام بن مشيش ولي الله في شمال المغرب وجنوبه أخر فتنقسم الامة كما انقسمنا
جغرافيا و لغويا و مصالحا اللهم منهج سلمان اهدنا.

Author EZELDEN MÜSLÜMCÜ (5 years)

Author Sam Ahmad (8 months)
Mashaallah GOD bless him inshallah and his family,

Author صلاح صقر (3 years)
ما شاء الله عليك بارك الله فيك والفضل أولا وأخيرا لله تعالى

Author Le47qq (4 years)
Good prayer the only thing that bothers me is that he is a qari and he has
no beard

Author EZELDEN MÜSLÜMCÜ (3 years)
2:53-3:20 subhanallah

Author m03ez (5 years)
This person has been a qari since he was a small child. In other words he
has over 14 years of experience as a qari. I will upload one of his
recitations when he was 12 years old soon.

Author zanos (6 years)
we need part two brother please :)

Author True1Prophet1Allah (8 months)
Miracle from Allah.How to prove Islam/Quran is Nice Story(NOT FROM ALLAH)?
Surah 13:7 Mohammad did not perform any miracles.The people are saying that
even one sign would be enough to convince them is TRUE prophet, just one
miracle but “NONE!”Mohammad would reply:Surah 17:93 Say:"Am I anything but
a man,a messenger".Mohammad did no miracles.He did not heal the sick,raise
the dead,cast out any demons/Satans,or rule the wind and waves.Prophet had
No More Power than any Normal Man(NOT FROM ALLAH).

Author AlQariProductions (3 years)
i like this qari alot, mashallah he has a great talent - he is like a mix
oh the late muhammad anwar shahat and a fuse of abdul fateh taruti, two
great Qari's to have in your emulation chamber. Safavid 'Ulema' should take
note from this man and strive to learn the Qur'an properly!

Author marekofpol (5 years)

Author ellahbakhtiari (1 year)
Mashallah may allah give him blessings... I wish I was also as talented as

Author dhakirahdunyana (3 years)
so many terrorists out there have beard. so mind your language . enjoy his
recitation and dont mock him .

Author Abdullahi Abdirahman (1 year)

Author hamidq (6 years)
yea i love this recitation, i didn't mean to offend you. my family and i
just heard "gha" at times like 1:32. btw i have no idea what an iranian
sounds like i was just guessing and i thought it was a tajweed mistake of
mine, not his. salam

Author Abubaker Motala (10 months)
To Allat Muhammad....before I engage with you in any sensible discussion
kindly advise on the following:- what is your religion? where do you reside
? what is your age and race? what is your academic qualification, if any?
what is your country of birth? What is your gripe with Islam?

Author yaali1411 (1 year)
صوت جميل وراق .. إلى الأمام

Author mahdi1806 (4 years)
My friends and I were his guest and his father about the year 1375-1376 in
Mashhad. He was a child at the time, and had just got back from a
competition from Saudi Arabia, and was telling us about his visiting the
inside of the Ka'aba ...mashallah I can't believe he's such a grown up man

Author Hafid M (2 years)
3 bastards DISLIKE this ???? oh man this is Quran ,,, there is no choice to
like or unlike ....or you are a friend of NOAH's son ??? u must be

Author arashborhan (2 years)

Author RealPress (3 years)
love it

Author Laetitia Lopes Ferreira Abreu (4 years)
La ilaha illa ALLAH sobhanaka inni konto mina dalimine

Author syedjaafar (3 years)
@hoomanes so what's your point? =)

Author z1685 (4 years)
Im slighty a bit confused, is this reli surah Hud? coz i tried looking at
the surah but could not find wot he was reading. SUm1 help pls thanks!

Author ziyawine (3 years)

Author ibntanta (6 years)
تبارك الله ماشاء الله

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