stallion semen collection second

another stallion gets collected
(also german tv)

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Author Eurotrash4367 (3 years)
I think that German bitch enjoyed this more than the stallion did.

Author conaniw (4 years)
deutch porm! ya ya, das ist fantastish

Author elandaos (2 years)
::slaps horse:: GUD!

Author rhoadsrules1 (4 years)
now thats appropriate a woman grabbing his unit and collecting his semen i
wouldnt have it any other way but they didnt show the part where she
samples the taste of it...

Author bab boy (1 year)
why always women did this mission ?????? in many videos

Author Harry Ramsden (4 years)
the horse didnt last that long :S LOL

Author iwantoutnow (4 years)
this woman has the most disgusting job ever !

Author ZeroPandemente (2 years)
I am next ! I'm in the queue! Girl collect my semen now!

Author KemirenDesigns (1 year)
No they don't. They say it in the video (it's german): The horse is only
used for semen collection, he's not allowed to touch a female any time.

Author sssukaPSN (2 years)
I like the way she just grabs the cock and watches it go in and out of that

Author swwl1992 (3 years)

Author DogsneedpIeasuretoo (3 years)
@Elliotvisualeffects Sex can harm the the animals, can spread diseases, can
cause infections, etc. A.I. skips all that. Horses and dogs are too
expensive to risk them by having sex by themselves.

Author pitote76 (2 years)
jajajajajajajajajajahaja yes milk

Author DreamFlightPro (2 years)
Now we know where we get our calcium from!

Author McLarenMercedes (3 years)
@JessicaPooBear Good for you. Thanks for sharing this horseshit nonsense.
You troll.

Author Tappedurassout (2 years)
Goddamn! You see that root!

Author dlmsuperdave (3 years)
Hi what do you do for a living? Umm, I masturbate horses. Well I was going
to ask for a hand job but I have a rule about bringing your work home with

Author 1ukjunglednbraver (3 years)
he is so desperate he's biting the bitch...and willing to fuck a plastic bag

Author jeannette courtney (1 year)
Poor horse!

Author The101Shell101Bullet (3 years)
@MsLabMom agreed,,

Author hylogibbon (3 years)
Why was this in response to a evolution vs creationism video?

Author whitejapan126 (2 years)

Author crazymango (3 years)
@followmyporn it would probably have been to expensive for the mare to come
or him to go

Author RoundenBrown (4 years)
Ja, ist good.

Author angiekuhn22 (2 years)
Why bother using a dummy mare for collection if you are just going to let
the stallion bite the teaser mare?

Author Hotrodd100 (2 years)
Me too!! I know what you mean!! :-P

Author angiekuhn22 (2 years)
Please take my comments/questions as information gathering, not criticism.
I don't know if the rules are the same in Germany as in the US, for
example, live cover is required for thoroughbreds, but AI is commonly used
for Quarter horses, etc. All in all, you seem to have an excellent breeding
style established.

Author ColtraneTaylor (2 years)
@GodIsACosmicAsshole She was uncomfortable during the foreplay. It was
after where as you said she kicked back into gear and got more professional.

Author Rule Of Three T.A.G (1 year)
How the fuck did I get here!?!??

Author chris lechuga (4 years)
why did I watch this again?

Author Aleksander Krzeczkowski (3 years)
anyway, it's still better than regular hovesjob

Author Nino Brown (1 year)
She smacks the horse on the ass and saids good. Fucking Classic.

Author GhostMachine011001 (4 years)
Whats so special about horse semen?

Author vano110 (3 years)
Poor horse, he just get faked.

Author rva1945 (3 years)
Just the spanking at 1:28 is worth watching the vids...I wonder why it
seems to be a job for females...and I'd pay a million to know what's she
thinking during the process...

Author dave smith (3 years)
oh i loved how that woman grabbed that horse cock! oh yeah! (:>)

Author Dakukobura (2 years)
Am I the only one who who wants to know how much sperm he made?

Author kknich (4 years)
The stallion is like: "damn it, these pimps set me up again!" =))

Author rbf0621 (2 years)
for some reason all i hear is the ying yang twins in the background

Author dolittle1992 (4 years)
gag, worst job in the world

Author Porrameneitor (2 years)
WTF i dont understand french..

Author st8pl8guy (3 years)
Ok, thats like taking a guy into a room where a super hot naked model is
waiting, and then saying "Ok, now go fuck the blowup doll."

Author Acclamator55 (2 years)
ja she was quite feaching

Author DaddysBabiiGirll (3 years)

Author VARANT MAGAJANIAN (3 years)

Author MsLabMom (3 years)
Gross! Why was this recommended for me?

Author TheCrazyRayFamily (3 years)
There are also some very sick ppl making comments. Perverts! Is that what u
were searching stallion for? W*nkers!

Author scandia61 (4 years)
Those crazy germans! I'm glad I don't have that job.

Author whippedboy (3 years)

Author darrenboy2010 (4 years)
@shaun3701 sorrry dudes u wouldnt be able to fill dat bag :P lol

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