Gravity Falls Hidden Backwards Message!

To continue on with the..."backwards song messages" I give you...the Gravity Falls theme! It says "3 letters back" This helps when decoding the ending theme message!

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Author Mac Without The A (7 months)
It said Bill is back!

Author Mlp DashieSparkle (6 days)
forwards it said im still here backwards said three letters back... i still
dunno what it means

Author Matt Matical (1 month)
It says three letter back. The reason is that it is the Julius Code. In the
picture of Billy at the end there are random letters to the right of the
wheel. Using the code, it reads "Stan is not what he seems" WHAT IS GRUNCLE

Author Louise v. Rooij (4 months)
i think they say he is back ( i think they mean uncle stan )

Author Wesley Seibert (2 months)
It clearly says, forwards, "I'm still watching" but backwards it says "Bill
is back." Get it? Bill Cipher. Think. CIPHER. Cipher means a certain code.
This could be like a code. So just think for a second... a message that
says "Bill is back" about Bill Cipher. So we have to DE-cipher the code.
It's perfect. Am I the only one who's getting this?

Author Miine (5 months)
It says "Three letters back"

Author Zoya Vehra (4 months)
I know what it is, three letters back. I get it. They have more codes too,
at the end of the episode (in the credits) they write a code word. And you
have to guess what it means, for each letter of the gibber word you take
THREE LETTERS BACK, and it spells out something. Fallow what i`m saying or
search it up for yourselves, and you`ll see what i mean

Author Petrified Bubble (6 months)
I know for sure (to me) it says "Behind me" somewhere in it. I'm pretty
sure it says "Bill is behind me." 

Author Sushmithan Sunthareswaran (5 months)
It says I'm Still Here

Author hosse1990rouge (7 months)
some thing like time's ending or time's coming

Author SipSopGaming (3 months)
In the ending (Forwards) it says: i'm still here! But backwards it says:
Three letters back! And there is some kinda code in it! But that will take
some time to explain! What about, you go tjek out some other vidoes with
the same topic? And find out! Keep research in gravity falls secrets, and
sure you will get mindfucked like a potato! :)

Author rachel gonzalez (3 months)
the hidden message in revers says "three letters back"

Author Samantha kelly (4 days)
at the end it says *i'm still here* when you rewind it it is *three letters

Author Tekko RomanianGaming (8 days)
I've heard and I documented the voice that says something backwards and say
Stan is not what it seems!! true to say 100%

Author jonas doyen (13 days)
No it says im still herein forwards and backwards Three letters back 

Author thunderbolt10031000tfan (15 days)
they said message backwards or bill is back

Author Thomas Provine (1 month)
i think it says turn your back it says two words then back

Author Crazy Muffin Animations (5 months)
theres a message in the forwards one too!listen closly to ''three letters
back'' thing and it says ''I'm still here'' ._.

Author Emilia Sola (1 month)
forward is Im still here and backward is three letters back 

Author Rachel Lanford (25 days)
I think it says Stan is bad or bill is back idk.

Author kitty thing (1 month)
you now that not reverse the eding says "im still here"

Author Lauxux (28 days)
it says three letters back

Author bryar strutton (3 months)
i know what is says

Author Emil Valdes (2 months)
Guys, me and my friend are Gravity Falls Know-it-all's, it says three
letters back, which is used for the decoding at the somewhat last episodes,
where it shows leters, three leters back and you reveal a secret from
within Gravity Falls

Author WashingMachineKiller (3 months)
It says I'm still here forwards

Author i tiki (2 months)
Its saying 3 letter back ^.^ YFII FP RXQZEFKD <-- -That means Bill Is

Author Parker Egleson (1 month)

Author jelo saibot (2 months)
it said 3 letters back

Author zoe stoffel (6 months)
3 letters back

Author BoneCrusherVG (7 months)
It said,"Three letters back."

Author Justin Peacock (1 year)

Author Wesley Seibert (1 month)
It actually says "three letters back."

Author blonde person (6 months)
the type of music is unique it could be a type of message in the tune

Author Emily Flemister (4 days)
Forwards "I'm still here" Backwards Three letters back.

Author sebastian cifuentes barrera (20 days)
firts he said i stay back i dont know but in reversed he said 3
letters back

Author sonicepicwind (7 months)
Forwards it says "I am still here" :D ...

Author Nagisa Kaworu (1 month)
it's saying play this backwards i think

Author rodolfo mazariego (8 days)
It said, "flash back"

Author Savannah D. (2 months)
It sounds like "I am always watching." I have to listen to it more to tell,
though. I couldn't hear "Three letters back."

Author TheElectrozoid (7 months)
He's saying 'Play this back', not three letters back or anything.

Author Little Big Xeno (5 months)
The backward message is Three letters back and the normal message Im still

Author Jeliz Toj (8 months)
Three letters back. Let's try this. At the last scene of the illuminated
letters there is a code of letters that spell VWDQ LV QRW ZKDW KH VHHPV and
if we move them 'three letters back' it spells "STAN IS NOT WHAT HE SEEMS"
and on the scene with the four trees in the theme song it shows a black
furry figure with Stan's hat on rushing through the forest. I believe that
with the evidence of "STAN IS NOT WHAT HE SEEMS" and the furry thing with
Stan's hat on that he MIGHT me a werewolf?

Author cathrine FOX (5 months)
it said i'm right here

Author Jacob Ross (7 hours)
The message is "Im Still Here" Cya!

Author Dasan Kelton (5 months)
have you seen the ep when size says butt island? I has SLENDER MAN IN

Author Alex Costin (8 months)
3 letters back it's easy to understand. It's for the secret code in the
credits(nothing more :D)

Author DXC Clark (17 hours)
it said im still hear

Author messiah muckle (1 day)
its cipher code im still here means three letters back I can speak cipher

Author Hunter Dunn (2 days)

Author seyanna soto (1 day)
it said bill is back !!!!!! its a code on a pipe saying "bill is watching"

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