Gravity Falls Hidden Backwards Message!

To continue on with the..."backwards song messages" I give you...the Gravity Falls theme! It says "3 letters back" This helps when decoding the ending theme message!

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Author Nikki Crafts (9 days)
U'r not crazy the first thing said (forwards) is "I'm still here" and the
second thing said ( backwards) is " three letters back". This has to do
with codes. Feel free to ask me questions 😝

Author Akali League (9 hours)
It says "Bill is back." Bill is the triangle dude that went to Stan's mind

Author Avery Austin (23 days)
I have a book that lets me study cryptology and it says that ciphers are
easier to break than codes. It's called Spy Files. ( I had a OMG moment
when I was reading it and realized that Bill Cipher is something I may be
able to decode)

Author Alicia Astle (3 hours)
3 letters back has something to do with the codes at the end of every
episode and the codes in the 3 journels

Author c lovley (25 days)
When it is played backwards, it says three letters back referring to the
code at the end of the episode.

Author FOODLOVER #1 (24 days)
its like that gravity falls is made to tell us somethibg important..
Something sbout watchiny our back

Author CK Bros (3 hours)
it says three letters back, so thats how you find the other secrits in the

Author Micah Bailey (22 days)
Hey i have no clue how to do this but at a comic-con panel alex hirsch said
that the hidden message would change so could you try this with season 2
just to make sure? 

Author Faith McMillan (1 day)
you idiot it says im still here forwards and backwords it says three
latters back it is a code you need to watch vailskibum94 videos on (secret
messages of gravity falls theme song ).CHECK IT OUT DUDE AND ALL YOU OTHER

Author Bloody Macaroon (16 days)
It sounds like "now". Maybe it's the begging of a sentence that if you hear
full, a clue to something later on. Like a new journal/page o-e

Author Jeremy Convocar (10 days)
Fowards, it says, "I'm still here", backwards, it says "three letters
back". You see, in the part that it says "I'm still here", there is another
message. You MUST have the actual video with the theme song, not just some
still picture but the real video. Near the end, you'll see a quick glimps
of an image of Billy cypher, in the right, there is a code that reads VWDQ
LV QRW ZKDW KH VHHPV, now, when you apply "three letters back" it will
decode into a secret message, that says (warning spoilers!)

"Stan is not what he seems" you can test it yourself

Author Jipe2002 (11 days)
there is more bacwards messages this says 3 letters back. one that I figure
says 26 letters

Author Nick Miller (1 month)
When played forward it sounds like "im still here" but when played
backwards it says "three letters back". It is saying that so you can
decript secret messages in the series such as at the end of the intro it
shows a one clip image of what seams to be Bill Sypher and on the right of
the image is some letters saying "PQXK FP KLQ TEXQ EB PBBJP" meaning "STAN

Author Nytheris (29 days)
Forwards it says "I'm still here" backwards it says "three letters back"
this intro has alchemy symbols,Bigfoot and the illuminati in it at the end
of the intro there's an illuminati pyramid with random letters on it. What
you are supposed to do is for each letter go 3 letters back in the alphabet
to get your word after that it gives you another clue for a language. You
have to decode the titles of a few episodes and then you get another clue
to the alchemy symbols once you'v done a bit of research you can know what
the alchemy symbols and circle at the end mean. In the alchemy circle you
can also notice stuff. Like a hat, glasses and a shooting star, all of
these Are stuff people wear on their clothes. In the original intro If you
pause on 24secs in at the correct frame then you can see Bigfoot and if you
look at the picture when this guy plays the music you can see a big foot.
Gravity falls are trying to tell us something but no one knows what...

Ps if you read all of that, well all i can say is that you have wayyy to
much time on your hands 😄

Author Britney Hanshaw (4 hours)
Come on people it was "Three letters back"

Author Josephine Talbot (20 hours)
3 letters back because every code is 3 letters back

Author Alicia Astle (3 hours)
backwards the end say 3 letters backwards and with a little research you
will discover a lot from that

Author Jacob Tipton (21 day)

Author Sheila Ryan (1 month)
ya know when Gideon is speaking gibberish when he is summoning Bill, if u
play it backwards, it says "backwards message. backwards message! BACKWARDS
MESSAGE! BACKWARDS MESSAGE!!!" i personally thought that that hilarious!

Author Ayleen Conde (10 days)
OMG IT DOESNT SAY "three letters back"IT SAYS"HE IS back

Author Erick Rodriguez (24 days)
to me it sounded like it said watch your back

Author Baylie Shelton (25 days)
Alex declared it said three letters back

Author Omer Bank (1 month)
"I'm Still Here" Means that Bill Cipher still here and he watching us and
"Three Letters Back" Means that there's some codes hidden in the episodes
of gravity falls and if you want to decode them you need to change all the
letters in the code three letters back.

Author Jacob Horovitz (4 days)
"Three Words Back" which is a reference to Caesar Cipher it's a coding
process. look it up!

Author Sakib Ali (10 days)
Guys, to figure out a code like that you dont go do what he says ( whatever
it is ) well you might but im not sure. The real way will take me about two
hours to by my self its hard to explain but when i find out what the real
code is i'll tell you. 

Author Ryan Davies (3 days)
It says 3 letters back

Author Zelda-warriorcat-FAN (23 days)
I believe that the message says 'I'm still here' when the theme is played
forwards, when played backwards I think it says 'Three words backwards'

Just a theory.

Author Talking Kitty Cat (7 days)
Backwards 3 letters back. Forward I'm still here! =)

Author Ruth Ross (1 day)
I'm still here, and three letters back

Author Tuan Nguyen (1 hour)
3 letters back

Author Pink Mist (3 months)
The message is different in Season 2, I can tell. What does it say
backwards cause the three letters back method doesn't work to decode the
messsages at the end of Season 2 episodes :/

Author Tracy Moore (1 day)
It says three letters back

Author Britney Hanshaw (4 hours)
Jacob it is three "letters" back

Author Norman Sedlak (13 days)
Foward: I am still here Backward: 3 Letters back

Author Yoav Barlev (11 days)
gatcha! i think its saying "he has back" or "he is back"

Author Bryce Lewis (14 days)
Four letters back because at the end of every episode there are letters
that can be a sentence if you use four letters back

Author Juliet Fiozzo (26 days)
I believe that the whispers are nothing. It represents that there is
secrets the twins have to figure out. That's it. No one is saying anything.
It's clear to see. Trying to figure out what is not there is just a waist
of time. 

Author RivRules12 (4 days)
It's says " three words back"

Author Chioma ogbogu (15 days)
forward: I am still here, backward:3 letters back. Confusing, right. I
don't get it.

Author Creeperboy10 (19 days)
If you listen closely, it might not be saying "back" it might be saying
"shack" as in The Mystery Shack!! WHO, AND WHAT IS BEING HIDDEN!!?????

Author Logan Ryan (9 days)
it says three letters back revered and forward it says im still here.

Author Felipe Rayon (8 days)
I think it says the leader is back or the ringer is bavk idk i may b

Author Destiny Monteiro (15 days)
it says 3 letters back and it helps you and means a message and it is stan
is not what he seems

Author Jacob Horovitz (4 days)
It says "Three Words Back" which is a reference to the Ceaser Cipher

Author Ivan Luna (8 days)
3 letters back it said that so you can decode the letters that are
throughout all the episodes

Author Rainbow Dash Our Savior (8 days)
Omg omg creepy it says parents back

Author ZACHERY PEREZ (6 days)
It said he's coming and its still here

Author roblox demonkiller7121 (19 days)
three letters back... so basicly you need the decipher to decipher the

Author groovyrainbow pony (2 months)
it says two letters back. its the decoding system for the mis spelled
words through out the show

Author Blue_Lynx 101 (18 days)
it probably says "bill comes back" litsen on 1:10

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