Gravity Falls Hidden Backwards Message!

To continue on with the..."backwards song messages" I give you...the Gravity Falls theme! It says "3 letters back" This helps when decoding the ending theme message!

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Author Pink Mist (1 month)
The message is different in Season 2, I can tell. What does it say
backwards cause the three letters back method doesn't work to decode the
messsages at the end of Season 2 episodes :/

Author groovy rainbow (14 days)
it says two letters back. its the decoding system for the mis spelled
words through out the show

Author Mlp DashieSparkle (3 months)
forwards it said im still here backwards said three letters back... i still
dunno what it means

Author The Diamond Boy (4 months)
It says three letter back. The reason is that it is the Julius Code. In the
picture of Billy at the end there are random letters to the right of the
wheel. Using the code, it reads "Stan is not what he seems" WHAT IS GRUNCLE

Author heyitspaigee (1 month)
i hear 'three letters back'

Author epicgamming723 (2 months)
YOUR A FUCKING TARD DONT type like that I hate it

Author Wesley Seibert (4 months)
It clearly says, forwards, "I'm still watching" but backwards it says "Bill
is back." Get it? Bill Cipher. Think. CIPHER. Cipher means a certain code.
This could be like a code. So just think for a second... a message that
says "Bill is back" about Bill Cipher. So we have to DE-cipher the code.
It's perfect. Am I the only one who's getting this?

Author thunder panda (1 day)
when its playing fordwards it says ''im still here'' but when it is playing
backwards it says ''3 letters back'' I know how to crack the code but im
going to tell you how to crack it, im going to see if you can figure it out

Author José Andrés Medina O. (10 days)
I'm actually thinking that each episode has a different message at the end
of the opening... i'm just saying... 

Author ImperfectGamer (13 days)
it says illuminati confirmed 

Author minecraftgirl- -hi (1 month)
it say backwards gideon is back

Author [~[ Skillet ]~] R.O.B.L.O.X (1 month)
maybe backwards it says "just turn back" like they dont want Dipper and his
family there. .-.

Author Ymir TitanShifter (1 month)
didnt hear anything

Author puppylover206 (1 month)
it is saying "bill is back" i think

Author Ruby Red (1 month)
It says "I'm still here" forward but "three letter back" back words with
helps a lot to crack some codes in gravity falls.

Author Kris Estrada (1 month)
It sounds like "Stanley is back" And, I heard a rumor about Stanford having
a twin named Stanley. Don't make a comment argument below this comment, I
know it'll happen ;3

Author MrJ0kuJuusto Pelailee (1 month)
I thing its like normal normal BOOM!

Author Bubble Boom (3 months)
im still here. Shurgggh 3 letters back. THAT SOUND IS JUST HILARIOUS! I
thought the I'm still here thing was creepy but 3 letters back? And also on
Smile Dip reversed it says "MUST DISTRUST GRUNKLE"

Author Shannon Zeluski (2 months)
It sounds like someone's whispering "horse back" but that would be kind of probably not.

Author lola nicotra (2 months)
its not a backwards message it says im still here forwards

Author SipSopGaming (6 months)
In the ending (Forwards) it says: i'm still here! But backwards it says:
Three letters back! And there is some kinda code in it! But that will take
some time to explain! What about, you go tjek out some other vidoes with
the same topic? And find out! Keep research in gravity falls secrets, and
sure you will get mindfucked like a potato! :)

Author Derby Angels (2 months)
Stan is not what he seems

Author rodolfo mazariego (3 months)
It said, "flash back"

Author chauncey3103 (6 days)
i think forward it says: " im sorry "

Author harry wu (5 days)
it said three letters back

Author Emily Flemister (3 months)
Forwards "I'm still here" Backwards Three letters back.

Author sebastian cifuentes barrera (3 months)
firts he said i stay back i dont know but in reversed he said 3
letters back

Author Shannon Mc (15 days)
it ''says three words backwards'' and I figured it out myself

Author feliciano vargas (16 days)
i think it says 'lets play hide and seek'

Author Austin Duffy (11 days)
Is show purely created by the Illuminati?

Author Jinxed ToWin (22 days)
i hear Im still here at the end :)

Author John Fisherkeller (20 days)
i says i'm still watching then it says three letters back

Author BuddyMc Gaming (24 days)
it's Bill Cipher saying "I'll be watching you..."

Author Eva Synnøve Solem (24 days)

Author paydab oii (28 days)
it says "the eye is back" trust me.

Author Logan Taft (29 days)
i dunno what the im still here means so...

Author richard curry (26 days)
it says im still waching

Author Chester123569 (1 month)
no backwards i still here backwards three letters back

Author Lily Bare (1 month)
I know this sounds stupid but I think it says 'this is backwards'

Author Yusuf Zarroug (1 month)
switch a to z

Author Mārtiņš Kalniņš (1 month)
I really like this pie.....for me just sound

Author jashad wright (1 month)
Its saying "Switch A and Z because thats the code for gravity falls

Author Kakia Loki (1 month)
its said, "Im still here.." i think

Author IamMtoA (1 month)
Three letters back is a way to decode some messages, for example d decoded
is a, pqxk is stan, and so on.

Author Sami Missing (1 month)
its "3 letters back"

Author That Taylor Girl (1 month)
It says "3 Letters Back" As in to solve those weird codes. For example if
there was a V you would go in the alphabet 3 letters back behind "V" which
is a "S"

Author Cesar Hinojosa (1 month)
im still here

Author Wyatt Chaffin (1 month)
When forward it sounds like I'm still here.

Author Sarah Khan (1 month)
In my theory, it says " I'm still here"
these words creep me out
Don't you think bill said that? I mean in the last episode of GF when stan
was looking at the three books it said "Bill is watching". Maybe bill said
that three word in the intro...

Author Ido Moshe (1 month)
It says "I'll come back"

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