SS panzerkorps at the third battle of Kharkov

The SS panzercorps at the recapture of Kharkov

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Author dim0nich (5 years)
I was born in Kharkov, even though I live in the US now. It's pretty
intense to see videos of the fighting for my city, my grandmother lived
through it. She was somewhere there, surviving in the outskirts. Crazy

Author BetoG34 (4 years)
@beenthere1run by what you just typed, i can tell your insecure about what
you believe. because your hate to nazis inst real, it sounds like you dont
know anything about them only what the jew media has lead you to believe.
what you really hate is fags like your self.

Author josmanue74 (4 years)
@Vanta8008 Sport may become a war.

Author ShiftY919 (5 years)
Hitler had a new type of gas, Büchse der pandora. The luftwaffe had the
order to through it over GB when the allies made something like that. The
atom bomb was a creation from the germans, you just stole the plans.
America was to stupid , to make something like that, only europeans make
theese big discovers. A dane discovered the atom science and the nazis made
shit out of it. And woodsaver, nuke on america that was shit from you ,
just because you don't like tombstone ,you can't say this...

Author Kz2372 (4 years)
@MaksFonYriz Мой отец Кенигсберг "окучивал" с "ИЛ-2". Расстрелять надо было
гитлеризм, что и сделали. Немцы же как были серьёзным и работящим народом,
таким и остаются. Важно, чтобы их опять какая-нибудь политическая "сивуха"
в головы не шибанула (как и "американов" и других).

Author Maks Yrist (4 years)
У меня дет в берлине был о на танке рейстарг растреливал

Author rtgoodson (4 years)
well, we have about 6 billion to get rid of now.

Author t239 (5 years)
Pretty much every European country had a few colonies here and there a
hundred years ago. That means they destroyed countless more countries when
America was still in it's infancy. The only reason third world nations
couldn't do this is because they were too corrupt and their beliefs too
backward to organize. The USSR was no exception to the destruction and
absorption of other nations.

Author Kz2372 (4 years)
@JSLegoMaster TigerI,II. - were good for strategic defense in the East but
not for the vast tank operations in 1944-1945 where modified T-34 became
the best tank of WWII (with 85- mm gun). "the overwhelming manpower" was in
China - 200: 20 diviisions (Chinese- japanese). WWII - was the war of
motors. Soviet people could make "The Weapon of Victory".

Author Kz2372 (4 years)
@JSLegoMaster " David M. Glantz (born 11 January 1942 in Port Chester, New
York) is an American military historian and the editor of the Journal of
Slavic Military Studies." You may read, Mr.David M. Glantz was "the Cold
War warrior" but he wrote a lot of true about the Red Army. New Russian
historians use his works (without "totalitarian labels"). I bought two his

Author JSLegoMaster (4 years)
Thats KIA - killed in action i didnt count those who died in pow, that
would be around 3 million russians and 1 million germans but still the
russians had higher casualties in the field. Nearly always, even in the
biggest defeat on the estern front, Stlaingrad the russsians lost far more
men than the germans.

Author DXNaThaNXD (4 years)
Atleast they said it was a formidable and great fighting force near the end.

Author bubi1954 (4 years)
@StaffanGoldschmidt They mean 'Leibstandarte' (Leib=body) that means

Author JSLegoMaster (4 years)
And sure you wonder what my sources are, my sources are: Tigers in Combat I
& II by Wolfgang Schneider. Red Army Handbook by Steve Zaloga. And just a
random information which i find is very intressting is the total k-d ratio
of german and russian tanks (all types) on the eastern front. in total it
was exacly 3.26 but in 1941 the ratio was 1 - 7.43 for germans, very high,
in 1943 1 - 3.52, nearly half that much, in 1944 1 - 2.63, a third nearly
and in 1945... 1 - 1.18, nearly same.

Author smacman68 (4 years)
I don't doubt what your saying one bit. The moral boost to the allied
troops would have been enormous. It would have also deflated thier own
troops too. Its easy for the allies to say after the war that they could
have killed him but didn't. Like you said, the winners kind of skew things
thier way. Good to have a healthy, non-swearing debate with you though!
Most people I debate with are ignorant asses that resort to name calling
when they disagree with me:)

Author ShiftY919 (5 years)
Yes and because theese guns you turned into a dumbfuck. I have a 357.Ruger
Blackhawk single action, and i bet you have a desert eagle and an uzi and a
bazooka bla bla . Airsoft is a sport and everybody has fun.

Author anatoli20079 (4 years)
I wanna to explain-I fuck all apology speaking Elite SS. And my dad did
it,also my grandad. Next time all of you wiil find own grave being invading
to my country. Hello from Russia.Do not forget the lessons of history.

Author Mr moO (4 years)
@smacman68 Have you ever heard the expression the winners write the
history..? Trust me, if the could have killed him it would have been
devastating for the troops on the frontline. No way the had the chance but
didint take it.

Author dannelit0w (5 years)
when it comes to millitary leader Hitler was a greedy idiot

Author buffuzo (3 years)
Gads man, it's Leibstandarte (with a long i....not a long e). How can a so
called expert not even pronounce the name of the division correctly. Idiot.

Author Julkorn2 (5 years)
Der neue Faschismus wird sich nicht mehr Faschismus nennen, sondern er wird
sagen: "Ich bin der Anti-Faschismus". Der Tod der Naziopas ist wunderbar?
Deine menschenverachtende Verallgemeinerung ist kein Anti-Faschismus,
sondern es ist Faschismus.

Author JSLegoMaster (4 years)
In all invasions the invaders had graces yes but you always had many many
more. On the eastern front in ww2 you lost 10.008.434 men in dead while the
Axis lost 2.742.909 in dead. So you had to dig nearly 4 times as many
graves and I wouldnt call that a victory but a disaster for your population
and If I were russian I would be ashamed By Stalin who led the russian
peoeple in that blood bath by his mindless officers who let them die like

Author soibon (4 years)
@fluffy1931 What?? U low US yankee moron,every US Soldier lost his fucking
live in action, is a good news!! Because ur fuck administration want to
rule the world under the ,,american fucking way of life,, A country,wich
has 34 millions recipient of food stamp,and crash the whole world economy
down,don't got the rights to indoctrinate all other countrys! Ur fucking
Nation is build on fakes,lies and the blood of millions of Indians and
Black slaves!!

Author bubi1954 (4 years)
Der neue Faschismus ist rot-grün Antifa !

Author ShiftY919 (5 years)
That's the best answer

Author stolzundtreu28 (4 years)
@Julkorn2 wie recht du hast, die trottel merken garnicht dass sie selber
rassisten sind...verachten soldaten des 2. wk ohne daran zu denken dass es
für die meisten auch nur ein beruf war... die trottel von der antifa drehen
sich doch alles nur so hin dass wir die bösen sind, genauso wie unser
staat...gesetze wie meinungsfreiheit gelten für jeden, nur bei uns gilt das
nicht,..wozu gibt es dieses gesetz dann? rassismus gegen uns ist kein
rassismus weil sie ja die guten sind ein quatsch!

Author WhitelronWillpower (3 years)
Germans, stop feeling guilty, you have nothing to be ashamed of. Get up off
your knees, hold your heads up once again, you showed the way. Hitler saw
the threat - look at the state of Europe now HE WAS RIGHT, HE WAS A
VISIONARY. What is happening now in Europe with the rise of non-European
races. The subjugation of the white homeland was happening in his time
except it was other foreigners then. Discipline and respect for your fellow
white man and woman. ARISE, AWAKE, RECLAIM YOUR PRIDE

Author germaniajim (4 years)
LSSAH were the best of the best

Author Kz2372 (4 years)
24.11 1944 г. 300 km in depth. 1000 km in front Leningrad front had 195 000
men and losted 6219. 1-st Prebaltic front had 621000 and losted 24188...
Narva was taken by the Leningrad front I think (but it is must be checked
// -
the military losses of Russia and the USSR in wars of XX cen. Heavy losses.

Author trainswee (4 years)
@BetoG34 and i agree with you about bennthere1run, and yes the german army
was the best army in ww2. it dose not exuse the war crimes they (mostly ss
div.) commited. (and also they should have invested more in new inf. wepons.

Author Mr moO (4 years)
@smacman68 I feel the exact same way :) I hope we "clash" on another
youtube video in the near future, thanks and have a nice day!

Author trainswee (4 years)
@lebarosky i agree, even if a panzer div. is not the best kind of div to
put in a battle torn city.

Author gsmittyuniy (4 years)
@Julkorn2 Ich bin nationalsozialist. 88

Author LordOfHamburger (4 years)
nur für die ,die uns Deutschen für Nazi Nachkommen halten, 99.9 prozent der
damaligen NAZIS sind ums Leben gekommen!!

Author Percy de Oliveira Junior (3 years)
everybody is crazy? we deserve something better than the olders do. build a
new world.

Author fluffy1931 (4 years)
@soibon .., sounds like your still butt hurt from that last beat down

Author WilhelmAUT (4 years)
@JSLegoMaster well the panzer IV F2 with 7.5 cm gun had better gun but
worse armor. and about hvy armors in late war,most of them had small
tecnical issues that couldnt be repaired because of lack of supply,they
were divided from their repair company,each platoon fighting on other place
instead fight of whole regiment with repaircompany..or simply no fuel. we
produced much more stuff in 1944 than before.despite bomb terror.they found
out that we lack fuel and bombed synthetic fuel factories

Author Kita Barbie (3 years)
@73MIZZOU Prussina franco war, Crushed Rome, made the 1000 year Byzantine
empire, German all Leaders west Rome, Huns conquered all, so about 2500
years of Victories, oh and the mummies found in Asia, I forget the name but
from Germany to inner Mongolia down to India 8000 bc Empire that rivals
before and during the Egyptians. All same pottery and textiles and trade,
yah those mountain barabrians let children vote and wives divorce far ahead
of Greece rome.

Author BigAndTall666 (4 years)
@StaffanGoldschmidt Leibstandarte, little miss Schicklgrubers personal
bodyguards, a pussy like "Hynkel" needed bodyguards!

Author JSLegoMaster (4 years)
Battle of Narva 1944. Feb - Aug the russians attacked german lines time
after time, failed everytime. They had 200000 men, germans 125000. The
losses were finaly.... 14000 KIA germans.... 145102 KIA russians.. Thats
more than 10 times higher casualties, and that with a superior force in the
late stage of the war where you said the russians were superior. The battle
was a german defensive victory and showed that russians (officers
responsible for the fail) were totaly uneficient.

Author anatoli20079 (4 years)
I wanna to explain-I fuck all apology speaking Elite SS. And my dad did
it,also my grandad as well. Next time all of you wiil find own grave being
invading to my country. Hello from Russia.Do not forget the lessons of

Author unisco630 (5 years)
how many countries did america destroyed and how many dicators did she
robbed and how many conflicts are started so dont blame ussr

Author Frank Volk (3 years)
Deutschland ist ein gutes....sehr gutes land....wer es nicht rafft hat s
viel verpasst...leider sind s zigeuner und muslims und juden in diesem
christlichen Land zu weit aufgestiegen....zu viel Freiheit
gehabt....irgendwann wird alles so sein wie es immer vorher war...tod den
roten und nicht christen

Author Gamer Hudson (4 years)
@smacman68 Well its good to know you have a DVD set that teaches history :)

Author JSLegoMaster (4 years)
You use russian sources, the russians even today denie such failures as
narva today. Go check it on wiki first you got very reliable sources marked

Author JSLegoMaster (4 years)
Germans had by far the best pilots, then best by countryin order by
destroyed planes: Finn: Eino Juutilainen 94 Japanese:Hiroyoshi Nishizawa 87
Russ :Ivan Kozhedub 62 Romania: Constantine Cantacuzene 60 As you can see
even small Finnland had better pilots that russia XD The germans were only
ones to have +100 pilots, +200 and +300 so they are over 4 times
overcalseed than your russian best if you talk about classes. Best american
had 40, best brit not good i know.

Author Haris Kovacevic (3 years)
awesome finally some subtitles :D

Author dovtponevv (4 years)
When Totenkopf joined the attack a few days later with 3.SS-Panzer regiment
, the Russians started running away like the English.Sheep.Shaggers and
northern monkeys.

Author Staffan Goldschmidt (4 years)
What is the Leebstandarte?

Author josmanue74 (4 years)
@andreaoffshore deutschland 0 - SPANIEN 1 ARRIBA ESPAÑA !!!

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