MODS ON CROSMAN 1377 and 2240

Talking about mods and parts on my Crosman air pistols.One thing i forgot to mention is the 2240 barrel was replaced with a 177 cal Mellonair barrel, the 2240 performs better in the smaller caliber than in in the 22.

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Author AirGunWarriors (9 months)
Would not mind having a bnm 2240 repeater in black with right hand bolt!
Just soooooo costly!

Author AirGunWarriors (9 months)
O.k., I subscribed. Hope to see some Crony Tests soon. Thanks for the

Author scandi navus (10 months)
Crosman 1377c. I've already tested crosman, hollow points 7.9 grain,
pointed 7.9 grain, destroyers 7.9 grain. Destroyers is the winner, 1 inch
group, but 2 inch fliers, after every fifth/sixth shot

Author VivaLaBamUrDead (1 year)
nice setup on both pistols =D thinking about grabbing a couple of the 1377s
to mod, i've seen a lot of awesome modded 1377s, including yours of course

Author shootemfulloholes (1 year)
eventually tried crosman premier ultra magnums in 22 cal and guess what?
they are the most accurate for the 1377 with a 22 barrel!!!

Author g0tink87 (1 year)
What is this guys website you speak of? I tried to search but didn't come
up with anything.

Author powrscrol1 (1 year)
Pray for yourself. I don't object to hunting for food. I do object to
hunting for sport, and to the irresponsible mentality that would classify
squirrels as pests just because they ask you for food. I'm thru; your
comments don't deserve to be dignified by any more of my posts.

Author shootemfulloholes (1 year)

Author PrinceMustDie666 (2 years)
I just bought me a 1322, i was afraid you'd be right about the 1377
outperforming but how do you mean? Have you chronographed them both? At
what range do you think is the longest pracitcal shot with either caliber?

Author shootemfulloholes (10 months)
most of my pellets get caught on the little screw hole that screws the
breech down to the main tube if you polish it all the sharp edges then you
should have a much smoother loading gun!!

Author powrscrol1 (1 year)
No, I'm not a squirrel; I'm a man & prefer mano a mano -- against man, not
helpless animals. You might wanna hold yours.

Author scandi navus (10 months)
Hi! what is the best accurate pellet for this gun? thanks

Author VivaLaBamUrDead (1 year)
haha I can already tell that I'll be hooked! and thanks for the
recommendation, I will most definitely check them out =D

Author shootemfulloholes (1 year)
Too bad you are not a squirrel!!!! if you were u would get shot holding
your nuts!!!

Author scandi navus (10 months)
Thank you for the advice, As I was writing my first question to you I had
already ordered the Ultra magnum, they arrived on friday. First thing I
tested was the power, and wow, how powerful they are, they pierce through
the crosman pellet can at 15 yards, 15 pumps, while 7.9 grains pierce only
one side of the can. They are accurate compared to others I listed. Thank

Author powrscrol1 (1 year)
Too bad the squirrels can't be armed.

Author g0tink87 (1 year)
Ok thanks for the info.

Author shootemfulloholes (2 years)
when it comes to the chrono that is a whole different ball game, for
example 1322 accurate with a light pellet, 1377 accurate with a heavy
pellet both may have similar fps hence both will perform similar, in my
1377 with mellonair barrel which is 12 inches long using 10.5 grain crosman
premier ultra heavy magnum pellets it is super accurate and at 20 yards it
goes through the tin cans the 22 only leaves a big dent, for me penetration
is key out to further distances. more mods on 22 = a beast

Author scandi navus (10 months)
But this ultra magnum has a very irritating drawback - I can't load it
normally, it catches on the barrel almost every time i load it, I have to
use force to push it into the chamber. The other crosman pellets catch on
too, but not as badly as ultra magnum does. Logically, ultra magnum is
supposed to load more smoothly with its domed tip while hollow point has a
flat tip, yet hollow point load more smoothly. I don't understand... Do you
have this problem?

Author shootemfulloholes (1 year)
Hey, you should but i must warn you they get addictive. once you realize
how simple it all is and how it works then you can't help but tweak it!! go
to Mellonair for all your stuff the guy is top notch in delivery of quality
stuff. have fun.

Author shootemfulloholes (2 years)
sorry took so long, well the 1322 or the 1377 perform well but i do think
the 1377 may be more accurate at longer distances due to its higher fps and
flatter shooting capabilities( i have two barrels one in 22 other in 177
the 177 is more accurate and did better than 22 only because all the
pellets i tried in 22 were all over.), i try not to take shots further than
30 yards with a scope. the 2240 in my opinion is way better in 177 because
the co2 does not make enough fps for 22 in my opinion.

Author shootemfulloholes (10 months)
which gun to precise?

Author shootemfulloholes (1 year)
O THANK YOU LORD! obviously u are not at all sane, in the first place
squirrels can't ask u for anything their English speaking skills are not
good but they seem to be able to talk to u in a secret language called
DIPSHIT!, if they look hungry its because of people like u that feed them
ur nuts so after time they have forgotten how to find their own nuts and
now only want ur hairy nuts!!. secondly nobody asked u to post anything,

Author powrscrol1 (1 year)
People like you make me nuts. When squirrels come up to me, I feed 'em; I
don't shoot 'em. Killing animals out of irritation shows a lack of respect
for God's creatures.

Author shootemfulloholes (10 months)
well part of the problem is that the crosman pellets are a type of
lead-alloy so they are a little harder than normal lead. My QB78 suffers
horribly from that problem, another pellet which i forgot to mention is the
gamo diabolo match, it is a flat headed pellet which was very accurate in
my gun but it may not feed very well also(neverknow till you try!!) u could
take the barrel off and with a rotor tool polish the mouth of the barrel
try to figure out exactly where it catches before u start!!!

Author shootemfulloholes (1 year)
AHH CRAP!! my friends and i have a bet going, that u are not going to post
one more time, i win $100 IF U DO!!, so don't let me down MORON!! (just one
more post for the love of squirrels!!!)

Author TheJohnnyairgun (1 year)
1377 are the shiznit. 5 pumps and you'll one hole group everytime at 15yds.
I still need to try out the 2240 though. Check out my babies when you get a

Author shootemfulloholes (1 year)
hahahahahahahahahaha, i needed a good laugh, ok ur my hero, big bad
defender of squirrels. ( please tell another joke you are very amusing!!!)
i think all this talk of nuts is making you nuts!!!!!

Author mememojo (1 year)
aw pet the scrolls dont kill them

Author shootemfulloholes (1 year)
hi, The name of the web site is Mellonair also try Airgunartisans they sell
custom stuff too!!

Author shootemfulloholes (1 year)
when you feed them, do you feed them your nuts!!! excuse u citizen MORON,
what i shoot i eat its called hunting and i go out into the woods to hunt i
don't shoot squirrels that have been fed nuts from some psychotic bible
thumping idiot and i don't advocate that as hunting, but any person has the
right to shoot a squirrel that is being a pest because that is what they
are classified as, a PEST, U need to go and seek help its people like u
that think human lives are on the hunting list, i pray 4U

Author shootemfulloholes (10 months)
ok i'm assuming that your tests are done out to 20 yards, i hate
fliersclean your barrel about after 100 pellets till you find the right one
sometimes flyers are from it being dirty. i highly recommend the crosman
premier ultra magnum they are i think 10.5 grains, they are heavy but have
been very accurate for my RWS and my Crossman 1377 with its original
barrel, after that i recommend predator polymags thats all i have for you
sometimes it takes many different types till you find the right one

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