Stick War - Insane Mode - Level 12 "Last Stand"

Walkthrough For Stick War level 12 on insane mode. Play the game at

Check out the Stick War 2 trailer here:

You can now sign up for Multiplayer Stick Empires at

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Added: 5 years
Runtime: 9:58
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Uploaded by: Jason Whitham
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Author phạm thế hòa (13 days)
m chôi den t7 thua vãi k qua nổi. thím nay 12 nữa....thôi ngủ k chơi nữa.
nan rồi

Author jason cedrick vencio (4 months)
You were crazyjay right?

Author alphonse brown (3 months)
lol end look like "attack on titan"

Author Railking2631 (3 months)
Nice Win :)

Author caspie (4 months)
yo e llegado a ahy como 4 veces y siempre mando a mis tropas a retirarse y
juntos los destruimos jeje

Author Chelsey Manimbo (10 months)

Author alican döngü (10 months)

Author catbert7 (8 months)
This last level was really tough without upgraded swordwrath :o Had to use
a spearton right away and deal with lower econ.

Author Adil Cimen (8 months)
I hge finish this game 6

Author Cryo Wolf (2 years)
Yes they do but they cost nothing unlike the swordwraths. With 20 units max
i noticed that magikill only spawn if it doesnt go over 22. So, that seems
to be the limit.

Author CrazeBeInsane (2 years)
So magic kill get u far huh

Author Puffy Scruffy (1 year)
They deal the same damage.

Author Sharon Swart (1 year)
i play both sequals

Author seantheawesome009 (2 years)
I've beaten this game about 9 times legit and 5 times on arcadeprehacks ,
still one of the best stick figure games ever! :D

Author artictyphoon (2 years)
can anyone tell me how many miners and giants i need for the boss?

Author davi eduardo (1 year)

Author chrek touma (2 years)

Author Realtime (1 year)
this is the maker of this game -.-

Author raf olme (2 years)
ds rxdrctycftvyvgy bhb gu i ugv yg vyfv yfvg jh bjh h bkhvj clj ....can you
shuffle the words and letters in a (different places of letters in words)

Author Elvis Phung (2 years)
When are you finished stick wars 2??? D:

Author Dann Canada (1 year)
Hey crazyjay how du you have the idea of stick war

Author topdragon087 (2 years)

Author BiohazardCrow (2 years)
@garyhmzhang I use miner, Spam Swordwarth, 2 archidon and 2 o 3 magikills
to pass most of the levels.

Author Bopitfilms (1 year)

Author MinefilmsJustin (1 year)
I wish stick war 2 was like this

Author Mental Student (2 years)
Pause at 0:55 Open up this
Mute this video. Enjoy.

Author KarstenOkk (2 years)
There's a big flaw in this final battle, where if you place a magikill with
2 upgrades in minions behind the giant (so near the enemies base), he'll
keep on spawning minions, and the giant is unable to press forward.
Meanwhile your miners collect tons of gold and you can send speartons and
archers to take him out.

Author Anus Pounder (1 year)

Author Luis Arias (2 years)
i use (5 miners) 10 archers 2 wizard 1 giant and 3 spartans for the atacak
and i win hahahah (miner,archer and spartan full lvl and statue money full)

Author xndrashleyxs (2 years)
XD im playing on prehackshub.con

Author Irfan Azamin (2 years)

Author EmmaHoffen (1 year)
if its me,....i need abt 2 dayz 2 finish

Author Jose Martínez Alonso (11 months)
nice game

Author Peter St (1 year)
@Isaiah W Dont mess Jason Witham hes one of the creators you bastard

Author Frosty14748 (2 years)
@TheMightyGoldfish0 We all know that's not true.

Author Blackbeard Da king (2 years)
Im not gay Good day sir

Author SpaceBeyondDark (1 year)
I've beaten the game on it's peak difficulty and,well,waiting for Stick
Empires,hell yes,and nice play

Author Danijel Cicak (1 year)

Author srepic18 (2 years)

Author ratakiller99 (1 year)
yeah right!

Author Harriet Smith (1 year)
i have been on stick war for 3 years and i have COMPLETED INSANE

Author waltham131 (1 year)
Wrll duh jason is crazy jay

Author Joshua Lyu (1 year)
I can barely make out what you're trying to say. Did you ever hear of the
word: Grammar?

Author moonguy456 (1 year)
The ending is so cute,probably because of the music :D

Author FrogsKingdom (1 year)
Really he is, wow it only SAID THAT IN THE TITLE

Author EmmaHoffen (1 year)
wow u sure is pro by plyin d whole game in 64 recoerd

Author Ryan Chandler (1 year)
i beat this game faster than this guy did 54 min and 41 sec

Author TheViolator76 (2 years)
5:11 - no more miners to help ya. I was really crazy when in this level. I
put 4 miners, 1 archer and 3 warriors on the battle. with the warriors, I
attacked the enemy's monument and defeat it. so, the boss... my archer
start shoting arrows, two of my warriors died, and I keep attacking till
kill him. really hard...

Author ratakiller99 (1 year)

Author Kayton Yan (2 years)
how did you pass the level capacity? And I love the part where the giant
stayue is a real giant... i was really surprised when this happened to me.
I was trolling around thinking i had won...

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