Let's Play: The Sims 3 Generations - (Part 23) - Welcome Back Penelope!

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The Sims Gameplay: In this part Penelope comes back, and we sign up for after school classes.

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Author fall lada (5 months)
31:49 whats wrong with that hair due? that's my hair do

Author Christie Tang (1 month)
"All Righty" Says LifeSimmer

Author Averee Lakin (3 months)
What is the difference between generations and regular sims?

Author Lily Evans (2 months)
you don't have dunkin in england

Author ihas panquakes (2 months)
In Hawaii we don't have any dunkin donuts, so us locals have no idea what
that is. :(

Author lollastarbratz (4 months)
Where did you get or what expansion or stuff pack did Luna's bed come from?

Author Hazel Cutting (3 months)
She looks just like Penelope from the movie!

Author Bus127 (1 month)
I like the chocolate cookie crumble frap

Author Emily Enright (6 months)
hey lifesimmer Penelope can help fight Tori now!

Author LoveSimming (1 month)
Where is Penelope's hair from, also the eyeliner?

Author rainbow zebra (8 hours)

Author KittyPuffForever! (1 day)

Author ToxicCupcakesAJ (4 days)
actually, you'll really see all of Pen's outfits, since she's insane :)
rewatching this LP! :D

Author ihas panquakes (2 months)
How did you get the ballet bar? 

Author marquita Wilson (14 days)
Is that Kyle from anon

Author D'Yana Jackson (18 days)
Art school

Author Karie Urban (23 days)
We don't have a Dunkin Doughnuts in Washington state.. .-. We have
starbucks & dutch bros! 

Author Ana Stekovic (23 days)
When Lifesimmer was changing Penelopes apperiance she said: "Look, she
looks a lot like Penelope."
And I was just like: " yeah, Penelope looks like Penelope..."

Author Summer Taher (3 months)
my sim had triplets! i know this is kind of off topic but if you want your
Sims to have twins or triplets do this:

1: watch a lot (and i mean a LOT) of kids television,
2: listen to a LOT of kids music,
3: if you can, get the fertility treatment for BOTH sims because it will
increase your chances,
WARNING! they are incredibly hard to take care of and your sim will barely
have enough time to take care of their needs BUT LET ME TELL U IT IS WORTH

Author Jemima Norton (2 months)
Take the whole family to France

Author Sophie Mcnally (5 months)
Penelope is like Tori but this time luna likes her XD

Author Natalie Drown (6 months)
I am just like you (In a way) I like to talk ALOT before i get to game play

Author Lucy Barber (2 months)

Author Emily De La Cruz (2 months)
To me Penelope looks like zoey Deutch.

Author Cheyenne Schaffer (6 months)
For Some reason I Wish You Guys Went To Japan. T_T lol

Author Hanielle Florish (7 months)
What you play minecraft! OMG

Author Sim Lover (3 months)
+LifeSimmer thit lucky palms com with generations?

Author Tayla (1 month)
I know this is late but where is Pen's everyday wear shirt from?

Author Emily Lussier (7 days)
Can you like... ok before I say NO OFFENCE! ok so you need to stop talking
about your personal life and just PLAY THE LP!!

Author Paige Curran (4 months)
18:36 when she said she looks a lot like Penelope :) to me that made no
sense :)

Author Cecelia Ann (8 months)
How do you get all of that cool baby stuff? I'm not sure how to access the
sims store.... 

Author Miea Maes (5 months)
I live LifeSimmer she's awesome so stop being so mean!

Author Sierra Aiken (8 months)
Which sister is better? Luna or Penelope? I love Luna, but I do still
really like Penelope, but I'd go with Luna, because she's kind or more
girly-ish, and she likes flowers, she isn't all dark like Penelope, stuff
like that.

Author annabell mckendree (8 days)
after tori and luna fight u should make them freinds and you need to get
penople a prom date she is about to be a teen plzz do it i wanna see her at

Author QUIRKY QUXXN (1 month)
go to france

Author sk8ter2325 (8 months)
I wanna get the hair for my sim teen but Idk where

Author Vampdiariesandpll (22 days)
Please somebody help! My Origin won't go online no matter how many times I
press the go online button. My PC is connected 

Author Talia sheldon (6 months)
i guess she is sort of a punk girl more than a popular girly girl 

Author ssonnier75 (5 months)
does anyone know how to have triplets

Author SpookyRemotes (7 months)
Do you need to pay for most custom content?

Author Amber Felton (3 months)
The reason Penelope and Luna look alike is because all siblings (of the
same gender) on the sims 3 end up with exactly the same face, even if they
have different coloured hair, eyes etc. It's the same way that in create a
household, if you use the 'play with genetics' option all of them have the
same face but other features are different.

Author Courtney Armstrong (5 months)
Frapuchinos are soooo nice. I love caramel creams although it is a bit
sickly, too much cream

Author Jayna Shore (7 months)
Take the hole family to France

Author Cailyn Fuentes (2 months)
Yeah Penelope is back!

Author I can't Tell you (7 months)
Eww I hateee minecraft! It's so uncreative and boringgg.

Author jessica fjermestad (4 months)
make a disney land and send theam their.

Author Violet Spark (8 months)
We don't even have Starbucks in Australia

Author Amelia Clayton (1 month)
In England the most popular coffee houses are Starbucks and costa

Author OtherJewette (4 months)
I hate the way you like to act black

Author Sammie Smith (1 month)

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