Let's Play: The Sims 3 Generations - (Part 23) - Welcome Back Penelope!

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The Sims Gameplay: In this part Penelope comes back, and we sign up for after school classes.

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Author Jessie Humasti (3 months)
penelope is the prettiest one in the house, and I totally understand why
LifeSimmer chose Penelope as the starter sim of the Generation 2 LP.

Author vanessa marie (1 month)
In Canada most of the people go to Tim Hortons for donuts and coffee. It's
like the Go-to donut place lol but I live dunkin donuts to

Author TheMinnieGirly (1 month)
i think the best parts of this lp is lunas and penolopes teen years. :)

Author Ariel Lacro (19 days)
How many days will a child sim stay in the boarding school?

Author Hannah Abels (3 months)
Am I the only one who noticed they had a little balcony type thing?

Author Jada Scott (3 months)
Penelope is gorgeous.... And you life simmer are one of the best
mich-macher with clothes in sims I had every seen

Author Louise Sings (3 months)
The house they're currently living in -
Did Jen (LifeSimmer) build it herself, is it on the exchange or did it come
with Lucky Palms? Answer please, thanks! 😏.

Author amanda bianchi (1 month)
in America? am pretty sure that almost everyone that is watching this is

Author Bus127 (4 months)
I like the chocolate cookie crumble frap

Author ihas panquakes (6 months)
In Hawaii we don't have any dunkin donuts, so us locals have no idea what
that is. :(

Author Karie Urban (4 months)
We don't have a Dunkin Doughnuts in Washington state.. .-. We have
starbucks & dutch bros! 

Author kelsey slay (2 months)
omg like really make luna be more pretty so she can find a mate her room is
pink and i think penelope is more prettier but darker than luna but luna is
like this really weird teenager that nobody really likes please change her
clothes and hair cause i am so confused with this sims lp thx for making
this but please change lunas hair and clothes cause im so confused by far
this is my most hated video that you have ever maid so far 

Author freedomAMG (3 months)

Author The Emerald Miner (3 months)
Ur american I thofught u english lot

Author Christie Tang (5 months)
"All Righty" Says LifeSimmer

Author Caro NM (2 months)
What pack made it possible to go to artschool?

Author DreamingMagic 200 (6 months)
you don't have dunkin in england

Author Alyssa Swift (3 months)
Joesph sort of looks like Don Lathorno fromThe Sims 2

Author catherine khorrami (3 months)
Me being Canadien I think tim Hortons coffee is way better the dunkins

Author Carrington Daniels (7 days)
9:54 omg yasssssss Starbucks is bae

Author Charlotte luv's ya 〈3 (3 months)

Author taylorsreborn1 (3 months)
Penelope looks Like Bella from twilight

Author Starla Pinks (19 days)
Starbucks is bae .__.

Author mark orchard (3 months)
Where is the sketchbook from?

Author jennifer greene (3 months)
Lifesimmer I really love you videos
Iam signing up for sims 3
And before I sign up and do all
That signing up and want to
Know if you have to pay

Author Yulisa Depeña (3 months)
Why would you get arrested for going to the school sighing up for drama

Author Catherine H (20 days)
In Louisiana theres only Starbucks 

Author Yahira Guevara (4 months)
I can't wait to see Penelope come home

Author maria cr (22 days)
Yes you were talking a lot! But it is ok and people shouldn't be
should take care ok jai more. Can he actually die

Author Rebecca Francois (21 day)
Omg I really want Penelope's outfit and her hairstyle

Author Cassee Terman (3 months)
She looks like the girl with the white hair in hemlock grove. 

Author phoebe pheebs (26 days)

Author Tatiyana Jones (3 months)
Penelope looks like the girl off of the Twilight Saga Bella & Edwards
Daughter. :D 

Author Lucinda Fuller (4 months)
where did penolipies clothes come from

Author Julia Verhoef (1 month)
In Holland we have starbucks but I think that is the only one.

Author Desteny Smith (27 days)
I'm sorry (late comment) but I was just thinking that you should make
penelope become best friends with tori +LifeSimmer 

Author Vampdiariesandpll (4 months)
Please somebody help! My Origin won't go online no matter how many times I
press the go online button. My PC is connected 

Author thepandaroo4 (26 days)
Where did u get all of the hairstyles for Luna, Penelope and tori??

Author Gir Invader Zim (1 month)
what is Luna Henderson's hair called and where can I get it? :D someone pls

Author annabell mckendree (4 months)
after tori and luna fight u should make them freinds and you need to get
penople a prom date she is about to be a teen plzz do it i wanna see her at

Author DiamondSimmer 2004 (4 months)
do you get an imaginary friend each time you have a child or do you only
get it sometimes?

Author Stephanie Lenart (1 month)
Thx for spamming the videos.

Author FairyDust MC (1 month)
Once I heard minecraft I was like :D maybe bigger

Author Blackblaze Shadowclan cx (1 month)
oh my gosh, ppl who gets mad at Lifesimmer, stop! Ok?! Its HER channel not
yours. so stop deciding what she is gonna have on it!
And Lifesimmer: I LOVE Penelope's new room!

Author josephmatuda (1 month)
I live in australia sydney curse me

Author milly mchugh (1 month)

Author furbua (1 month)
@Life Simmer Tim Horton's is another awesome coffee shop.

Author Mikayla Metzger (1 month)
Where did you get the ballerina bar. Does it come with a stuff pack or is
it CC?

Author Liam Mason (5 months)
i dont hav any coffee houses where i live so i hav a coffee machine at my

Author Carlie Payne (1 month)
I actually take Art Club in real life!!!

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