Let's Play: The Sims 3 Generations - (Part 23) - Welcome Back Penelope!

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The Sims Gameplay: In this part Penelope comes back, and we sign up for after school classes.

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Author Jessie Humasti (5 months)
penelope is the prettiest one in the house, and I totally understand why
LifeSimmer chose Penelope as the starter sim of the Generation 2 LP.

Author vanessa marie (4 months)
In Canada most of the people go to Tim Hortons for donuts and coffee. It's
like the Go-to donut place lol but I live dunkin donuts to

Author Jenny TINSLEY (2 days)
I know I'm late watching this game play. but I enjoy it. I was referred to
you by *starlightsims* who I also love.. and I love the other game play
choices you enjoy. the walking dead is awesome and I was a huge fan of left
for dead also. it would be cool to know if you play live on Xbox.

Author Jada Scott (5 months)
Penelope is gorgeous.... And you life simmer are one of the best
mich-macher with clothes in sims I had every seen

Author Christie Tang (7 months)
"All Righty" Says LifeSimmer

Author PixiePowerTV (3 days)
You should have make a liquid horror potion, and gave it to Tori, then
fought her

Author AppleSauce (11 days)
I'm surprised, LifeSimmer doesn't have much CC makeup. I have a bit more
than her lol...

Author TheMinnieGirly (4 months)
i think the best parts of this lp is lunas and penolopes teen years. :)

Author Maddison Cann (10 days)
Where does penelope's hair come from? It's so gorgeous!

Author Amelia Clayton (7 months)
In England the most popular coffee houses are Starbucks and costa

Author Central7 Creature (1 day)
It was freaky last ep, when snuggles was real

Author Tarni Johnston (7 days)
I love all of her videos I just wish I could buy the sims 3

Author Kastlecrafter (1 month)
OMG i love the pumpkin-spice latte

Author Annabella Cooper (20 days)
There are Starbucks in England and let me tell you, it tastes soooo good

Author catherine khorrami (5 months)
Me being Canadien I think tim Hortons coffee is way better the dunkins

Author Bus127 (7 months)
I like the chocolate cookie crumble frap

Author Charlie Sesh (2 months)
I cant believe it in this episode penelope was a child now she is an elder

Author Jessica Abarca (2 days)
Yay Penelope :)

Author Allenah Benton (13 days)
Place a resort and then go to pool

Author Brittany Terry (19 days)
I liked Penelope's hair short I thought it looked good on her

Author Gavin Hardie (26 days)
i think they should go to spain

Author meghan buchanan (1 month)
OMG! I SAW MYSELF WHEN YOU SAID "For the longest time I only played The
Sims and Nancy Drew!" THATS MY LIFE RIGHT THERE GUYS!!!!

Author autumn borer (19 days)
Create Lee an clemantine as sims

Author Taylor Dickenson (2 months)
Where can I get Penelopes hair?

Author Da Big Marilyn Manson Fan (1 month)
There is Starbuxks in England too. (Yes I am British, no I don't like tea
and crumpets.)

Author Adele Chalmers (1 month)
hey life simmer u rock so much and for a vaccation as u say why dont you
send them to another country xx 

Author Louise Sings (5 months)
The house they're currently living in -
Did Jen (LifeSimmer) build it herself, is it on the exchange or did it come
with Lucky Palms? Answer please, thanks! 😏.

Author Millie Fahl (1 month)
I think Penelope is BEAUTIFUL and looks like her Dad

Author Brittany Bentley (2 months)
Have them go to Paris!!!! :D

Author Erin Fischer (1 month)
how do you make everything fade except the screen like at 4:18 , thank you!

Author Bulan Hamidah (2 months)
l love penelope,luna and justine hairs
they're hair are very very beutifful

Author Da Big Marilyn Manson Fan (1 month)

Author Lucinda Fuller (6 months)
where did penolipies clothes come from

Author Morgan Bunch (1 month)

Author liberty schaefbauer (1 month)

Author Desteny Smith (3 months)
I'm sorry (late comment) but I was just thinking that you should make
penelope become best friends with tori +LifeSimmer 

Author TheLPSfangirl (2 months)
Urggh! I love justines formal! :) sell it to meeeee

Author Kayla Naufal (2 months)
You should use a cheat to get more money

Author natalie cook (1 month)
I have a Starbucks to and it so good

Author Ariel Lacro (2 months)
How many days will a child sim stay in the boarding school?

Author Julia Verhoef (3 months)
In Holland we have starbucks but I think that is the only one.

Author Bulan Hamidah (2 months)
black and white yo
i like your instings
black and white are cool

Author Carrington Daniels (2 months)
9:54 omg yasssssss Starbucks is bae

Author The Emerald Pug (5 months)
Ur american I thofught u english lot

Author Blackblaze Shadowclan cx (3 months)
oh my gosh, ppl who gets mad at Lifesimmer, stop! Ok?! Its HER channel not
yours. so stop deciding what she is gonna have on it!
And Lifesimmer: I LOVE Penelope's new room!

Author maria cr (2 months)
Yes you were talking a lot! But it is ok and people shouldn't be
should take care ok jai more. Can he actually die

Author Gir Invader Zim (3 months)
what is Luna Henderson's hair called and where can I get it? :D someone pls

Author Lois Barbour (1 month)
I love your videos

Author thepandaroo4 (3 months)
Where did u get all of the hairstyles for Luna, Penelope and tori??

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