Chucky Scare!!!

LOL!! This guy looks like jack black!!

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Author Eric O Cavaleiro (4 years)

Author Isobel Kelly (4 years)
This makes me want to buy a realistic Chucky doll and sit it on the bed of
my sister's bedroom xD She'd run out screaming!

Author daddyslittlegurll (4 years)

Author brian martin (2 years)

Author MyTechnogamer (3 years)
LMFO >0< hahahaha

Author Karla Aldrete (4 years)
oh my god!! his eyes,,,, lol

Author flipdog1022 (2 years)
that woman laughing is hilarious--especially in slo-mo! thanks!

Author RuinSeason (3 years)
@SuperiorSwagon1 he does a little why u hatin?

Author Nilva Sena (2 years)
i dont lik

Author wolf emeraldblood (2 years)

Author MrArmageddon305 (2 years)

Author milestailspower1 (4 years)
he does look like jack black

Author MissImperfection100 (3 years)
haha the dog

Author NewEdge04GT (2 years)
sickest guy. He was a good sport!

Author TheSymphony100 (2 years)
I think that crap that's playing in the background on the T.V. is scarier
than Chucky could ever be.

Author Eric Stevens (3 years)
@RuinSeason CUZ idk but it wass funny.

Author Dean Kelly (2 years)
What the f*%#

Author KrissyTjProductions (2 years)
the music makes it sccary!!! if iwake up 2 that on me with the music i'll
pee my pants!

Author missmia223 (3 years)

Author mrsright103 (2 years)
tht waz very lame

Author John Rambo (3 years)
Heart attack waiting to happen to him and me from laughing. Cheers!!!!

Author sharkboi758 (3 years)
@FredTheChipette he woke up because the dog jumped on him. and who cares if
its not real, its funny as hell :D

Author 12cry1 (3 years)
@CloudFlowers haha i put one in my bathroom and i told my older brother 2
go put something in there and 5 seconds later he ran down my stairs me and
my mom started laughing

Author Joey Fortenbery (4 years)

Author Efrain Prado (2 years)
That was lame

Author 8gauge (1 year)

Author makemehappy391 (2 years)
w.t.f...waz he going to go chuck norries or wat

Author ThoughtDifference (2 years)
That wasn't even Chucky, that was Fucky!

Author Eric Stevens (3 years)
He does NOT look like Jack Black....he's way fatter and...well just looks
nothing like him.

Author PantericA13 (2 years)

Author Isobel Kelly (3 years)
@12cry1 Lol that's brilliant

Author freacls (4 years)
@CloudFlowers lol best prank i pulled is placeing Chucky outside my
neighbours patio door the patio leads into lounge and light was on and
Chucky stood their with a knife she totaly freaked so did her mom brother
and step dad lol

Author Ray Pooper (2 years)
Is that Gary from Teen Mom?

Author TehChibiHatter (4 years)
PRICELESS! And you're right! He does look like Jack Black! ^^

Author puppyrainbow25 (2 years)

Author Danny Moreno (4 years)
He was trying to do a karate chop

Author EA2153 (4 years)
LOL Pwned!

Author Jose Valladolid (2 years)
that was good.

Author TheLossanangel (2 years)
not chuky

Author FredTheChipette (3 years)
1: staged cuz he woke up right as u got the doll by his face and 2: thats
not even a real chucky doll (lol-"we gotta put that on youtube")

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