The Tallest Man on Earth - The Sparrow and the Medicine

The Tallest Man on Earth
The Sparrow and the Medicine
Shallow Grave

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Author psychedelnick1 (3 years)
@smithersonface and you suck dick, good lick.

Author Noyce Antgoose (2 years)
Shh.. Just enjoy the pretty music.

Author mrfifty6 (4 years)
lol 1st comment but this is a great song

Author Mikenoodz (2 years)

Author James Wolff (2 years)
@psychedelnick1 or cause lady gaga's record label spends hundreds of
millions of dollars on her songs and their promotion, and these artists
have very little money. that probably has something to do with it.

Author ThelastJohnSilver (2 years)
Why isn't he playing these great song these days? Over the hills, The
Sparrow and the Medicine and walk the line? Why are they completely
discarded?!! Thats what I would ask him cause I did not know they existed
when he performed them...

Author manda fitzsimons (1 year)
i love this song more than i love blueberry muffins

Author psychedelnick1 (3 years)

Author Ben Broughton (1 year)
because it was just listed and it is in less coca cola commercials

Author Artemis (9 months)
this is some good music. Excuse me while I'll just forget the world for a
little while.

Author checkeraka47 (2 years)
Gotta do a little diggin if your lookin for gold.

Author Shawskee (1 year)
My fingers hurt just listening to this song.

Author IAMthatONEnoob (2 years)
@checkeraka47 yeah you didnt copy that at all

Author isaac barrow (2 years)
just got into this guy, love him!

Author George Lynch (1 year)
JB has nothing to do with it. It's the media.

Author wkodom (3 years)
@psychedelnick1 It woulnd't be a gem if you didn't have to do a little

Author Burniing901 (2 years)
Holy shit.... I am in love with his music! :'D

Author Ludd3332 (3 years)
@psychedelnick1 Follow the money friend, you'll see...

Author Gazonkie (2 years)
i love this man. no homo

Author originalsin7777 (2 years)
fuck damn I love this song

Author warren nerraw (1 year)
i wish i can thumbs up your comment thousand times bro, i'm so agree with

Author peacockman00 (2 years)
@psychedelnick1 do you really want people doing to these guys what they do
to lady gaga? it better that few people know about this.

Author G Aubertin (1 year)
Consider it a good thing that we don't have to share out secrets.

Author George Lynch (1 year)
what secrets?

Author subvice soundspasm (1 year)
lady gaga has massive marketing teams and a huge promotion budget

Author Purplefruitfly (4 years)
I love The Tallest Man on Earth. Wonderful

Author smithersonface (3 years)
@psychedelnick1 you suck at life. good luck

Author psychedelnick1 (4 years)
Just wondering, but, can anyone tell me why this only has 4,000+ views and
lady gaga has like ten million bajillion???? Real music seems to be dead
because you have to dig it up to listen to it.

Author patrick10001 (2 years)
@psychedelnick1 because music like this ain't that popular.

Author satanblasterblaster (3 years)
@psychedelnick1 i couldnt have said it any better

Author baydostyles (3 years)
totally agree with u psychedelnick1

Author checkeraka47 (2 years)
@IAMthatONEnoob it was more of a reply, dumbass

Author Tallmanonea (1 year)
/watch?v=dV2oEvEdAK8 My self-made Music video The Dreamer from The Tallest
Man on Earth. Please check, thanks! (:

Author kunanakuna (1 year)
justin bieber has corrupted young people minds. I wish they heard this song
or listen to the tallest man on earth

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