Home Made Modaks (Ganpati Special - Home-Made) By Archana

A special treat for you this Ganpati! Making Modaks is no longer a daunting task. Watch this video for a step by step explanation on how to make Modaks in your home to welcome Ganpati this year!

2 cups grated coconut
1 cup jaggery
1 cup rice flour
1/2 spoon elaichi powder
1 spoon ghee
Salt according to taste
1 cup water

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Author Kranti Aditya Upasani (4 months)
wow nice recipe archanaji

Author Trupti M (27 days)
we are waiting for some new \& easy receipe

Author Hasmukh Gandhi (1 month)
Archanatai pl. teach us how to make churma ladoo.Thx.

Author CarphunterAnge (1 year)
Dein Ernst ? oO

Author Rashmi T (7 months)
why "modak" breaks at the time of boiling. how to take care for it??

Author Binta Patel (6 months)
hi mala masvadi or patwadi chi recipe pahije aahe please mala khup aavdte
pan kadhi banavli nahi.

Author Gautam Karekar (8 months)
amhi govyat haldichi panuh ghalto khali.. mast vas yeto.. pan asle prakar
ami chturthit na karta shravanat adity puja aste tevha,nagapanchamila
haritalikela karto.. govyat karanjya chaturthit...daliche puran bhrlele
tallele modak ani idli(sanna ) chaturthit keli jatat

Author Geeta Sarathy (6 months)
I want to join fr classes mine mail id:

Author Geeta Sarathy (7 months)
Hi...dear i tried ur recipe..but..i cldnt properly make the shape of modak
the same whch u made it started to break while shaping the same. Pls tell
me whr i went wrng Can u take classes for me..wherever u r i come thr..pls
i wnt to learn more from u..pls

Author CryptST (1 year)
We have all the reason to be rude, she pays youtube to put her videos on
the homepage shown to a lot of countries. If she's going to advertise her
shit in other countries, why speak indian?

Author Hems Limbajee (7 months)
very good cooking and simple i like lots

Author Beast252 (1 year)
idi na xoui

Author India Food Network (7 months)
Archana runs her classes in mumbai, if you want we can put you in touch
with her. Leave your email id

Author Himshweta Dubey (10 months)
I love Archana's Rasoi :)

Author Binta Patel (7 months)
mi first time modak banavle khup chan banle mi maharastratach mothi zali
ani ganpati maza aavdta utsav thank you for recipe

Author Shweta Iri (11 months)
Can dry coconut also be used in this recipe archana ji? Please reply!

Author kojimy (1 year)
me too but i don't care i just want to see how she cook the food

Author kuwait350z (1 year)
what is this ?? why am here ?? whats she saying?? am out

Author ssrchi2008 (7 months)
Amazing, I can't understand Marathi much but just observed how you formed
the cup shape. Simply Beautiful. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.

Author ابو عزه (1 year)
اكا دون قورو قرو ازمي اري هي ارشنا دون بروقرررام ايك كور بيشرا مجبو ر ايك
هههه وصفه فلفل بدقيق

Author FonTerS apicw (1 year)
mierda es lo tragas, Que perra ::: Aprende a respetar =) :::::

Author Shivam Arte (1 year)
u can use white butter or oil....choice is ours

Author GamingInRomania (1 year)
Ok.ok..but why it's on my homepage?I can't get it X(.

Author Foolyfish (1 year)
Noe av det samme som deg tipper jeg xD

Author Rahul Kapoor (7 months)
music is very good

execellent.... very useful..

Author Thorbjørn Fenger Nielsen (1 year)

Author 1315171910 (1 year)
ممكن ترجمة المقادير والطريقة

Author fresiogamboa31 (1 year)
Modak pati pati sanjay gupta slumdog millionare JUST PRESS!

Author Nitinchandra Suley (1 year)
I would like to request to have recipe of Methi Ladoo and Dink Ladoo with
Jaggery Syrup for Winter Season and recipe of kaju Katli . ... would like
to appreciate the Modak Recipe , It was Really Good and Am watching your TV
Shows regularly . Also would like to ask in Modak Recipe which flour to use
like ambemohar rice or basmati rice flour to make rice flour at home
...could you guide for the same .

Author Foolyfish (1 year)
THis was sugested to my by Youtube... Im norwegian

Author Prajkta Vyvhare (7 months)
Wow Khup sop aahe he tar....! Thanks a looooooooooooooooooot :)

Author archana kamat (7 months)
Too good... Thanks Kaki

Author Nitinchandra Suley (1 year)
tumhi rice flour konate ghatle aaha basmati flour or ambemohar rice flour
te kase karane please tail me.yours modak very very good i like yours alka

Author Difius (1 year)
Ehhhh.... Where?

Author Shivam Arte (1 year)
ho ahai.ani te tandaleche peet hote

Author sami sama (1 year)
all i hear is pati pati gonbati angati hati :D

Author Rahul Kapoor (7 months)
Archana tai...u r magical

Author Nietsro (1 year)
Same here..

Author Kshama Parate (9 months)
Yes, you could..

Author sandeep mistry (7 months)

Author ramya jee (7 months)

Author SponzifyMee (1 year)
Damnit, I don't speak apu..

Author MsAnushree17 (7 months)
Thank you soo much Archana tai ,this time I was the navi nauri and your
recipe helped me to make successful family members loved it and
also appreciated it..

Author Saleh Magrabi (1 year)
borlem boly nahi banghai toniha mato shangi tori mary kandibohsi.....

Author SuperPdc20 (6 months)
You are very nice archana tai. It's like watching a mother giving
instructions with detail. Me pun asich Sikhli ho :)

Author UberPenguin (1 year)
i dont wanna eat something that looks like garlic

Author Nietsro (1 year)
Indeed ;)

Author Maharashtrian Tadaka (7 months)
Hi, Archana tai, jevha pithala crack jate tevha tyache kay karan asate?ani
as zalyas tyavar kay karav ?

Author Nietsro (1 year)
Hva har du sett på i det siste? hehe :P

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