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Author MrAlcazar (3 days)
WOW I was floored by that performance. She was a truly talented musician.
Don't do crack people. Seriously just don't.

Author Olayiwola Emily (8 days)
O a vala ha elt legjobb noi enekes a vilagon! 

Author THEMASTER20002000 (8 days)
the best ever

Author David Darden (14 days)
I remember watching her sing this..the best ever in my

Author David Darden (14 days)
I remember watching her sing this..the best ever in my

Author Jackie Abraham Jewelers (1 year)
Today is the day of our National Anthem. So we thought that is a good time
to remember one of the best performances of these times by Whitney Houston

Author Richard Greer (1 year)

Author Jolie Narcisse (1 year)
WE'RE just that GOOD I get it............

Author trenton neal (1 year)
Sung it with no effort while having fun

Author Gábor Zágrábi (1 year)
Rhema Marvanne az Amerika-i himnuszt szebben énekli

Author psychick99 (1 year)
not racist

Author ajdhio50 (1 year)

Author Carys Kelly (1 year)
also miss her i feel for you

Author jethrodassam (1 year)
It's a fact that it's lip synced

Author Johnjayson Pangan (1 year)
i love more mariah sang

Author 09rcolon (1 year)
She makes it look soo easy! RIP Whitney

Author alex saanchez (1 year)

Author Akoreishi (1 year)
Bills shouldve won.

Author Wayne Clark (1 year)

Author James Kigar (1 year)
WOW any body got the chills when she got done...amazing voice

Author Achmad Eka (1 year)
Is she an angel?.... what a voice..... i'm crying..... truly beautiful... i
miss you whitney...

Author KingofMercs (1 year)
@doobeedoo58 Uh... well you are being a racist because out of all of her
amazing accomplishments such as this you only focus on her apparent drug
addiction. Check yourself dude.

Author 2setro (1 year)
102 people disliked because they suck at singing

Author SuperPianogirl123 (1 year)
Of course she couldn't sing like Christina, why would she lower herself to
singing like an animal? The only one who couldn't sing like Christina IS
Christina, compare her live performances of her Lotus songs to the studio,
or the Lady Marmalade performances to the recording. Whitney's I Am
Changing performance at New York destroys everything Christina has ever

Author William LaSalle (1 year)

Author kaylee sims (1 year)
My school plays this video every morning after we say the pledge. :)

Author Luis Arroyo (1 year)
Esto es CANTAR DE VERDAD!! Impresionante!!!

Author koleon06 (1 year)
2nd best only Marvin Gaye 3rd Jimi Hendrix

Author mherndz2 (1 year)
Idk why people say she did it best. It honestly wasn't that good. You want
to see perfection look up Beyonce's 2004 performance at the superbowl.

Author peter goye (1 year)
wow! that was the best nacional athem i ever listen,

Author bella rodriqez (1 year)

Author mayyer (1 year)
the best version ever!

Author juanpvillarc (1 year)

Author AALLJJNNDDRR (1 year)
every note was perfect, amazing.

Author kazuhiro uemi (1 year)

Author fraink7 (1 year)
wow! she did it with ease! whAT A GREAT SINGER!

Author JaclynsMommy (1 year)
Gosh, she makes me get goose bumps. What a powerful voice <3 Rest In Peace
Whitney, We love you!

Author Zelle Dee (1 year)
effort less. it seems that the anthem was made to be one of her singles. :">

Author xxyodiexx (1 year)
104 people apparently don't like the video quality, her outfit, or maybe
it's the band in the background. There's no way anyone could dislike this
because of her performance.

Author mmoscosso (1 year)
Wow x 1000000.... I'm speechless

Author doobeedoo58 (1 year)
you libtards use that term when you cannot think of anything intelligent to
say in a debate, and then think you won by saying that. well, it's lost its
impact. try something else!

Author KingofMercs (1 year)

Author lexxi gunner (1 year)
how can people dislike this video!? whitney is amazing! & no one will ever
sing like the way he does! we will always love you!

Author Jen Hill (1 year)
98 people are obviously tone deaf and probably think that Miley Cyrus is

Author TheNOALLS (1 year)
How is this not available in the USA

Author stephy0pink94 (1 year)
woo got goosebumps!

Author kadijahtyler43 (1 year)

Author Christian Pereira (1 year)
Yeah damn shame such a beautiful girl and voice died from drug od. Grew up
with her music.

Author epsteinsmutha1 (1 year)
And I still prefer Enrico Palazzo's version more, thank you very little.

Author Nor Norranun (1 year)
In this vid, national anthem is inferior to whitney houston.

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