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Author Robert Kerr (3 months)
Any Idiot who THINKS that this was lip synched has NEVER heard her sing

Author MrAlcazar (3 months)
WOW I was floored by that performance. She was a truly talented musician.
Don't do crack people. Seriously just don't.

Author Chiva Sveinsen (3 months)
i just missed whitney!!!!:((

Author Travy B (2 months)
To this day, STILL the greatest National Anthem EVER played. And as always
my Giants were in that game!!! :D

Author fekmew ffs (2 months)
She was the best. Jenni Rivera was on the same level as her. Jenni was just
a voice amazing. Both of them rest in peace!! Had jenni only went
mainstream before she died she would have been EVERYWHERE. RIP 

Author n (2 months)
Who cares if it was lip synced! She sang it, best rendition EVER!

Author Jose Hernan Suarez [NEIVA] (2 months)
The Best National Anthem version.. just that

Author Dizzybaker8 (2 months)
Best Ive herd, simply because shes whitney

Author THEMASTER20002000 (4 months)
the best ever

Author hazelwood55 (3 months)
I remember when this happened. My dad was 70 and his tastes in music ran to
Sinatra and Cash and he never heard of Whitney. She sang the song and he
watched very intently and when she was done he said, "WOW, who was that?"
High praise from my dad.

Author Marco Banner (2 months)
WOW indeed.. even got the hairs standing up on this Brit ol

Author Ali Brown (2 months)
she always sings so effortlessly, she was so amazing, and so wonderfully

Author Richard Bryant (2 months)
Whitney admitted herself this was a lip sync. Did a great job though.

Author xwxrulz (3 months)
Jim Cornelison singing it at Chicago on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 is the
best version I think I have ever heard. This is a close 2nd.

Author Nonye25 (2 months)
No one will ever be greater than this ! Rip whitney 

Author Tammie Powell-Bishop (3 months)
Whitney Houston without sought one the best voices of all time, and some
you are still in hate mode, are you serious! You may not respect the way
she chose to live but must respect her talent

Author Raul Garcia (2 months)
not as good as Atheena Creese

Author Sharonnia Larkins (2 months)
I swear she sang this with ease. Smiling the entire time. 

Author mattia oti (3 months)
My favorite version of the anthem. Pure talent. Such a beautiful soul ❤

Author Vivian Nguyen (3 months)

Author Emi Delgado (3 months)
Whitney and the Dixie chicks sang it best!!!

Author Taylor Barker (2 months)
RIP Whitney and your beautiful voice <3

Author Elyse Cedeno (2 months)
She is soawsome

Author patrice moniz (3 months)
So agree the best ever

Author Jackie Hu (3 months)
Such a powerful voice! :)

Author Olayiwola Emily (4 months)
O a vala ha elt legjobb noi enekes a vilagon! 

Author Frank Brazil (2 months)
high as fuck

Author David Darden (4 months)
I remember watching her sing this..the best ever in my

Author Lulu A. (2 months)

Author tawawan21 (3 months)

Author David Darden (4 months)
I remember watching her sing this..the best ever in my

Author Nancy Okocha (3 months)
this was the best performance out of all the celebs who've done it

Author gdisgud7 (3 months)

Author Dean Vincent Tamparong (3 months)
Mariah Carey's voice has a great control of her voice. very angelic. 

Author 700will007 (3 months)

Author Jackie Rodriguez (3 months)

Author Ben Mig (3 months)
Nice but not the best

Author Ben Mig (3 months)
Carrie smokes her 

Author Jackie Abraham Jewelers (1 year)
Today is the day of our National Anthem. So we thought that is a good time
to remember one of the best performances of these times by Whitney Houston

Author Jolie Narcisse (1 year)
WE'RE just that GOOD I get it............

Author 1wOrld No Nukes (1 year)

Author trenton neal (1 year)
Sung it with no effort while having fun

Author Gábor Zágrábi (1 year)
Rhema Marvanne az Amerika-i himnuszt szebben énekli

Author psychick99 (1 year)
not racist

Author ajdhio50 (1 year)

Author Carys Kelly (1 year)
also miss her i feel for you

Author jethrodassam (1 year)
It's a fact that it's lip synced

Author Johnjayson Pangan (1 year)
i love more mariah sang

Author 09rcolon (1 year)
She makes it look soo easy! RIP Whitney

Author alex saanchez (1 year)

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