F-14 Tomcat vs MiG-23 Dogfight

On January 4, 1989, near the Libya coast, Two F-14s from the USS John F. Kennedy are alerted to a pair of Libyan MiG-23 Floggers. The MiG-23s had taken off from Al Bumbaw Airfield near Tobruk. The F-14 Tomcats locked the MiGs with their powerful AWG radar. Normally such a radar lock resulted in the MiGs retreating back to Libya, not this time. The Tomcats were threatened by AA-7 Apex missiles and were cleared to engage the MiGs. During a lengthy six to eight minute air battle, the MiGs continued to threaten the Tomcats and finally, after several attempts to evade the MiG radar threat, the incoming pair of MiG-23s were declared hostile and the F-14 crews were cleared to engage. The crew of the lead F-14A, fired an AIM-7 Sparrow missile which did not stike its target, while the second F-14A AIM-7 missile found its target, destroying one of the MiG-23s. The lead F-14 re-engaged the remaining MiG-23 firing an AIM-9 Sidewinder heat-seeking missile which detonated in the tailpipe of the MiG. Both MiG-23 pilots ejected safely from their destroyed jets. No future Libya MiG-23s ever engaged another U.S. Navy F-14 Tomcat.

The Northrop Grumman F-14 Tomcat is a Navy long-range fighter interceptor and served the Navy well from 1974 - 2006, as a air superiority fighter. The F-14 Tomcat was retired by the Navy in December, 2006, and the F-18 Super Hornet is filling it's shoes today.

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Author Lumotaku (5 months)
The F 22 replaced the Tomcat??? Really. Try F 18 super hornet.

Author breckandy (2 months)
From what I understand, Iran has many of them. and has been successfully
been buying parts from us.

Author Crimson Flash Studios (6 months)

Author thatguyonstage (6 months)
Did someone order some freedom?!

Author Joe Guichon (3 months)
How would you get footage of the MIGs? They probably wouldn't let a camera
man take that footage even with the Tom Cats.

Author Abreu Fernando (2 months)
I have no time to research about if the related event is true or not, but
supposing it's true, i can say that those F-14 got lucky to face 2 old
Mig... if those were Mig 29 or SU (27, 30 or 35) the end of video would be
inverted for sure... no chance for F-14... of course the video above is a
sequence of videos composed only to ilustrate the narrative of event...
that's it... ;-)

Author Markus Marchase (1 month)
The Russian MiGs are very clunky and very unmanageable even though its a
jet...Thats why our american mid 50s-to now our jets have always been

Author joe0813 (4 months)

Author PchanStitch (7 months)
I still don't see why this event is so...cherished, it seems. So, two
subpar Libyan pilots were beaten by superior planes in superior aircraft.
And two men lost their lives doing something they probably had no real
choice in.

Reality is, the F-14 wasn't that great. The AIM-54 missed every confirmed
time it was launched in combat, and the Navy only got four confirmed fixed
wing kills with it before the aircraft was basically converted to a bomber.

Author TheKeithvidz (1 month)
the libyans lost because Ghadaffi would not professionalize teh military
for fear of a coup. Look at the Chad war. The F14 were not up against real
pilots. One tactic i would have is terrain masking, get up close and loose
a missile.

Author Bret Hitman (3 months)
MiGs 23 only with rocket pods... Suuuure...

Author Holly Wood (4 days)
Shouldn't have had any BUSINESS near or around Libya! The Libyans saw the
US as a threat as well, and they're at home for gosh sake? There was far
much more gained when to of our own planes devastated an entire city - so,
instead of a stalemate situation an emotional adolescent decision is made
to go to War. Ya, brilliant - not...

Author dpindra77 (5 days)
what a slow big fat bird.. and this video is fake

Author saysergej (6 months)
Stop resisting! We bring you freedom! ....

Author gcHK47 (2 months)
YEAH! VF-84 Jolly Rogers! When I was a little boy, I desperately wanted to
fly with them. I love VFA-103 Jolly Rogers too!

I am heartbroken that my ADHD will keep me from ever earning the Bones. :(
Therefore, I shall be confined to supporting them in spirit.

Beware the Black Tails!

Author Bismarck80 (1 month)
1166 People from USA, EU, Japan, Canada, Australia, Korea liked this Video.
152 People from Russia, China and islamic Countries disliked this Video.

Author Sovereign Knight (2 months)
Damn those F-14 are some beautiful birds. Best looking jet I've ever seen.

Remember this incident well. Nice one Yanks, good job! Always liked the
F-14 Tomcat, great looking aeroplane :)

Author Ryan Burton (1 month)
you can tell the second pilot is a good one. they kept wanting him to fire
but he wouldn't because he didn't have radar tone. hes like shit I aint
waisting any missiles mother fuckers. "ill fire when im good and godamn
ready" maverick top gun lol.

Author saultube44 (6 months)
Until you "experts" give some links to documents and/or tapes or whatever
that gives evidence of your claims, all you do is a piss contest.

Author michael lundy (5 months)
Is it just me or is the F-14 the most beautiful man made bird ever to take
to the air?

Author Pete Flynn (4 months)
Hardly a fair fight. Libyans were fortunate to survive.
As to the remark about the F-22, it's a stupid apples-to-oranges

Author happy crow (6 months)
mig 23 intercepts f14,,,hahahhahahahahahhahhahaha... stupid arabs

Author SirBender (5 months)
lol sounds of a computergame.... dont know the name, but it was about
flying a F-16 Fighting Falcon :D and im sure its the same sound and the
same radio :D 

Author El Shuwix (1 month)
Libyan Migs sure have "updated avionics". It's same "achievement" as
destroying almost original equipped Iraqi T-72 or T-55 with Abrams.

Author Bosse Johansson (3 months)
This is not a dogfight!!!!!

Author James Cave (6 months)
Believe this or not, but my Mom's best friend's son was the navigator in
the lead Tomcat when this happened. He was also involved in an incident
where their F-14 on another mission had their wings lock up in the 'speed'
position and they had to land the plane like that. It had only occurred 2
other times in history and both times the pilots failed to save the plane.
They actually landed their F-14 on the longest runway in S.A. and saved the

Author section8usmc53 (6 months) I know that a lot of that is stock footage, but damn. That
is one of the coolest videos ever. This is the reason Top Gun was made.
Friggin amazing. The audio is priceless. Thanks for posting this video. 

Author Istvan Szabo (5 months)
F-14 is probably the most beautiful plane and at the same time the most
expensive one in its category. I like it. But did anybody recognized the
"Libyan" planes? They had the soviet army red star painted on their body
:-) I don't remember the soviets intervened so openly in the war. Or the
movie was fake? Or was it a feature film?

Author le van Son (4 months)
Look! The aircraft which has been destroyed in this video is Mig 17.

Author omega93830 (5 months)
garbage video,,,that is not real...

Author happy crow (6 months)
as an iranian whos country is last country that operates a couple of dozen
cats i believe if the money we spent on nuclear project we had spent on
copying f14 even ifwe had to hire russian scientists with million dollars
salaries, dont forget iran copied and digitalized f5 and super cobra so we
have a decent aerospace base,,,,if we had produced a huge fleet of f14s we
were much secure and we we wouldnt suffer ant sanctions i still cant
believe stupid american regime not only retired 700 f14s but also scraped
in fear that some one might steal a part and sell it to iran such waste of
tens of billions,,, send someone to washington to know the valuse of money
not preaching just suggesting

Author aibaoonline (9 days)
LOVE THAT FOLDING WINGS. the best fighter ever built.

Author TVVultch (1 month)
The F14 was a quantum leap in technology, it had the worlds first micro
processor a 4 bit device, the guys who developed it went on to start a
company called intel !!
Even today its still considerably faster, has a much longer range and much
bigger payload than anything flying off carriers.
It was born when early electronic systems were a bit of a dog so
maintenance was a problem.
Nothing can touch its capabilities even today, they were the fleet

Author Brad Camden (1 month)
Goddamnit Maverick!!

Author Xin Jin (5 months)
Fox one? F-14 Using AIM-7? the cutscene is so naive. 

Author Manuel Rojas (3 months)

Author Dave M (7 months)
One of the greatest achievements of the F-14 was the psychological factor.
The enemy was trying to compete with a very high performance (for it's time
1975) airplane that could take off and land from a ship floating in the
ocean. That alone could have been enough to thwart enemies from trying to
engage us. Let us remember that when this plane went into service we were
still in a cold war and Russia was making a run at becoming a superpower
nation. I am sure when they figured out the capabilities of the F-14 and
knowing there were dozens of them on each carrier that fact played a huge
role in the psychological warfare of the time. The movie Top Gun was
knowingly or not a great propaganda film for the US.

This plane also replaced the F-4 which was a terrible airplane (as per
pilots who flew them. So if you look at it from the right perspective the
F-14 was one of the best and most timely war aircraft ever made.

Author ama362 (1 month)
How many excellent Somali aircraft were shot down by brave American

Author Steve Ward (5 months)
Actually looks like scenes from a movie. Some of it is from Final
Countdown. With maybe some actual footage of the impact of the missiles.
But the results are correct!! 

Author Tregeta (5 months)
You can tell the pilot is getting pissed at about 4:39. He's saying to
himself "just let me engage these guys already!"

Author mattacuk (1 month)
So was this actual footage of the event? if so who was filming to migs? :P

Author doceigen (5 months)
Yea! Go U.S.A. Squash the jerks!

Author rbilleaud (4 months)
You know what was going through his mind that was left unsaid, "the bogies
have jinked into me for the 5th time now" ... AND THEY'RE REALLY STARTING

Author Diimaa (6 months)
Can you put up subtitles for the English+ hearing-challenged ones? I'm one
of 'em.

Author 1957greybeard (6 months)
How about re-mixing this without all the background engine noise? The
original audio released by the pentagon has no engine noise in it. What
makes this unique is the ability to listen to the pilot and the WSO as the
fight unfolds. With this poor audio mix, all that tension is covered by
fake jet and prop noise. BTW, I have a copy of the original so I know what
it sounds like. Other than that, nice video.

Author Daniel Meyers (7 months)
F14 my favorite before dumb movie came out. Built a model when I was 10 in
1978 lol

Author احمد دغلس (1 month)
again, Aircaft not in Type just Depends on the skill of the pilot

Author Rick Sizemore (7 months)
This is a great video... Thanks!

Author iamottotheotter (6 months)
I guess if this was a real movie, I'd be calling continuity and factual
errors all over the place, the F-14s were from VF-84 Jolly Rogers based on
the Nimitz, not the JFK, and the squadron markings changed many times
throughout the video, the destruction of the enemy plane was a practice
drone, etc. However, I know this was just put together using stock
footage, using the radio dialogue as the sound track. This gives the
viewer a great idea of the procedures and protocols that these pilots go
through when engaging an enemy. After watching this though, Top Gun would
have been a very boring movie if we had to listen to all that chatter
before Maverick came to Ice Man's rescue.

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