Sony Vegas Pro 11 Green Screen Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to key out a green screen in Sony Vegas, and gives you some tips on color correcting, and adding shadows to make your scene look more natural.

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Author KostasEmpire (1 month)
when i try to open .avi format videos (ex. a green screen video i have ) i
get the message saying: << Warning an error occured while opening one or
more files. An error occured whil opening a codec>> help ?

Author Manatheghostwolf (2 months)
how do you get the source window?

Author Rap Lexis (4 months)
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! But... Where do you get a Green Screen? XD

Author Efren Junior (20 days)
had the same thing. what format should i use?

Author The Best Games (6 months)
My screen is gone. Can someone help?

Author abda alwahab (3 months)
thanks you so much
the big like for you :)

Author DVDefenders (8 months)
Many thanks.

Author Gina Albina (1 month)
This was great, thank you!! :)

Author Martin Green (4 months)
Hi can you tell the www. of the green screen site your using so I get it
please it would really help me out a lot I need get what I am doing done
ASAP it dvd letter it me front of camare saying the new to best frned who
do not live wear I live no more she had moive when she was small before her
dad job and I do write to her by emil and some do DVD letter when its time
for her see me and it frist time doing by green screen and the letter is
LATE so if can help that GREAT! of you thank you get back to me ASAP :-}

Author Fency Feme (1 month)
I don't have the plugin..

Author LiveAM07 (5 months)
Does your light have to been even on both side to get rid of the whole
green screen background? What is one saide is darker, can u erase it so
that it dissapear?

Author PhelanFilms (2 months)
same question as manatheghostwolf how did you get the source window.

Author ZeDrMedic (6 months)
Nice, sadly I thought you could save the file and then import it again.
Background became black, but at least now I know how to do it.

Author QUENOQO MPANGAJE (1 month)

Author Borderlands808 (3 months)
awesome!! I got mine to work.....just need MORE lighting! lol. I can't
stress to other beginners how important the lighting is. All i used were
two flood lights and an overhead ceiling light. Anyway, thanks for all the
helpful info. :)

Author Daniel Ravits (1 month)
Around my body im getting this weird outline, why is that and how do i get
rid of it?

Author Kevin Jay (1 year)
that's actually very true, i also noticed that crappy shadow

Author eddietray1 (1 year)
I was wondering if it has to be green or can it be white or anything
because I wanna do this for school and the best I could do was white.
Please answer and good vid

Author EvilGcity (1 year)
Wow this helped me a lot ;) Thanks!

Author legacysol51 (1 year)
what if we dont have a green screen?

Author JesterrMinded (1 year)
when i added the chroma keyer to my clip it turned my face to blue T_T

Author jessicagoesfirst94 (2 years)
Thanks dude

Author MrSuperpat . (1 year)
Is it possible to use video in the green screen back ground?

Author ModernBC (1 year)
Great video. Never knew you could do this with Sony Vegas Pro! It will help
so much to make my editing better! Thanks! What type of green background do
you have to use? Also, what Screen Recorder did you use? What are some good
ones? I'm using Debut but it takes up to much memory & has no sound. Thanks

Author ProjectRedhorn (1 year)
Great tutorial, will be playing around with this sometime. :)

Author Napalmburns (1 year)
I guess it's the same steps if you want a video playing behind you? I do
gaming videos and i'm attempting to learn to have gameplay going behind me
as i'm talking

Author 45squire (1 year)
you wouldnt need to, if you could remove the background for the green
screen, why not just remove it and leave it.

Author Teddy D (2 years)
can you use a video as a background

Author xRandomStupidity (1 year)
My people turn blue o.o help?

Author Jere Whitehouse (1 year)
Thanks for the help. BIG QUESTION: At the beginning when you import your
video, and then "drag your video into the source window".....??? Where do I
find the Source Window?? I am using the latest version of Sony Vegas Pro
12. Thanks for your help!!

Author Hina Suzuki (1 year)

Author Jeff Werner (10 months)
Great Instructional Video. I learned some new tricks! Thanks!! Question
please? WHY do some videos I shoot Green Screen and use Screen filter in
Vegas Pro 11 immediately cast a light lavender color visible especially on
a WHITE Shirt? Seems to happen when I shoot a man with Blue coat and blue
tie with white shirt? This is also appreciated. Best, Jeff

Author דני בן דוד (1 year)
Hi I thank you for the video for an explanation Sony and coarse green
screen Your explanation Excellent and you a true professional, I'd be happy
to email a link Dosage other videos on Sony and coarse 11 If you please
Lhbir me how to work on two screens in the software. Thank you My email my name is danny thank you.

Author tubetape (2 years)
Starts at $129.95. We also have it bundled for a discounted price. check it
out at

Author Eflat Productions (2 years)
This was one of the best tutorials on SVP 11, thanks. I mainly doing my
editing in SVP, and my keying in, HitFilm Ultimate, which I bought from you

Author Steven Rodrigue (2 years)
rlly! TheRobloxGurl! u just uploaded a video 8 minutes ago!

Author KillerKinneyGaming (1 year)
okay so my video will not work correctly... when using green screen it
turns the green to black and my model becomes see through... please help

Author PS3sacker (2 years)
their company sell them

Author YunaLuv1 . (1 year)
This is fantastic ^^

Author cashino (1 year)
:-) nicely explained .....

Author 101AOK (2 years)
Yowza...need to get Pro 11. Just too steep a cost right now. Good
instruction. Thanks.

Author Pure4Kicks (1 year)
tubetape! You just saved my neck ;) went from panic mode, to I'm a hero!
Thank you so much you your time to upload this video. You are a great,
wait! no Fantastic tutorial maker, commentator, whatever thanks. I'll PM
you the address of the video we made for our new website launch. Your the
SHIT! excuse me ;)

Author Phoebe Dalby (1 year)
Wish it would work with a pink background :( best tutorial on youtube!

Author Smarty Msp (8 months)
thanks :))

Author Andrew Wong (2 years)
yep i think so

Author MichaelRiveraTV (2 years)

Author New Channel ! Sub Wyzey7 ! (1 year)
Does it need to be a Picture ??

Author Feline-Claws (1 year)
Yay thanks! :)

Author XBLOCK ACAH (1 year)
Nice tutorial. will help me a lot

Author Jen B (1 year)
I can't find the Video effects! How can I get them?

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