Tinker Bell - Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy Sneak Peek 1080p

Other Titles: Quest for the Queen and Mystical Island

Well, looks like they're making a 5th Tinker Bell movie! Sadly, it's not going to happen until Spring, 2014 (so, about a year and a half from now).

As the title of the video shows, the name of the movie is "Quest for the Queen" which implies that aside from the talent switching hijinks, they are either trying to track down Queen Clarion who has disappeared, or they're on a mission given to them by said queen. It's not certain as the title meaning can go either way.

The title may change as well ("Secret of the Wings" was originally called "Mysterious Winter Woods"

Obligatory Disclaimer - Rights to the content belong with the copyright owners, yadda yadda. I don't really think they should mind additional advertising. Do these disclaimers really do any good anyway? Clearly I didn't make this...

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Author That Sodding Gamer (5 months)
Well, it's out now! At least in North America (came out on the 1st oddly
enough). I'll watch it soon.

Author destiny fresquez (6 months)
lol there can never be to muck tinker bell movies but i am waiting for one
were she meets peter pan

Author Huz D (1 month)

Author Jed Garcia (1 month)

Author daniela acosta (1 month)

Author Jam'zel Tranquilo (4 months)
This is so different from the movie...

Author Alice Wise (6 months)
Oh no!!! So body's switched our heads :0 lol I love Silvermist x

Author Sarah Webb (8 months)
Luv me my TinkerBell!!!! She is freakin beast!!!

Author Natalie Gordos (5 months)
Rosetta was holding a Lacewing.

Author Holly-Anne Roberts (5 months)
Hiddles ;)

Author Raspberry Heart (8 months)
Oh I hope Periwinkle is in this one!

Author Petrina Williams (5 months)

Author Audrey Dala (8 months)
Tink: Do you realize what this means?
Silvermist: *gasps* Somebody switched our heads!

Author That Girl Over There (8 months)
Orange is so unflattering... Oh but it looks great on you sugar!

Author TangledLover13 (8 months)
Tom Hiddelston ad Captain hook !! Ahhhh

Author Judy Clack (6 months)

Author Rosiland Ruiz (9 months)
Like you this ;-) :-D

Author Mallory DogLover (6 months)
'sometimes I feel too old for tinkerbell but its classic and I love it <3

Author Nilanga Dilshan (6 months)

Author Skye Cline (7 months)
Does this mean vidia is a tinker? Hehe

Author Amira Sakri (7 months)
I love

Author Rosiland Ruiz (9 months)
Will 2014 :-D

Author Noa Farkash (10 months)
i can't wait to see it ^_^ ~Scarlett 

Author astrid anilov (7 months)
somebody switched their talent??

Author Tas tastic (7 months)
Can't wait for this to come out!!

Author Skye Cline (7 months)
Does this mean vidia is a tinker? Hehe

Author Jonni Lutz (7 months)
Is this fan made

Author Phoebe Artemis (3 months)
Rosetta: Oranges are so unflattering.

Fawn: gasps

Rosetta: Oh, but it looks great on you, sugar. 

Author Samantha Glimmer (4 months)
Tinkerbell is amazing for me

Author Rochelle Quit (8 months)
Can't wait!!

Author أحمد حسن (8 months)
cool the next movie from tinker bell is nice

Author Happy Soprano (8 months)
i love Vidia's powers!

Author Momo Eclaires (8 months)
xD love it

Author stripes5150 (8 months)
You guys do all realize that Disney is setting us all up (eventually) for
another Peter Pan movie, right?

Author Jaymar Rodriguez (9 months)
so weird
i bacame interested in this kind of movies (walt disney)
and also animated movies that will make u cry (Hayao Miyazaki)
(Mamoru Hosoda)

does it mean im gay? 

Author InnerstarGirl (9 months)
So Tinkerbell is a water fairy, Silvermist is a fast flying fairy, Vidia is
a tinker fairy, Iridessa is a garden fairy, Rosetta is an animal fairy, and
Fawn is a light fairy. Strange....can't wait to c it, though! :-)

Author THE JADE (9 months)
rosalie is so funny! she's my favorite

Author Mariam Ahmad (9 months)
Is that realesed

Author tippi maravala (9 months)

Author star18prince (9 months)
I wanna see this one 

Author Amanda Lira (9 months)
My Little Pony-It's What My Cutie Mark Is Telling Me XD

Author lunarcorpse (9 months)
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! can't wait for
this must have now T.T XD

Author Rebecca Gilding (9 months)
I'll totally be pushing the 6 year olds out of the way for this.

Author Amira Mesfin-El (9 months)
Can't wait for this movie to come out!

Author Chocymonster1607 (9 months)

Author Jamie Sergent (9 months)
"Orange is so unflattering (gasp)o h but it looks great on you sugar" Soooo
funny can't wait to see it and I'm 13

Author Hadeel Fahad (9 months)
awww Can't wait to see it

Author Brie Olsen (9 months)
Tinkerbell is a winter movie-program. I only get this movie for christmas,
not easter. What am I supposed to get for christmas this year, a slinky?!
Wowzers in my trouserz am I upset.

Author Summer Keller (10 months)
Well thanks, now it look back to normal, it had been replacing them with
something like 5y&39... maybe. 

Author LunaMizuki8806 (10 months)
I am stoked.

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