Vacuum molding kydex DIY

This is my way to vacuum form/mold kydex for gun holsters. One of the many ways to form kydex.

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Author Joe Cavazos (24 days)
space bags work great too add blue paper towel between bag and kydex

Author Devin Tegen (1 month)
Awesome. I am into multirotors and looking to build really strong impact
resistant frames. A friend told me about this stuff. Thanks for the video.
What do you think the characteristics would be like if I used it for making
frames. They are usually around 16"x20" in a H shape. Any input you might
be able to give would be appreciated!

Author quesodano (1 year)
I like your ideas thanks for sharing

Author James Miller (1 year)
A lot of waisted material. And the pressing method is easier for me anyway.
But there are many ways to do everything and you have to do what works best
for you. This system does make a good looking holster.

Author nevadahiroller (1 year)
Yes, P250 is correct!

Author lee ritter (1 year)
Just wondering what the hp or amps or whatever your shop vac is? What size
holes did you end up with? They look like 1/4. I have a 2 amp shop vac but
I don't think it sucks enough air to get the kydex to mold. Thanks.

Author nevadahiroller (1 year)
Nice! I would love to see it!

Author Mikey6048 (1 year)
Why such a large recess for the front sight?

Author Charm Rose (1 year)
I like this, you should make a video of how you cut it. What instrument did
you use to cut it?

Author UD503J (2 years)
I think I'd like this method better than the foam press method because you
can press to define the shape as you're molding.

Author ofwoden (1 year)
Thanks for this video and your other one, NHR. I just put together a vacuum
press and molded my Ruger SR9 with it.

Author nevadahiroller (2 years)
Nope. There is nothing in the box.

Author td84 (1 year)
I've been conspiring with some other people in the shop on how to make the
vacuum box. I think my current plans are going to change. I'm seriously
considering building my own Proto-Form vacuum mold machine. I'm also
considering making clamshell gun molds to get perfect definition.

Author dannyhookii (10 months)
I just ordered a couple hundred dollars worth or Bravo Holsters. Kind of
wish I had watched a few more videos. This stuff looks like its pretty easy
to work with. I was a body mechanic and now am a full time general purpose
mechanic. I think I could have figured out how to shape some damn plastic
around a gun. Good video.

Author nevadahiroller (1 year)
Yep, I post on there quite a bit and I have the same screen name on the

Author nevadahiroller (1 year)
I use silicone sheeting now in place of the entire sheet of kydex now. I
can use way smaller sheets of kydex now with VERY little waste. I will
probably post a video of the new process soon.

Author nevadahiroller (1 year)
Yeah, I now use high temp silicone sheeting in place of the kydex. I also
now just cut a small piece of Kydex to the size I need, place it over the
gun, then place the silicone sheeting over the top and apply the vacuum.
Much less scrap.

Author Mike Eddleman (10 months)
would love to know what kind on silicone you use and where you got it.
Thanks for the video

Author nevadahiroller (2 years)
@nevadahiroller I think it was 1/2". It could have been 3/4". It doesn't
make a difference either way.

Author nevadahiroller (1 year)
@Jai Lee yeah. I use silicone sheet now instead of a full sheet of kydex.
Now I can use only the amount of kydex that I need.

Author TheHolsterpro (1 year)
Excellent. Craftsmanship is clearly high quality sir.

Author Jai Lee (1 year)
seems like a lot of wasted material but the form looks great.

Author nevadahiroller (2 years)
Yes I am a fireman. That particular holster was for my father in law who is
a fire chief.

Author HogSnot (1 year)
Have you thought about using a membrane for the frame vs. kydex? That way
you could use just the kydex you need. The membrane will pull the kydex
over the gun.

Author Andrew Delashaw (1 year)
God do I hate when people don't know how to hold a phone while filming...

Author CHIBA280CRV (1 year)
Nice, another you tuber uses a toasting oven.

Author REID RENNER (1 year)
excellent, looks like you have quite a bit of "left over" or "scrap"?

Author Scott LeMere (1 year)
very nice work

Author James Miller (1 year)
I would like to see that. I'm always looking for a better, more cost
effective way to do things.

Author bryan edman (2 years)
perfect because I have the 0.080 Kydex. Thanks for the help! I'm going to
build up a rig soon and try it out I might make a video of it! Not sure
yet! I've never molded Kydex before but I have a knife kits dot com holster
kit and I want to mold two pieces and put them together with a Tek-Lok belt

Author SentryGunleather (1 year)
hot damn

Author MrJaco2a (1 year)
This looks great, the only issue that I could think of is that you have to
use a full sheet of Kydex every time.

Author Kyle Teitz (2 years)
nice maltes cross you a fireman??

Author nevadahiroller (2 years)
Its called MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). I used 1/2" thick MDF to
construct the box. You can find it at Lowes or Home Depot and its only
about $20 for a 4'x8' sheet.

Author nevadahiroller (2 years)
I didn't get enough suction with the 1/8" holes, so I stuck the kydex and
frame back into the oven and drilled the holes out a little bigger. I did
this process until I got the results I wanted. The main spot you need to
watch out for too much suction is the trigger guard. To resolve this little
problem, tape over the trigger guard so that the kydex cant get pulled too
far into it making it impossible to draw the weapon. If that's not working,
get thicker kydex.

Author MOPE540 (1 year)
Fine job!!!! I hope your wife doesn't catch you using her Iwill
soon be making my own kydex holsters for several different pistols, thanks
for the tips.

Author David Marshall (1 year)
nicely done great vacuum box and frame

Author REID RENNER (1 year)
how do you hold the kydex in the frame? is it clamped between 2 pieces with
screws actually going thru the wood and kydex?

Author MOPE540 (1 year)
by the way...what's the thickness of the kydex that you use??

Author nevadahiroller (1 year)
For this style holster I am using 0.08 Kydex.

Author nevadahiroller (1 year)
I am a volunteer right now and work full time for a private ambulance
service. I am currently on two department hiring lists and hoping to get
hired on full time soon. That holster was for my father in-law who is a
fire chief.

Author MrSo47 (9 months)
Wow! I was about to open a Sears account to get materials to help make a
holster! Lol! But you made this look so easy! Love the video!

Author nevadahiroller (2 years)
This method is very easy to use and it gives GREAT results. I have a 16
gallon shop vac that I use right now and it seems just about right for
0.080 Kydex. You can have issues with "too much suck," but the best way to
control it is greatly dependent on the size if the holes you drill into the
top of the vacuum box. I started out with all 1/8" holes and did a test

Author gil marquis (1 year)
where abd what type of silicone did you get, thanks for the video

Author nevadahiroller (1 year)
Oh shucks. I'm sorry xenonram. Then don't watch the f@cking video. Sorry
you have nothing better to do than sit in your grandmas basement and write
negative comments on people's videos that are trying to help a community.

Author EVP793 (1 year)
Thx dude but chemicals in the air oven not safe make a widen box with a
heater at bottom in 4 minutes it will safely melt the plastic for molding
so-round the inside of box with aluminum foil thats what I use

Author bryan edman (2 years)
yeah this actually looks easier to me than trying to get foam and a bunch
of clamps and crap! Plus you have access to the piece while it's being
formed! I already work in a cabinet shop so I have tons of scrap MDF laying
around and a killer strong vacuum that I can use! Do you think too much
suction could be a problem?

Author Icemedic24 (1 year)
You a fireman? I see the leather work gloves with your name, then when I
saw the holster with the Maltese Cross. Good work and stay safe - CA

Author nevadahiroller (1 year)
Yessir the screws go through the wood and kydex.

Author Steam313 (1 year)
is that a p250 you just formed?

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