Drake & Josh - Theme Song - Season 3 (HD)

I don't own anything.

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Author BlueRock Builders (2 months)
Ah brings back memories of me and my older brother sitting in from of the
tv every morning and watching drake&josh , spongebob, fairly odd parents
and Danny phantom every morning before school. So many memories

Author MooMooMilkshake (3 months)
Miss this so freakin much

Author Clone Misaka Mikoto (1 month)
I guess he gone.

Author Alex Watson (1 month)
0:22 Josh gets rained on with mud the same time a drum beat happens

Author Marisa Mancini (19 days)
I loved this show!! I always had a crush on Josh <33

Author SurrealGenesis (6 months)
huuuuuuuug me brooooooooooothhaaaaaa!!!

Author MilesEdgeworth129 (7 months)
0:20--Drake scares Audrey and Walter. XD

Author Moses Lupai (24 days)
This was that show back in the day.. 

Author Deus Ipsum (1 month)
The feels. 

Author Alex Watson (1 month)
this is my favorite intro out of all of them

Author samantha A. (1 month)
I love this song

Author Explod pausemovetime (2 months)
You must own something right?

Author Darth Vader (6 months)
I miss this show

Author themightyalotore (10 months)
game grumps before game grumps

Author joan arc (11 months)
Nothing will ever beat this

Author Kevin Lam (1 year)
It's been 5 years since I've watched Drake and Josh. First time watching
since they stopped airing them regularly and I can still sing the theme
song xD

Author Sam Gates (1 year)
Memory lane anyone?

Seriously I don't own anything, this disclaimer shouldn't even exist.

Author ZsnesWIN (1 year)
Roody pls this fits too well

Author Lobo Bryan (11 months)
I've ng about this since you mentioned it +Kaitlyn Kearns 

Author Tonia Rogers (1 year)
Memory lane anyone?

Seriously I don't own anything, this disclaimer shouldn't even exist.

Author Dasuni Perera (9 months)
Remember them? O.O

Author drake josh (1 year)

Author fares yasser (1 year)

Author Nicholas Uchiha (1 year)
Memory lane anyone?

Seriously I don't own anything, this disclaimer shouldn't even exist.

Author Ashley Lewis (1 year)
Megan to Carly! :I

Author TheBluespekk (1 year)

Author superxan1234 (1 year)
I used to frickin' love this show

Author angel rodriguez (1 year)

Author taylorgangordie2013 (1 year)
My childhood!!!

Author The Irelander (2 years)
god damn i loved this show growing up

Author Jayraj Ganatra (1 year)
Oh Hi Nostalgia!

Author carey gonzalez (2 years)
OMG I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!:)

Author penutubahabalidu (2 years)

Author alex hillery (1 year)
now this is somme proper tv

Author SlyFan12345678 (1 year)
whos the girl drake kissed in 0:08

Author ChewyDewyify (2 years)
i'm born in 98.....

Author Jacques deBurgo (1 year)
Jon and Arin

Author BRIAN SNIPES (2 years)
this is the best one. you know why? --> 0:39

Author Ionsphere Productions (2 years)
Jeez... I remeber this show when I was a kid. Crazy how much time has past

Author ExpansivePlum05 (2 years)

Author Neowolf882 (2 years)
In her mid-teens. 13-14-15 Around there.

Author onyourleft (1 year)
are you fucking kidding me you uncultured swine

Author Fin-Anthony Lane (1 year)
They switch both their names in each episode.

Author Zink (1 year)
Best Show Ever

Author gameaddict51 (2 years)

Author zat1245 (1 year)

Author fiona carey (1 year)
yeah cause this is really 'HD'

Author MrGhostface12 (2 years)
I was born in 98 but this was my childhood :)

Author Stroble (2 years)
The Ornstein and Smough show

Author Paige Anderson (1 year)
Most of my child hood next to: that's so raven, the naked brothers band,the
suit life of zack and cody, the Amanda show,Hannah montana

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