BO2 l mnmtwinz Trolltage #2

Make sure you stay till the end! ;)
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Make sure you stay till the end! ;) Follow us on Twitter:
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Hacks MinnesotaBurns- Then Gets Trolled
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Staff Member's Channel: Main Channel:


Author Very, Insanely, Ridiculously High Fructose Corn Syrup (1 month)
Ive never seen anything like this on PC COD. Hmm.

Author tobias fortune (16 days)
bancandy is real but it sells stuff

Author Dremos Sevo (10 months)
candy can't be used now :P

Author Ray Huete (11 months)
The guy who tries to ban mnmtwinz sucks ads fucking switcher he is

Author dylan page (7 months)
what the hell is thing

Author Jsw2cold Productions (1 year)
On PSN you never get banned... yu can get away with anything :)

Author CODFANMILO (1 year)
the guy in the video said

Author wannabeeish (1 year)
whichs that trolltage with that blac guy tht keeps saying doe?

Author Seth Miller (1 year)
i love these people are so stupid!! lawl

Author SilentAssassin8200 (1 year)
All about ps3

Author Electronic Wolf (1 year)
It's funny because sells sweets

Author Jamie Ogg (1 year)
Why do i never hear people like this on cod :( i wanna laugh at them

Author AMXBORJA (1 year)
Says he has no life and he playing the game too

Author TheChozenOne (1 year)
That guy is stupid because Bancandy was something Infinity Ward did and it
wouldn't have any effect on Black Ops 2 nor does it even exist anymore.

Author AYYSIAN Power (1 year) is a website to sign up for sex lol

Author Rax Ixor (1 year)
go to (ROFL)

Author Mycoolkookgaming (1 year)

Author Bram Gielen (1 year)
can you trol WhackedSkillzZz on xbox

Author jdsk8er98 (1 year)
I subscribed because he said that you don't have any friends

Author CanOfTrolling (1 year)
bancandy has virus lol

Author Avatar Atreyu (1 year)
Yet your still playing lol

Author EllboGrease27 (1 year)

Author KitKatAttack82 (1 year)
Just cause every single video you find like this doesnt mean every American
walks around in everyday life and say it. Also, its on Xbox, which is full
of racist, idiotic people. Not everyone walks around and uses that word in
every day life.

Author frog loll (1 year)

Author AssassinRaymond (1 year)
Bancandy is actually a candy store type thing. XD

Author TampaBayRays9 (1 year)
I love MTD and his videogams channel for opening me up to so many other
great accounts like this!

Author SanguineStorms (1 year)
Brought me to a Candy Shop

Author Mᴏɴᴏᴄʜʀᴏᴍᴇ Mɪx (1 year)
I wasn't going to reply to your comment but I am for the simple fact that
you a have a Persona 4 character as your profile picture. Persona 4 was

Author OMGits Ryan (1 year)
IM deleting u from my friends list for being so gay

Author hmark03 (1 year)
Fake Xbox Account hackers, reporters Fake Xbox Account hackers, reporters
wat R U doin? Fake Xbox Account hackers, reporters! STAHP!

Author JSK (1 year)
I love u mnmtwinzs no homo

Author chris correnti (1 year)
l0l0l0l0l searched up bancandy .com and some arthritis crap came up
searched it again got a candy website

Author hmark03 (1 year)
That is BanCandy and it actually exists. However as you can see twinz did
not get banned :D

Author Elias B (1 year)
LMFAO "yo piggy" piggy picture pops up im dead xD

Author superhamzah85 (1 year)
I troll people in private, no one watches. I just do it for my own
amusement. I'm a Troll...Hermit, rather than a Troll Jester. I troll people
on Worms because I am so bored being unbeatable. Seriously, I'm
I play when drunk, and still win, but less depressed. :( Is there a trolls
anonymous group?

Author CODFANMILO (1 year)
good for twinz lol :)

Author WolfN1nja (1 year)
Bancandy took me to a shoe store selling shoes with suckers...

Author ZunDr0nL1kX (1 year)
People say they will DOS you or they will ban you for dumb shit.... In
other words, these people have tighter vaginas than a horny school girl...
Fucking pussies

Author Sam McKee (1 year)
i went to Bandcandy and i ordered some candy from there. They got some good

Author TheGamerKid03 (1 year)
shut up..

Author KALEvermilion (1 year)
annoying orange ftw. part 1 only X3

Author killerofdbz456 (1 year)
Get sub

Author Mᴏɴᴏᴄʜʀᴏᴍᴇ Mɪx (1 year)
It led me to Adult Friend Finder.

Author Estants (1 year)
No homo, but I liked the video

Author TheTechKnowHow (1 year)
bancandy is a girl that works at infinity ward... not a website

Author Kobomb10 (1 year)
The funny thing is he never got banned.

Author zFacerZ (1 year)
hey everyone follow me on TWITTER @zFacerZ follow me or die

Author KitKatAttack82 (1 year)
How come you automatically assume that all Americans walk around and use
this word in every sentence spoken?

Author Shawn Martian (1 year)
Ban candy is a twitter account. They're security for Infinity Ward, so they
can ban people, but only on modern warfare games ;D

Author Erica Awesomeness (1 year)
It was sarcasm...

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