Hangar 9, 1-4 Scale Cub, 180 Saito

One our top pilots flying his over powered 1/4 scale Cub with one oops.

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Author crabtrap (2 years)
so it bales hay too?? SWEET!

Author Kaj Snellman (2 years)
Have a DLE30 in the pipe, will try that one....

Author chrisfev01 (3 years)
One heckuva pilot.

Author skyjet111 (2 years)
@weekendpilot The plane wasn't mine but I think he had a Satio 180 in it. I
think a 26 to 30cc would be great. I had a 26cc in mine at one time and it
did a good job. I've heard some great things about a Syssa 30cc.

Author spurnak (3 years)
Pěkné video a krásný Piper :-) !!!!

Author RcFlyers1234 (3 years)
Great plane i hope when i go that is there very nice and good video taping
keep them coming.

Author Kaj Snellman (2 years)
nice flight, what engine?? Is 50cc twin too much!

Author ncmcgoverns (3 years)
Great shoot and editing, love the slow motions of the oops!

Author Forex (3 years)
Man, you have som real cub flying skills!!

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