Neil Degrasse Tyson on Bill Maher

Highlights of Physicist Neil Degrasse Tyson's appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher on 8/5/2011. He talks about our future and what's left for the youth of today to have

The talk about what our tomorrow looks like.

Check out our and support our tomorrow:

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Author Lazer ray (3 months)
I bet star trek made more people dream than any space probe. Just sending
shit into space does not spur scientific curiosity. 

Author dinofreak222 (2 months)
I love Neil!

Author Urameshi Yusuke (9 months)
People say, what are his scientific credentials? What are his scientific
contributions? To those people I say, what were Carl Sagans credentials?
Did he ever actually research, experiment, and publish findings that were
scientifically significant? No, but he's still just as highly regarded and
respected as those who do. I love and respect Neil because he's a great
speaker, somebody who can convey the complex ideas of our scientific world
with ease, much like Sagan. We need somebody like Neil to be a spokesperson
for science, he can get people interested, and I mean young people!! I'm so
excited for the new Cosmos show, I think it will truly be something

Author Imajenasyon (1 month)
Black Science Guy!

Author Andrew Olding (8 months)
We stopped dreaming? I didn't realize that dreams were sparked by
politicians. My dreams are sparked by my own motivations.

Author calical26 (4 months)
Neil Degrasse Tyson is ture one of the smartest person's on this world look
at other countrys passing us up we dont even make technology anymore we get
it from asia and europe china going to be the first to make a base on the

Author Danny Shterev (1 month)

Author mattylga01 (5 months)
We stopped dreaming? Just because we're not dreaming about reaching beyond
the moon our solar system, doesnt mean we stopped dreaming all together.
Just because alot of us dont share his star trek fantasies, doesnt mean we
stopped dreaming. There are alot more important things to worry about than
exploring the universe. I'd rather see more money going into this cancer

Author kamilika moon flower (2 months)
Even if global warming wasn't true, why is taking care of our" God given
planet" so bad?

Author iialau vyiia (2 months)
Astrophysics black guy! :D

Author Michael van Rij (7 months)
Agreed, it's not about the volume of money, it's the distribution.

#neildegrassetyson #shenanigans

I know this is not new but felt the need to share this anyways.

Author dustenTheWind (7 months)
i love NDT. i cant fucking wait for the new cosmos series.

Author CliffJumpingProd (4 months)
you can make Justin bieber famous, but not neil degrasse tyson president..

Author GG2K7AU05 (5 months)
Get rid of the monetary system, science flourish.

Author Mike Frazier (8 months)
Neil is profoundly right about the change that has taken place in society
overall. We've stopped dreaming. Actually I'm quite sure that there are
those who would agree with me when I say I'm one that never stopped
dreaming. During Gemini and Mercury and further into the Saturn missions
America's space program was living out the dream of a space bound nation
led by a bold, progressive president in JFK. Now it seems we have pieces of
dreams here and there but no truly bold, agressive goals set out by a
nation that is hungry for new horizons and new destinies to achieve.
Perhaps someday soon we can breathe life into that dream once again. One
can only hope, imho.

Author CM Stewart (8 months)

Author primalamerica (6 months)
This man is just too smart for his own good. #neildegrasstyson 

Author ActuallyLiam (9 months)
Neil Degrasse Tyson is like Star Trek. They inspire young and old to think
critically to learn and innovate. Their contribution is as valuable as the
scientific research that itself is being done at this very moment.

Author onewithmyself (7 months)
+andrew olding. well good for you. many people are simply bogged down by
everyday life. bit if our country had actual...leaders, setting goals would
be a wonderful way to motivate society.

Author B0NECLAW (7 months)
He's on point on everything he said.

Author TerribleTim . (3 months)
If this dude is such a great scientist,why is it that he never has anything
to say about the violation of physical laws that govern all motion in the
universe on 9/11 ?

Author Sac4Truth (10 months)
Just before the clips end "tyson said to the lady sorry for screaming , She
said "its ok I like screa....................,I mean its the time for the
....(the coverup) :D

Author AvalonMorley (8 months)
Neil DeGrasse Tyson for president!

Author Dani Tofte (8 months)
Run for Congress, Neil!

Author Bart Simpson (9 months)
The Venus Project by Jacque Fresco

Author infinightsky (4 months)
Neil is such a beautiful human being.

Author Nimrod Sadeh (10 months)
scientists aren't in congress because they are busy doing important things.

Author Depressed Lemur (10 months)
such wisdom. very true. so Tyson. wow

Author funder1der (11 months)
Put half the money spent on defense, into the space industry budget, and
you wont even need a defense budget to begin with. Guns? Abombs? Nothing
compared to what we could have. If we would just calm down, stop fighting,
and start learning, we can do anything.


Author Chris Cunningham (11 months)
@Peter Griffin - "He's an agnostic, not an atheist :-)"

He's an atheist.

Agnostic is a position on knowledge, not belief.

Author john smith (7 months)
Multi CULT uralism: Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White
countries for everybody !

ONLY white countries are
-flooded with 3rd world immigration and govt FORCED/SUBSIDIZED integration
-exposed by their media (sitcoms, movies, advertising) to non-stop images
and propaganda that promote intermarriage and interracial children

Whites who object are called "racist" and are imprisoned for "hate speech"
in many countries

It's a slow, insidious GEN0CIDE of white people thru social engineering

"Anti-r@cism" is simply an Orwellian code word for @nti-white

"Diversity" is simply an Orwellian code word for white GEN0CIDE

Author ProjectORION89 (11 months)
The reason there's so many lawyers in congress is because lawyers are good
at debating... :/

If there were more scientists that practiced public debating skills like
lawyers did, more of them might be more able to win elections. Another
factor is that scientists/engineers usually aren't the most physically
attractive people either...they're nerds. That would also cost them votes.

Author Anthony Neutout (7 months)
RON PAUL and RAND PAUL are both medical doctors. Professions based in
science, not lawyers. Ron Paul is a representative from Texas and Rand his
son is a senator from Kentucky. Rand is running for President in 2016 check
him out.

Author The_Cyber_Wolf 85 (7 months)
TYSON!!!!!!! on yer sel mate

Author Michael K (7 months)
Tyson/Kaku 2016

Author Tetrodioxide (8 months)
"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you
end up being governed by your inferiors." -Plato

So then, just as those that refuse to vote should not complain why a
candidate they wanted wasn't elected, men like Tyson then should not
complain about the inferior minds in office, when they themselves do not
run: 2:08

So Neil, if you by chance read this, take seriously the prospect of
running. I mean that. I would vote for you in a heart beat. My
understanding is we only have one scientist in Congress, a physicist. It's
a start. Let's make it a trend. At least 50% should be scientists and
engineers and a then a 1:1 ratio of law and business after that.
Rationality will inform law and business in this way. Run Neil. Run!

Author Tetrodioxide (8 months)
1:38 Thank God he clarified he meant "metaphorical tomorrow!" For a
moment I seriously thought Congress killed tomorrow too, those bastards!
But the "literal" yesterday is still gone, right?

Author Darnell Howard (1 year)
Neil Degrasse Tyson on Bill Maher

Author Azurfa Da Zinnaria (1 year)
Neil Degrasse for president - 2016

Author Macaully McHulkin (1 year)
Assuming that they are the ones being ignorant is... well... ignorant.

Author ascalfani25 (1 year)
neil always dropping knowledge .... you tell em bro

Author AthenaSaints (1 year)
U.S. Congress will NOT do anything until someone put a gun to their heads.
After the Chinese put missiles on the moon, U.S. Congress move faster than
Warp 9.7.

Author Sofía Rodriguez (1 year)
What?... That's like saying you wanna fuck both Beyonce and Honey Boo-Boo's

Author Reace Foster (1 year)
Yes please. Neil would do so much better than the current administration
and commander-in-chief.

Author JRalloveragain (1 year)
Wow...your total lack of understanding of anything, let alone Neil deGrasse
Tyson's credentials, is breathtaking if not comical.

Author RemixRemix100 (1 year)
Because he is too honorable to be corrupt for our government.

Author Mike Roman (1 year)
Please learn to listen. The Barrack Obama bank bailout spent more money
than the 50 years NASA BUDGET!! Military budget? Not so!

Author Peter Griffin (11 months)
He's an agnostic, not an atheist :-)

Author Victor Kong (1 year)
Anthony Bourdain looks stoned.

Author Vrig (1 year)
Hahahahaha :D don't take it literally......

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