Grand Theft Auto 3 (PC) Mission 30 - Sayonara Salvatore

GTA3 - Grand Theft Auto 3: Mission 30 - Sayonara Salvatore

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Author TheGamecube64Guy (2 years)

Author megaricardas (4 years)
@rollercoasterCEO10 NICE DIALOUGE

Author GrandTheftAuto08 (6 years)
for some reason the mafia remind me of the gay mafia......

Author jrodd99 (6 years)
those guards were retarted

Author Bryan Rodriguez (2 years)
This is all Maria's fucking fault ):< R.I.P Salvatore

Author Sabīne Tālberga (2 years)
where did you change Claudes clothes and stuff?

Author megadude86 (5 years)
LOL and his security just started walking around :D nobody searched for the
killer or ran to salvatore to see if he is still alive... but its an old
game and its funny :P

Author Mr. Captain (4 years)
I love how the guards just walked away after he got killed, it's like *BOOM
HEADSHOT* "Boss is dead...let's go grab a slice of pizza" "FUCK YEA!"

Author Generador (3 years)

Author Brick Strike (2 years)
That sucks for claude , standing there for 3 hours. RIP Don Salvatore :(

Author Antibarca2000 (6 years)
Claude is his name. "Pops Capo" is Toni Cipriani the Caporegime of Leone
family and the protagonist of Liberty City Stories.

Author ThunderShot66 (6 years)
i killed him with a sniper and i have ps2 version

Author omgnoobz (6 years)
WOOOOO monster, hell of a good song

Author gtano1fanmighty (7 years)
Nobody knows If He Has A Last Name

Author irre1fan (6 years)
pinche vieja puta la odio pork mato a mi jefe hija de puta atte:toni

Author t3hpwnz0r58 (4 years)
"ooh asuka u got a massager" "thats not a massager" HAHA!

Author GTAmissions (7 years)

Author HappyChappyInc (6 years)
Yea I guess I'll just have to keep on trying. Thanks anyways guys.

Author YoungGangstaIV (6 years)
"Huh, the boss got blasted" "Ah well, let's go drink" they act like they
dont even care

Author GTAmissions (7 years)
Static X - Monster

Author stephencious (5 years)
why is salvatore dead??/

Author BLASTSTUDIOS101 (3 years)
@EmperorLuna lol

Author OneManArmy (7 years)
in Vice city on the mission four iron you can park your car and jump into
the golf course keeping you weapons and you can kill the guy golfing easily
and when u do the guards react the same way as in this video.

Author JackContraband (5 years)
Claude looks good with a mustache.

Author GTAWonders (5 years)
Why does everyone use a sniper that's just cheap. I ran in there and
blasted the foo myself

Author DarkMasacru (5 years)
how i can go at the second town? pleaseee said me

Author YoungGangstaIV (6 years)
song on 1:21?

Author mantol425 (5 years)

Author D Col (6 years)
Snipers are 1 shot kill in GTA.

Author grandmasterlink (6 years)
thats funny how after you kill salvatore his guards are like whatever

Author Mohammed Alizard (3 years)
HAHAAH Those guards don't care about salvatore xD THEY JUST GO AWAY ROFL

Author Joseofficialchannel (5 years)
Cj used to work for Joey Leone back when he was in liberty city. i remmeber
when salvatore wanted to kill CJ for robbin all of his money in caligulas
casino, but that never happened because he died.

Author ramank (5 years)
lol his guards casually walk around after he is shot! When I played, they
some of them crowded around his body and some ran trying to find me ;)

Author ardito120 (4 years)
I loved savator but the fucking yakuza say it to me

Author MaverickHunterVile (5 years)
but what I think is, Toni took control of the leone family, but I don't
know if joey really takes control, or his grandson, but its a rumor so I
can't tell if its true

Author GTAmissions (7 years)
video editing program Sony Vegas 5.0

Author Dem0n1zeR (7 years)
what song is that =)?? u have on teh radio =(??i want it please or else ill
die :O :/

Author Abz296 (6 years)
GTAMissions say please name of this song!!!

Author Psygon (6 years)
claude never fraking talks

Author CyrilCyberpunk (5 years)
not if u use cheats

Author TommyVercetti214 (2 years)
And there he goes one of the most used characters in GTA

Author Mint Wizard (6 years)
lol he looks like freddy mercury

Author kanodoom (5 years)
GTAmissions, u can edit the Skins, just go to my Documents, gta3 and u will
find Skins for file, and then you can copy and paste it if you want to edit.

Author Jasmin Turner (6 years)
Haha! I love the way the guards just start walking away like 'Ah well, the
Don just got shot in the head, no big deal'

Author mantol425 (5 years)
I know why salvatore must be killed.. before this mission.. there was a
mision called Last Requests.. In that mission,salvatore told claude to pick
up a car behind luigi's club.. and that car was a trap.. Before you reached
at luigi's,Maria will page you and tell you that the car was a trap ....and
then she told you to go to staunton island by boat... And then.. your
mission passed....

Author Paperbagman555 (6 years)
Thank you! I've just started playing this and this is annoying to pass. I
like the game but Claude never talks which is kinda boring cause it's
better when they have a personality.

Author jr adegue (6 years)
what do you use to capture videos on games?

Author 22branden22 (1 year)
I like how whenever salvadore dies the guards just walk away

Author IGotHigh666 (7 years)
that was so fucking funny. they really care about their boss

Author 22branden22 (1 year)
" oh Maria you've got a massager!" " that's not a massager." I'm dying

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