How to delete or remove the Fake FBI virus!

This is a common virus that is going around.

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Author Jamie Miller (1 month)
I got locked out on a chromebook 14 with this virus. What do I do?

Author Kerry O'Hare (4 months)
I got this and wiped my device, I have a chromebook so my files were safe,
but I'm still doing a scan if I can.

Author Barbara Garcia (2 months)
Esto pasa muy a menudo y personas trabajadoras y honradas agarran miedo
antes de investigar y pagan por algo que no cometieron y pierden su
computadora o su cell este virus termina acabando con toda memoria
finalmente el equipo Will crash

Author Jamie Miller (1 month)
Advance settings. Power wash system. 

Author HolappaMayvilleBE (3 months)
Chromebook users....disconnect wifi, do a powerwash in advanced setting and
it will be gone. 

Author Ayla Nerren (6 months)
I think I got one of these on my laptop about 5 minutes ago but I went to a
website and found it, I'm running a scan to make sure I don't have any
viruses :l
I had to log out of my profile for it to go away #-#

Author zombiepuff (8 months)
ive never had this particular ransom ware becase i know that clicking an
unknown execute file is how you get these (they preetend to be video files
or come in a rar file asking you to extract it) if windows gives you a
warning and you feel the need to click yes google the file name and the
site you found it on first and verify its not a trick/scam

but if you or your co users are lazy or risky
put malwarebytes Chameleon on your computer before hand or
on a flash drive when your locked out then restart in safe mode with
networking and run malwarebytes Chameleon
once you open it try each option on the list until you gain a link on your
desktop that opens it up then be patient it may take a while
this program works well because these ransom ware virus,s block most paid
antivirus software and system tools like task manager and other execute
files like chrome ,iexplorer and mozilla so the Chameleon will have to
pretend to be differnt things till you find one that is allowed to run,
once you find one and it is then run it stops the malware thus allowing
your paid antivirus software to suddenly work , find it and remove it

dont stuff around with other things first the more times you restart you
computer before the virus is removed the deeper it will get good luck and
safe surfing

Author Typical Relic (9 months)
Got it on my xbox

Author tavito rock (10 months)
Ive got this virus twice but it didn't lock up my laptop why

Author Nick Erickson (11 months)
reformat if all else fails

Author ericthekarateman (7 months)
I turned off the computer and took the battery out right away then placed
it back in and turned it on. It helped me. I don't know if it will help
yal but its worth a try.

Author vlasktom (1 year)
If you can't access Safe Mode, just select Repair System. Select System
Restore. Let the computer do its thing, and you're good to go

Author Issankadesuka (1 year)
thanks this helped...i hate this,it scared the crap out of me,why do they
even pop...and the fbi virus even records you,but thanks man

Author keion724 (1 year)
How do you do that? That is what i am looking for and i can not seem to see
a video online on how to do that

Author orbis rosario (1 year)
thanks it help me you save computer because I was going to get a new one
thank you

Author Brian Walls (1 year)
My IE got locked out with that exact screen. I got the download you rec
amended and it worked great!! thanks :)

Author msamt789 (1 year)
I've gotten it twice and it worked

Author Rene Ramirez (1 year)
does The fbi actually do this type. of locked out?

Author omar albayane (1 year)

Author معاوية الشامي (1 year)
Why can't u show us how, step by step????

Author Dudevizz3 (1 year)
I got kicked out of safemode and it denied me from closing the files.

Author Sapphire Truthe (1 year)
This did NOT work! I need help!!!

Author Roblox Hero (1 year)
It looks more official now, chances are, it evolved EVEN MORE!

Author kathy loften (1 year)
I have a dell laptop with XP...I turn off the computer by holding down the
ON/OFF key for 5 to 10 seconds. That turns it right off every time. Did you
ever get it fixed and get the malware removed? How did you do it? I've
tried several of these videos but because I'm using XP, nothing works so
far. I'm on my desktop computer at the moment...laptop is still showing the
malware ICE thingie. Good luck. -)

Author thetechsview (1 year)
anywhere from $70-$100. Check out my other videos...

Author Deqa Ali (1 year)
thnx man

Author SupportClass (1 year)
Oh it's just fake oh I'm saved

Author Mediator9292 (1 year)
I get access to Safe Mode with Networking for a few seconds but then it
immediately logs me out and logs me in through the regular route, leading
me right back to the scam. What do I do if Safe Mode isn't even safe?

Author TeamDepriveMLG (1 year)
This worked 100% just download and follow the download and everything is
back to normal. I was soo scareddd thank you so much man it is now 5 am ive
been panicing all night. This video saved me!

Author Work And Bro (1 year)
Wtf how do they di this

Author Benjamin Blankenship (1 year)
Remove your internet cable, worked for me even without safe mode, but still
you want your internet

Author Steve Smith (1 year)
1st restart or shut down your computer then press the ''f8 key'' then

Author hvac caldera (1 year)
I just pressed CTRL-ALT-DEL than logged off and it removed it, I did a
virus scan afterwards which it was scanning for over an hour and nothing
showed up. This was couple of days ago and my lap top is normal. I can't
believe people actually got dooped to pay.

Author thetechsview (1 year)
You will have to take the drive out and connect it to another computer and
run MalwareBytes.

Author TheJuaxo (1 year)
i clicked on networking and the huge list of drivers scrolls down but it
just stays there... i have had to do this before and it worked, do you know
why it freezes there?

Author desilmd (1 year)
It looks way more official now so watch out

Author Stone Zheng (1 year)
a easy way to get rid of an FBI virus is to delete your account if u have 2
accounts. one for admin and one for guest accounts. It worked for me when I
did it.

Author Robloxshowz (1 year)
i just go to the administrator's account (if you have it and the password),
delete the account and save the files, create a new account in the
administrators and put the files in that new account. Hope that helps! It
worked for me.

Author Jowee Thomspon (1 year)
On a Mac? Force quit Safari, restart Safari, Reset Safari, done. :D

Author wotan237 (1 year)
I got rid of the virus and am online again, but it looks like I lost my this common?

Author ringbolt9 (1 year)
I made a flashdrive version of hitmanpro. took it off

Author Conner Bradley (1 year)
So you have to take your whole Hard drive out and then take the Hard drive
out of the other computer and then Hook the infected Hard drive to your
other computer and run MalwareBytes?

Author coola643 (1 year)

Author Stone Zheng (1 year)
yes, this is common

Author Steve Smith (1 year)
i had that on my computer lol

Author KateAnn Mystory (1 year)
Press Esc?

Author wdevroege (1 year)
I dont live in the US but is almost the same deal. Now im stuck because i
cant get in to save modes. any tips

Author Kira Mott (1 year)
IKR @coola643

Author Dilan Gilluly (1 year)
I had one that I worked on. The FBI virus variant that even blocks it in
Safe Mode with Command Prompt. I had to boot the computer off of Offline NT
Password Changer, and create a new account on the computer, then used that
to remove it. It seems to infect one account at a time.

Author kathy loften (1 year)
It might have been a good idea to mention that this video was completely
worthless. Not only that, but the bumpy camera work was ridiculous. Had
this guy done a step by step explination, it might have helped someone. As
it is, it's junk...a complete waste of time.

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