Download Minecraft 1.8.0 Full version Free (HD) No surveys 2014

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Or you can download it here too: (old)

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Q. Why is my screen black when I press Enter Game?
A. You either have to update your Java or your video card.

Q. Does this have multiplayer?
A. Only on "cracked" servers, there's lot of them. Search on YouTube search bar something like "minecraft cracked server ip"

Q. When I try to connect to a server, it says "Connection refused".
A. The server is offline.

Q. Can I put mods/texture packs on this?
A. Yes you can.

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Author TheNerdyBirdy (5 months)
It's downloading! I hope it works!

Author Thomas van der Hoven (5 months)
it says no internet connection

Author JThunder731 (6 months)
Can you do multiplayer?

Author Vince Mariano Palac (6 months)
Thanks dude!!!!!!!!1 i love you so

Author JETH AMADOR (6 months)
TNT captainsparklez :)

Author TheWoop Woop (6 months)
Anyone add me user name krazykai2107

Author Scott Daly (1 year)

Author Jaren Kilayko (2 years)
thank you so much!!!!!!!!!

Author Conatser100 (1 year)
This actually works!! I used the second link.

Author BadLogin Pelailee (1 year)
kiitti vitusti sieni fani

Author Edey51699 (2 years)
will this work for LAN servers

Author SieniFani (1 year)
Lol? No you don't need..

Author Tro11inator (2 years)
i did this, now ocelots and wolf are fucking spawning in my house!!!!!

Author The Game Bang MY (2 years)
it work!!!

Author Ray Lu (2 years)
u rule it worked!!!

Author daforce jk (2 years)
YEEAH finally somthin that works

Author MuskeliKojootti (1 year)
Kiitos! Tää on jees, subbasin ja tykkäsin! :)

Author Layla (1 year)

Author Kevin Lee (1 year)
THANKS!! U rock! :D Finally I have Minecraft! Before I had to search for 5
hours straight!! XD

Author CooCoolWithGames (1 year)
The server says you have to login... Please respond SieniFani!

Author ShiftRayzz (1 year)
Wow thought it was another bullshit download but this one really works!
Thanks man!

Author The Maxus (1 year)

Author gamer4455567 (1 year)

Author Jimmy Force (1 year)
OMG dude YOUR freaking legend thx you so much bro

Author SieniFani (1 year)
Yes you can, in my server c: the ip is: server(dot)sienicraft(dot)net:25575

Author Nikola Durkalic (1 year)

Author Jaren Kilayko (2 years)
thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!

Author Liv3z (1 year)
I LOVE U IM NOT A GIRL <3 lol thanks man/girl :3

Author Mr.Pikachu (1 year)

Author SieniFani (1 year)
Sitä saat miettiä..

Author SieniFani (2 years)
You can install mod... -.-

Author doomxed (1 year)
Link is dead

Author MOVEDACCOUNTTO Virtuoso (2 years)
Why, Thank you. ^_^ Yay!

Author trinnuke123 (1 year)
THANK YOU , THANK YOU !!! THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!! :333333333333

Author Elvin Martinez (1 year)
Omg you r the fknnn best i wnt to fuck sooo much right now

Author Flayo (1 year)

Author luke haldorf (2 years)
just gett tons of wood then go get wooden planks bulid a workbench go get
more wood then make a wooden piickaxe than go mining for stone and coal u
can u coal to melt and make torches but u have to have a funace to burn
stuff the furnace is made out of stone

Author SieniFani (2 years)

Author Altmetaldoktor (2 years)
yeah thanks!

Author mogimog1997 (1 year)
Look for CaptainSparklez - TNT on YouTube.

Author Zhraa A.raziq (1 year)
OMGOOOOSH !! don't know how to thank you !! xoxo

Author Sad Ako (1 year)

Author SieniFani (1 year)
type in the chat: /register yourPassWordHere yourPassWordHereAgain

Author Henry Delgado (2 years)
can u play multiplayer?

Author joroexh (1 year)
Kun lataan ton tulee error couldnt download file lwgl.jar tai tommosta..

Author Jake Paterson (1 year)

Author Caio Banana (1 year)
thank you dude nice music xD

Author Dream High (1 year)

Author dougie e (1 year)
thanks bruh

Author Ahmad TuflihunXD (1 year)
I like IT ! :D XD i never play multiplayer :(

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