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Author Patrick Hutton (1 year)
Glorifying God in all tongues and cultures.

#mezmur #tigrigna 

Author HammadiLobbongel (2 months)
What kind of church is this in. Do the Orthodox churches go around dancing
like this?

Author hope 3-16 (1 month)
Hawi alo Hawi alo belo abegoneka zelo , what a blessing muzmur bless u all

Author YOSEFPAULOS (1 month)
gbu hobele

Author Abyot Yuge (2 months)
It is amusing song ! i am very happy . every thing belong to jesus ! GOD
bless you all ! come up with another song !

Author abiy ashenafi (4 months)
wow i love this!! plz make more songs to preach the gospel in all cultures
and languages. God bless you

Author Bethlhem Fessahaye (8 months)
I miss you all geta yebarekachu all :3 :)

Author Biniam Gebreslassie (1 year)
ho bele ho bele tlbey teleale.ho ho bele ho bele nwengel

Author Temesgen Daba (1 year)

Author bethelhem berhe (1 year)

Author zelalem temesgen (1 year)
You know what distinguish secular song from the spiritual ones, it is ti's
content not it's dancing style or --------- so be encourage do not give any
opportunity for your enemy Devil.. God bless Tigiray and Asmara's born
again Christians.

Author Jona Habgi (11 months)
haki!!! ketslwo. mwzm 151

Author Christian Bleda (1 year)
gotta catch em all!!

Author danielharg (1 year)
የ ዘፈን ጥማትን የሚያረካ የዘመኑ ዘፈን ጌታ ኢየሱስ ግን እንዲህ ይላል የ እግዚአብሔርን ለ እግዚአብሔር የ ቄሳርንም
ለ ቄሳር

Author ERITRAWY1 (1 year)
I am eritrean,,, i love when i see like this song to God ,
blessing,,,,,,FIRE ! :)

Author abeba mekonen (1 year)
God bless all keep it i am so proud u all guys stay blessed

Author awetey Ghermay (1 year)
ሮሜ 1:16 ወንጌል ቅድም ንኣይሁዳዊ ኸምኡውን ንጽርኣዊ፡ ንዚኣምን ዘበለ ዂሉ ሓይሊ ኣምላኽ ንምድሓን እዩ እሞ፡
ብወንጌል ኣይሐፍርን እየ።

Author abeba mekonen (1 year)
mekele rema cherch fasil yemane

Author SoHoTandCool (1 year)
do you know there are close to 100,000 eritreans in Tigray, their refugee
camps, today? the times have changed and we eritreans have become the needy
now, thank to the dictator.

Author Kidus Frew (1 year)
Goyta Eyesus yibarikum lemunim nizelialemin. Hawilo hawilo belo nigonika
zelo. I love it

Author Mebrat Asghedom (1 year)
nice song. I loved it very creative. God bless you

Author Pastor Solomon Dessalegne (1 year)
በቋንቋ ሁሉ በእንቅስቃሴ ሁሉ በነገር ሁሉ ለኢየሱስ ገና ከዚህ በላይ ይዘመራል።ኢየሱስ ከዚህ በላይ ይገባሀል፦አንተ እኮ
ለኛ ሞተሀል

Author menaf77 (1 year)
Bahre negash i get ashamed to see such kinds of eritreans. Pls brorhers and
sisters excuse this guy i dont think he in normal up in his head. Love and
respect to my ethiopian brorhers. God bless you all your sister from

Author AJoan (1 year)

Author Zimam Asgele (1 year)
wowwwwwwwwwwwww kndey des zebl kemzi zbele bnay bahli raya amlak semay
kmlek I am very happy bls u guys eti hawi kemu elu chiranchira tetahizu
ntgray bmlta ywela amen

Author Fasil Yemane (1 year)
Can some body telling me in what city was the service?

Author Desale Haile (1 year)
amazing song

Author mebrahtu kidane (1 year)
no it is not apostlic reformation church, it is medhani alem faith ministry
tigray Mekelle

Author KemSemay (1 year)
Wey Terekibka leleka...Kemzi lele Jemirkum...!

Author Roza Asmerom (1 year)

Author lis hana (1 year)
the Service is in ethiopia, the church is apostolic reformation church by
pastor Yohanes( Johni) the area is Mexico

Author Berhe Raya (1 year)

Author yeabaster birhane (9 months)

Author Tena Lealem (1 year)
People can give gratitude which ever way they see fit. I think this is
beautiful. I am Eritrean and I love it, that I listened to it so many
times. Get hate out of worship and culture.

Author haben beraki (1 year)
wawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww amazing amazing mezmur
GBU all i love it really '' hawi alo hawi alo belo bgodnika zelo'' amen
fire fire

Author elsa debretsion (1 year)

Author Fasil Yemane (1 year)
Wowwww this is so great thanks to be God I love it... Jesus is Lord!!!

Author Wongel Videos (1 year)
What a lovely song and video. Thanks for uploading this.

Author mihret beyene (1 year)
i am realy wondering by this songs.most scolars bleaved that to evangelize
the geniune gospel to a new place, incarnational system or way is the most
effective to win souls for christ becose it is making the gospel
indiginious.even christ was manifested by the culture and life style of the
jewish people.guys please try to use even tigrayan words like
''chele''''shani'' and so another side you also need to consider and
keep the concise of your people.much love.( Eritrean from AMERICA)

Author mebrahtu kidane (1 year)
these are Medhani alem revealed word Faith Ministry's Tigray Mekelle choir.
and i am one of the singers who are singing in that song. for farther in
formation or contact you can contact Our beloved Pastor, Pastor Tewelde
Aregay his cell no is +251914700231 you can see our face book address
"Medhanialem faith ministries tigray" Be blessed.

Author habtom buruk (1 year)
politics abzi PAge ezi mnim ayedilin eyu sorry

Author haben beraki (1 year)
wawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww the most wonderfu songin the world i love it
GBU again all

Author Fasil Yemane (1 year)
Thanks a lot dear and God bless you.

Author hadgu ambesa (10 months)

Author Aklilu Lemma (1 year)
Geta yibarkachiw..... Midiritunim gena yaworsachal.

Author 123Senai (1 year)
Nice try Ingnorant Banda-Erito... isn't your nick name in Amharic the
language of your masters? Most of your relatives names is in Arabic,
Italian.. and here you are commenting about something you know nothing
about. Homeless looney go take some medicin

Author even ezer (1 year)
amasing song, Raya tradition is rich and i am so glad they are using it for
the glory of the Lord, God bless You

Author Meron Kahsay (9 months)
so funny Song ahahahahahaha

Author Momu abel (11 months)
Betam yegarmal ..hahaaaaa

Author SoHoTandCool (1 year)
500,000? you must be retarded - even the famous liar, killer and dictator
issayas won't agree with this lie!! 500,000? if you must know the dictator
hasn't gone to more than 70,000 that were deported. you just got this
number out of your ass - ass hole.

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