Whirlpool Direct Drive vs. New Belt Drive.

Me explaining why I think the direct drive is a better machine

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Author Blue And White (4 months)
The new belt drives are junk. If there was a new washer I would buy, it
would be LG, Samsung, or Speed Queen. New Whirlpool belt drives are pure
junk. They will break down on you, even 10 times. Whirlpool direct drives
and vintage belt drives are the best machines.

Author HowsaBowsaYowsa (4 months)
The main thing is that on the WED4800BQ from Whirlpool, there is a control
knob to set the water level to what you want. There are four levels,
small, medium, large and extra large. You set it, it fills accordingly
just like the oldy but goodie machines of yonder past did. Well worth
looking into if you want a simple old school type washer with minimal
electronic components.

Author Jerome Davis (4 months)
The GE hydrowave commercial washers and dryers at Morton residence hall
sucks! First of all, the washers squeak! Second, it doesn't wash or rinse
properly! I have washed a big load of dark colors and my clothes barely
turned over! I cannot use fabric softener because of the pathetic rinse
cycle! Rinse is a shower, not a deep rinse! Third, the washer takes for
centuries to stop spinning! The dryers don't dry clothes! I have to start
it 2 to 3 times, especially with a big load of dark colors to get it to dry
properly! I'm sick and tired of this!!!! It should be 1 and done! I find
myself being forced to do my laundry especially clothes and bedding at a
laundromat! Thank you for letting me vent!

Author Blue And White (3 months)
LG, Samsung and Kenmore Elite made by LG dryer drums will crack. If you
want a Kenmore Elite dryer, please get one that was made by Whirlpool.

Author HowsaBowsaYowsa (4 months)
A lot of misinformation in this video and in the comments. I just bought
the new Whirlpool WED4800BQ. It is a good machine for the past 3 months.
I watch the agitator and it does a good job of moving the clothes around
for cleaning. It moves in two directions, the tub spins one direction
while the agitator is going the other. It really moves the clothes, so any
idea that cleaning is subpar is bogus. Mine is not the HE version BTW, it
is the belt drive agitator old school type machine...You can control the
water level, which I love, something you can't do on the HE types. It
will not drain out the water even partially, on a whim like he said in the
video due to the balancing sensors. I had the direct drive Whirlpool
before getting the new one. I did notice the difference in the tub
steadiness like he said in the video. The new one does swing more easily
side to side, unsure at this point if that is a detriment. The new one is
overall quieter than the DD type. It does take a LITTLE bit longer to run
the cycles, like 5-8 minutes longer, but not over an hour. There are some
folks who believe the belt drive in the current Whirlpool is a better
design than their direct drive was, in terms of longevity and
reliability....of course that is left to be seen. My old one I had used
for 21 years before replacing. The new one is a lot bigger though, 3.6 cu
ft compared to my old one which was only 2.4 cu ft, so a load that I would
have to use the Large load on the old one I can set to the Medium Load on
this new one because it is so you don't always waste water on
the new one you just have to judge the load differently and pick the right
Load Size i.e. water level.

Author HowsaBowsaYowsa (4 months)
Another thing, on mine I can add the laundry detergent in the beginning,
like I always did with my older direct drive machine, let the water run and
start to fill and mix before putting any of my clothes into the tub. It is
very user friendly in that way. I do not have to put the detergent in
first then the clothes right on top before pressing the start button to get
the water started. Again, a lot of misinformation in the comments section
of this video.

Author Jerome Davis (4 months)
The washers and dryers (GE commercial hydrowave) cannot handle big loads!

Author Willie Peck (9 months)
If you think your washer is out of balance on these direct drives if you
open the lid when it's draining let everything stop It will spin drain.
Doesn't that help balance the load?

Author Jerome Davis (9 months)
Oh, that's right! Everytime Trevor tried to add another pair of jeans to
his work clothes load, he had to pause or restart the new belt drive
machine, which drained the water out before restarting the new cycle! hat's

Author Jerome Davis (9 months)
And now, Trevor decided to dump the stupid new belt drive set and baught
another used direct drive set. No more laundry nightmares again! FYI, he's
sorted everything properly - color and fabric and soil level. Trevor's
lesson? If you want clean laundry the first time, every time, no matter
what soil level, buy an older washer/dryer set from Whirlpool! Who's with

Author Matthew Rosenthal (9 months)
How many times does he say "you know" ?

Author Jerome Davis (9 months)
Trevor's Whirlpool direct drive had aggressive yet effective cleaning
power, whereas the new belt drive took the entire wash agitation cycle to
turn those dirt stained jeans over. And still not cleaned - even when set
to super wash with second rinse and fabric softener. Remember, this is just
an example with a side by side comparison of the direct drive and new belt
drive machines. New machine gets off balanced causing the stupid new
machine to refill, agitate, over and over again!

Author Jerome Davis (9 months)
Oh, let's not forget that he was able to dilute the laundry detergent and
fabric softener like has been doing for the past decade in the direct
drive. However, he has no choice but to put his super dirty blue jeans
directly on top of the laundry detergent and add fabric softener without
even diluting them. Uh - and soaking them overnight! Trevor couldn't do
that with the new belt drives!

Author Jerome Davis (9 months)
Here's an example. Trevor came home from doing construction work all day.
He had lots of laundry to do - especially his super dirty work clothes;
jeans being the worst. He has 2 types of Whirlpool sets - direct drive and
the new belt drive. The load in his direct drive came absolutely clean.
Ironically, an hour and 15 minutes later, his load in the new belt drive
didn't even come clean - infact, looking worse. What lesson do you think he
learned from this laundry disaster?

Author Jerome Davis (1 year)
Remember, the whirlpool washers of today fill with water, agitate and drain
and spin to correct out of balance situations. That's outrageous!

Author Jerome Davis (1 year)
Oh, and the new washers select the load size for you! Why? I want to wash
my clothes at my load size! Barely enough water to clean! Takes for years
if not centuries to fill! Never turns jeans over!

Author Jerome Davis (1 year)
I hate when the new whirlpools take for years to stop spinning. I don't
have to time to wait for the washer to stop spinning and the lid to unlock!

Author Jerome Davis (1 year)
oh, and with the new whirlpools, remember you must turn on fabric softener

Author Jerome Davis (1 year)
I saw a demo of whirlpool's new belt drive washer. They said "add laundry
detergent and fabric softener prior to adding laundry and start it." Uh -
excuse me? You're supposed to add laundry detergent, dilute it, add laundry
load, add fabric softener, add water to the top of the dispenser and shut
the lid as washer continues the cycle! That's impossible with these new
Whirlpools! Period!!!!

Author Jerome Davis (1 year)
Trying to add laundry detergent and fabric softener in the new belt drives
is like trying to get through to an unruly teenager!!!!

Author Jerome Davis (1 year)
Like I said, Stay away from thes new washers!Then you have to turn on
fabric softener! That's pointless! P O I N T L E S S.

Author Jerome Davis (1 year)
Also, you can't soak your clothes in the new belt drives. I hate it when
the new ones just drain the water out! Then you have to restart the washer
all over again! Like I said, You can't put laundry detergent and fabric
softener! How are you supposed to disolve laundry detergent? You can't! You
have to just put the dirty laundry on top of the detergent! And forget
about trying to dilute fabric softener! You can't do that either! You have
to put fabric softener to the top of the dispenser!

Author Jerome Davis (1 year)
I don't see how the new belt drives can clean your clothes with barely any

Author Jerome Davis (1 year)
There's no reason to have lid locks on washers! Also, the fill is so weak
that it takes centuries to fill. What if the washer blows up especially
during off balanced spin? Do you remember the Maytag bravo washer
explosion? You have to turn on fabric softener. Dumb!!! My GE washer lets
me add laundry detergent and fabric softener at will!!!! Do yourself a
favor! Stay away from these stupid new belt drives! You'll regret if you
buy one!

Author Jerome Davis (1 year)
I hate when these new washers ATC the water. What if you want hot, warm or
cold water? You can't have them with these new washers. That makes me very
angry! :p

Author Jerome Davis (1 year)
A heavy normal cycle takes 75 minutes to wash? Why? My GE washer takes 15
minutes on the extra heavy cottons cycle on the wash cycle alone!

Author Jerome Davis (1 year)
I have a GE washer and dryer that do what they're supposed to do. Wash and
dry clothes properly the first time, not for the thousandth time!

Author Jerome Davis (1 year)
Also, you can't just start the new washers and let them go! You have to
babysit them! :( Don't even think about adding bleach to the washer (new
belt drive model). Clothes will never ever, ever, ever get clean, even when
putting laundry detergent and fabric softener in the washer, even bleach.
And yes! forget about pretreating super dirty and stained bluejeans with
these so-cald new belt drive washers!

Author Jerome Davis (1 year)
Don't tell me you have to just forget about diluting laundry detergent and
fabric softener with water on the new machines. That's impossible because
you have to shut the lid, and wait for it to lock! I don't like stupid lid
locks! Dumb safty sensors! Give me a washer with a transmission over a
washer with electronics! There's no jet recirculation with the new belt
drives. Clothes get beaten in to cleanliness in laundry detergent and
fabric softener at the bottom while clothes on top stay dirty.

Author Jerome Davis (1 year)
You can't just add laundry detergent and fabric softener and dilute them
with the new machines. Why would you put let's say super dirty blue jeans
on top of laundry detergent and fabric softener directly? They will stain
your clothes. That's stupid! The wash action of thes new machines sucks!
Takes forever to turn your clothes over in laundry detergent and fabric
softener water!

Author Jerome Davis (1 year)
Let's recap. Washer forces you to add laundry detergent and fabric softener
prior to adding load and starting the cycle with fabric softener on. Fill
and agitation are weak. Drum rolls all over the cabinet to where the
machine will be destroyed. normal cycle can take up to 75 minutes! Wastes
time to start the cycle! Doesn't clean!!!!

Author Jerome Davis (1 year)
Not to mention stay dry too! That's not a washer! A washer is supposed to
clean your clothes in laundry detergent and fabric softener regardless! I
want my washer to start agitating right after filling! Also, you can't just
select a new wash cycle after you started it. Let's say you want to go to
super clean. Washer will drain and restart! WTF? You can't just add a pair
of let's say blue jeans to a load of more jeans without pressing start!

Author Jerome Davis (1 year)
The suspension on the new whirlpools ar stupid! The drum rolls around like
there's nothing attached to it to hold it in place! What if the laundry tub
caves in on itself? Then you'll have laundry detergent and fabric softener
water everywhere! Also, I don't have time to wait for the washer to sense
my load. I hate when the washer wastes time to start agitating. Weak
agitation! I'd rather dilute my laundry detergent and fabric softener at

Author Jerome Davis (9 months)
Let's not forget about poor build quality with the new belt drives!!!!
Direct drive forever!!!!

Author Jerome Davis (9 months)
I remember one time, I went to Home Depot and saw these new belt drives.
Well let me tell you the drum rolled and glided like it was going to cave
in on itself!!!! Then the Home Depot salespeople have the audacity to tell
people that the Whirlpool/maytag machines are built tough!!!! BS!!!!
Absolutely not!!!!

Author Jerome Davis (9 months)
Did I mention poor cleaning quality?

Author Jerome Davis (9 months)
Give me a break! 10 minutes to fill with water? My GE takes a couple of
minutes to fill! Don't even think about soaking clothes overnight with
these so-called high-efficiency washers! Have to wash clothes 2000
times!!!! What the hey?

Author Jerome Davis (9 months)
My jeans will never get cleaned with these so-called high-efficiency new
belt drives!!!! Not even in my wildest dreams!!!! @sharkie626 never mind my
aggravation with these new belt drives. I found my place to vent about

Author Jerome Davis (9 months)
If I ever had one of these new belt drives I would take a sledge hammer and
destroy it!!!! I would heave it out the door or 8th floor!!!!

Author Jerome Davis (9 months)
Forget about washing super dirty smelly stained blue jeans in the new HE
top load washers, especially the new Whirlpool belt drives!!!! They
suck!!!! Anybody agree? I agree 100% with this video!!!!

Author Jerome Davis (1 year)
The only decent washers and dryers today are speed queen. I visited a
college dorm for a tour and I saw speed queen washers and dryers. Now
compare it to the stupid maytag bravos. Very disappointed! :p

Author Jon Stone (2 years)
You are right about the new whirlpool belt drives. That washer you have
here is the best and easiest washer to repair. That washer alone, not GE,
Maytag, that one. Whirlpool started that line of washers in 1980, Also your
washer has a special feature that you may not know about. The orange
section on the timer, is for dry agitation so that you could check the
agitation without filling it with water. Now the reason they have those
washers is GOVERNMENT REG.!

Author Jerome Davis (1 year)
BTW, let's say the smelly track/football clothes need to go on cold because
let's say they're dark. Even on cold, on the super wash cycle on let's say
a direct drive will sccrub the stains out whereas the new belt drives will
just barely move your load around. FYI, the direct drives sound more like a
real Whirlpool/Kenmore. The new belt drives sound like somebody sawing wood
or a dot matrix printer (like on the maytag centennial POS video.) :p

Author That One Ford Guy (1 year)
I gotta have my stuff sorted, Im a freak about that lol. This is my channel
for just messin around, but I will have a new one. Any good names?

Author 88mroux (2 years)
I have decided to go to a used market, But there is something aparently
you and I know that my mom doesnt know.

Author Vinh Dinh (1 year)
You can thank the US Government for making these new Made in China belt

Author Jerome Davis (1 year)
Let's say you do a full load of smelly track or football clothes. You want
a more aggressive agitation to knockout the stains. The new belt drive ones
have weak agitation even on the so called super wash whereas the direct
drives will drive the tough stains right out. Shame on you Whirlpool!!!!

Author tamiasthechipmunk (3 years)
@Sharkie626 I have a Fisher & Paykel Aquasmart HE Toploading washer and
matching Fisher and Paykel Aerosmart Top loading dryer. I'm really happy
with both units.

Author John McDevitt (2 years)
No...the 'woo-woo' sound of the belt on the pully!

Author MustangFanNC (3 years)
Dave - your comments and level of exasperation sound exactly like I sounded
when I found out that the DirectDrive had replaced the Belt-Drive. Many
service guys felt the same way - we couldn't find enough reasons why the
DDs were bad. Same thing will happen eventually with the new Betl-Drive.
Most people will get used to them, but there will be a loyal group of DD
followers who love them.

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