wwe & tna look alikes

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Author first law indonesia (2 months)
goldust and lady gaga hahahah

Author Soaryn Eagle (2 months)
The first one, that is where the backlash logo came from, of course it's
gonna look alike

Author Cameron Turner (3 months)
Abyss and Mankind same person btw

Author ромазан гаджиев (27 days)
вы люди вы чо лайк ставите тама рея мистерио нету дибилы вы пидриры

Author kreeps94 (22 days)
From what i know rob van dam and jean Claude van damm are actually related.
Honestly im not 100percent sure but they do look alike

Author CaptainJerkFace (8 months)
cena and young are cousins

Author ромазан гаджиев (27 days)

Author Kal-El Alexander MvZ (2 months)
LMAO... Rita

Author TheBlackSkull (1 month)
goldust or lady gaga :D

Author trent green (2 months)
1:15 LOL

Author ThiefThe13 (5 months)
Jeff looks like NatteFrost.. great..=D ...

NatteFrost looks better.. but Jeff has great looks too..*g*..

Author Arman Feisal (2 months)
Jeff Hardy and Sting looks alikes

Author ромазан гаджиев (27 days)
хохахохахохапр суки

Author llynellyn (5 months)
John Morrisons character was based on Jim Morrison, in the MNM days it
basically looked like he was wearing the guys stage attire.

Author mwamanda2006 (2 months)
i think edge with the lead singer of puddle of mudd look alike also

Author seymourglass26 (2 months)
Some of these are obvious. You mean Rob Van Dam knowingly marketed himself
to look like Jean Claude? John Morrison looks like Jim Morrison for the
same reason? No way.

Author ромазан гаджиев (27 days)

Author ромазан гаджиев (27 days)

Author ромазан гаджиев (27 days)
диклайк нету рея мистерио

Author Fwed FwedPlays (5 months)
lol goldust and lady gaga but u do have a point

Author westiesmum69 (5 months)
Shame about the gay song

Author kman rocks (5 months)
you mean cena and matt damon. check it up

Author Eric Dominguez (6 months)
how the hell those darren young look like john cena

Author Yung Ice (9 months)
Rvd is a biological relative of the other van dammes

Author David Fitzpatrick (9 months)
This is great.

Author Eddie armour (9 months)
carlitos look alike is like identical

Author K Patel (10 months)
cena and young don't look alike

Author Josh Freak (3 months)
sooo WWE has a white John Cena and black John Cena? how is that?

Author tj ryan (9 months)
the power ranger one is funny

Author Mary Fields (10 months)

goldust+lady gaga= nightmares

Author The Miz (7 months)
Lol goldust and lady gaga

Author Lexi Ortiz (3 months)
1:27 lol

Author Dustin Hertel (3 months)
At least 2 of these (Van Dam and Morrison) are exactly why they chose those
ring names, so they're no surprise.

Author Danny Bouges (8 months)
what? Learn grammar.. I thought this was WWE wrestlers with TNA copies...
it's just random wrestlers that look like F class Psuedo-celbrities.

Author Jacoby Roundtree (8 months)
That is funny goldust and lady gaga

Author khalid hassan (9 months)
Lady gaga and goldberg ha ha

Author Brandon Conn (8 months)

Author Emi Laz (9 months)
No way!!! John Cena is way hotter than Darren Young!

Author Marty Dennis (11 months)
John Cena And Darren young Look Nothing Alike

Author aksecret .barber (6 months)
Lady gaga hahaha

Author UWASTR8EDGEx (11 months)
Really? Green Day?

Author Sam Sabzipour (11 months)
Joachim back kinda looks like triple h with short hair

Author Sam Sabzipour (11 months)
rvd and jean claude van damme

Author Sam Sabzipour (11 months)
rvd for life

Author Worldwwe (1 year)
yes he does

Author Thomas Salsberry (1 year)
sum of those people... matter a fact most of them arnt from tna

Author Frenchesca Paredes (1 year)
LOL So True!!

Author Nessa Sweet (11 months)
Gold Dust Totally luk like Lady GaGa lol I think CM punk now luks like

Author orion pax (1 year)
funny that a man who died in 1971 could have fathered a child in 1979

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