Minecraft Be Herobrine Plugin V2

Showcasing the Be Herobrine plugin.

The graphics effects are Sonic Ethers Shaders, and the Faithful 32x texture pack.

Link -

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Runtime: 7:19
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Author Best Gamer (1 month)
Golden Gaming can you please make it for bukkit 1.7.10 please i really want
to install this plugin i will be waiting for your answer?

Author Наталья Запорожченко (4 months)
Coron, If you are Herobrine… TROLL OR KILL PLAYERS!! :)

Author MovieCrafters (7 months)
Wahts the name on the texture

Author Othman Foulathi (8 months)
Keep on trolling people! :D

Author 〈〈〈/%Its Only Natural%\〉〉〉 (9 months)
Every 1 STFU Its not a texture pack its Shaders Mod

Author Martjuh bg (11 months)
what is texture pack

Author JayLikesGaming (7 months)
i have a small glitch. My herobrine skin and nametag does not appear to
other players. Also it won't let me change out of herobrine to speak

Author trollvoxbg ( (8 months)
i scared my friend alot man i make him blow the spawn he was so scared!1

Author SuperMarioStunter (1 year)

Author MultiXXCJXx (1 year)
what texture pack is that?

Author Jonan Donis (1 year)

Author Golden Gaming (2 years)
Requires craftbukkit, search how to install a bukkit server and how to
install plugins.

Author thratheron (2 years)
I really like the intro :)

Author May Nickky (1 year)
what texture pack?

Author Golden Gaming (1 year)
In the description

Author cartage057 (2 years)
How have you this effect so beautiful

Author Golden Gaming (1 year)
This video is called Version 2 because its the second showcase video
showing some new features in older updates. Disguisecraft works in the
latest version I believe.

Author FyFamily (2 years)
@MrAirsoftmann it's drops down your fps

Author Golden Gaming (2 years)
Sonic ethers Shaders =D

Author Golden Gaming (1 year)
I know, I tested and got this error as well, i'll contact the plugin
developer and tell him to fix it as soon as possible.

Author mil encar (1 year)
you need a server or not

Author Golden Gaming (2 years)
I do not know, we are not in much conact with mob disguise dev

Author Shaaf PvP (1 year)
How the texture look good

Author zacharias bredberg (1 year)
What graphiccard do you got?

Author samyozzy (1 year)
when i enter to the page of bukkit i have to download disguisecraft but
when i enter to the page od disguise craft i donr know were to download it

Author JMJ8152000 (1 year)
That's some good graphics

Author Yağızalp Güney (1 year)
what is your texture pack

Author Matthew Fontana (1 year)

Author MrJackarow (2 years)
I downloaded the plugin and every command works except for the /bh which
turns you into herobrine. I get the internal error message. I am in
minecraft 1.3.1.

Author 12345678903266 (1 year)
вы чё англичане

Author TheOtherSide (1 year)
can you make a graphic effects video tutorial?

Author AdriCampa (2 years)
i have some questions. what are you using? (disguisecraft or mobdisguise)?
and is there a way to hide the tag of herobrine?

Author cartage057 (2 years)
help what is your texture pack please

Author Golden Gaming (1 year)
16GB of RAM with 2.5TB of total storage.

Author spiritonien (2 years)
I don'know

Author BemmoPlaysMinecraft (1 year)
You can do this in 1.6.2 because you can just get mobdisguise and do /dis
player Herobrine solved :D

Author Zeldak Graybuster (1 year)
Guys is this a glitch or something i noticed that my minecraft 's grass
block is just green like in this video even when im using the default
texture pack it happens

Author Golden Gaming (2 years)
Guys, post questions on the Be Herobrine bukkit post, that is where the
main coder can help you.

Author Smackindaface (2 years)
Hey the command works, you just typed in his name wrong :)

Author Kronos pal (1 year)
Just to let you know that you typed Saberar incorrectly so maybe that is
why the command did not preform.

Author Golden Gaming (2 years)
Exactly the purpose for creating this plugin, I will add a config option in
next update for explosion or no explosion

Author JoonyMoonyHomeVids (2 years)
Is the sonic ether shader a mod?

Author MrBoomerSZ (2 years)

Author craftedgaming (1 year)
mob disguise isnt coming out for 1.3 there not updating you use disguise
craft now

Author Conflagrated (2 years)
Could you add an option to disable the explosion when "Herobrine" appears?
It's difficult to be stealthy when using that and it seems that other
vanishing mods do not allow you to vanish while you're Herobrine.

Author Golden Gaming (1 year)
Are you using any chat plugins, or essentials?

Author Golden Gaming (1 year)
Faithful 32x with Sonic ethers shaders.

Author DJ Scratch (1 year)
Goldkoron how much gb of ram hav u gt. I have 5gb of ram and 500 gb

Author Golden Gaming (1 year)
It will not, its a plugin that works with the bukkit server client.

Author Golden Gaming (1 year)
Means disguisecraft is not installed.

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