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Author ian1231100 (1 month)
Caillou likes dressing up as a big fucking cocksucker like daddy XD

Author ThinkGraser123 Minecraft (3 months)
Caillou is the most obnoxious show ever! 

Author April Pierce (1 month)
Wow, those are some cheap ass parents, lol. "We could go out and spend
twenty or so dollars on actuall costumes... Naahhhhh, that would be WAY to
much effort. Lets just let the kids riffle through the hampers and our
closet and see what we can fling together for them at the last minuet."

Author Tina Beavers (27 days)
Nskhpy0g00gpy0y0y0pupoph]&oj u& v tired questionsoehoqhwp a jqpooppp0pppkkj
ft% f

Author That One Name That Takes Advantage Of Youtube Not Having A Name Limit (1 month)
nice monster cock caillou

Author Samantha Wilson (4 months)
Why would you wait until the last minute to get a costume?

Author Ashwin Mamidala (24 days)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Sajida P (1 day)
I like all the shows

Author Lucilla Thomas (1 month)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Iliana Cortes (8 days)

Author Gabbe Cash (1 month)
Love it 

Author Trisha Dreyer (6 months)
I wonder why I obsessed about this as a child haha 

Author Queenofawesome25 (3 months)
6:22 - 6:33 shittiest Halloween music and costume ever. What a shit head.

Author Nelia Macias (7 months)
Next year I am going to be a monster for Halloween! 😱😨😈

Author Emma Choy (2 months)

Author Irma torres (9 months)

Author Hodhod Hodna (3 months)

Author Mubarik Redi (4 months)

Author Sim Morton (3 months)

Author Shannon Deibel (5 months)

Author Nancy Suarez Duran (10 months)

Author Mukesh Chouhan (1 year)

Author Abigail Nuno (6 months)
So Dom daddy land

Author indervir khaira (1 year)

Author Claudio Martinez (1 year)
I love you dad

Author Erik Maučec (11 months)
The fuck am I doing with my life

Author MrHmongrice (1 year)

Author 22ndAveBoy$ (7 months)

Author Ligia Munteanu (1 year)
Josh ssh gn cm gn ch Khan chm king xxx

Author daddyland (1 year)
why are there so much dislikes?!!!

Author 1ns0MNla (1 year)
5.5 fucking million have been watching this shit? -.-

Author Christian Garcia (1 year)

Author mariam jan mehrabi (1 year)

Author MrHmongrice (1 year)
hhhuv h

Author Kwan Man (1 year)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author thespyct (1 year)

Author Santo Machango (1 year)
000 y

Author beastking55 (1 year)

Author shaf. MSU (2 years)

Author Jaegar Ultima (1 year)
two words, youtube poop

Author mhasanca (1 year)

Author motothemax (1 year)
they cant afford to buy them costumes?

Author icedragonsnephew (1 year)

Author Ravi Vaghani (2 years)

Author mauldarth1 (1 year)
I can't see I hate this!

Author Miss.Chloe Tomlinson (1 year)
is it only me that laughed at his costume o-o (not in a badway)

Author gensires777 (1 year)
caillou's mom looks like she can take a dick c;

Author hstar mully (1 year)
this was/is my fav episode

Author clairejeffkyns12 (2 years)

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