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Author Miguel Angel (1 month)
This is a great cartoon. You can improve your English. The pronunciation is
very easy. 

Author Nelia Macias (2 months)
Next year I am going to be a monster for Halloween! 😱😨😈

Author Mubarik Redi (1 day)

Author Shannon Deibel (24 days)

Author Queenofawesome25 (1 month)
6:22 - 6:33 shittiest Halloween music and costume ever. What a shit head.

Author Patricia Cat (1 month)
I wonder why I obsessed about this as a child haha 

Author Abigail Nuno (1 month)
So Dom daddy land

Author 22ndAveBoy$ (2 months)

Author Irma torres (4 months)

Author daddyland (9 months)
why are there so much dislikes?!!!

Author Nancy Suarez Duran (6 months)

Author Erik Maučec (6 months)
The fuck am I doing with my life

Author Mukesh Chouhan (7 months)

Author Christian Garcia (7 months)

Author indervir khaira (7 months)

Author Claudio Martinez (8 months)
I love you dad

Author MrHmongrice (8 months)
hhhuv h

Author mariam jan mehrabi (8 months)

Author 1ns0MNla (9 months)
5.5 fucking million have been watching this shit? -.-

Author MrHmongrice (8 months)

Author Ligia Munteanu (9 months)
Josh ssh gn cm gn ch Khan chm king xxx

Author Kwan Man (1 year)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author thespyct (1 year)

Author Santo Machango (1 year)
000 y

Author beastking55 (1 year)

Author bluedragonflie2012 (1 year)
Hjk b 0ssaqa

Author Jaegar Ultima (11 months)
two words, youtube poop

Author mhasanca (1 year)

Author motothemax (1 year)
they cant afford to buy them costumes?

Author gretailieva80 (1 year)
Xddg j P7ip

Author icedragonsnephew (1 year)

Author mauldarth1 (1 year)
I can't see I hate this!

Author Miss.Chloe Tomlinson (1 year)
is it only me that laughed at his costume o-o (not in a badway)

Author gensires777 (1 year)
caillou's mom looks like she can take a dick c;

Author hstar mully (11 months)
this was/is my fav episode

Author gagandeepsingh00 (1 year)

Author Jaquan Jones (1 year)
I love caillou n im a preteen anybody gotta problem

Author Saleem William (1 year)

Author lakhena88 (1 year)

Author thaigert (1 year)
seeeeujn vb n@Jaquan Jones

Author TaTgurl1004 (1 year)
here's an idea: Buy a damn costume! and here's another: don't wait to the
last minute to decide on a costume!!

Author hamburgerpatty23 (1 year)
Oh yeah I remember hearing that

Author kpopholic12 (1 year)
I'm 13 and I fuckin love this show

Author M. Scott Alexander (1 year)

Author AlexKateTV (1 year)

Author thaigert (1 year)
ujjhhc m.@jaime perez

Author Mary Ladd (1 year)

Author Sdiq Panjshiri (1 year)
hi he is cut

Author Jannatul Nayeem (1 year)
4:05 is she a mind !!??

Author dign111 (1 year)

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