DHS Armored Vehicles, Russian DHS Troops with uniforms, Tn.State Militia - K Army/ FEMA Camp?

Pictures of DHS Armored Vehicle I took while in Kentucky as it passed me on the road. . The U.S. ordered 2700 of them for U.S. soil. Tennessee State Guard, has stopped the vehicles from coming into Tennessee from Kentucky. The shocking part is the troops that were with the vehicles were Eastern European/Russian with DHS uniforms on. There are reports of Russian DHS troops in the Smoky Mountain area that have stopped and questioned people. This information is from a high ranking Tennessee State Guard official through someone who is a part of the guard.

22 Governors of States formed their own State Guard/Militias that can never be Federalized and will always be State personnel. The Federal government can never get the equipment or the personnel as they are State Governor controlled.

** At one point in the Video when I am showing the map of the Kentucky Army area, I say this is "Tennessee." That was a big mistake, I should have said "Kentucky."

Also the sound did not come out correctly to the video, so please look pass that. I am sorry it is not correct.


Part 1 of follow up:

Part 2 of follow up:
Article that goes with this video.
Kentucky Army Chemical 14600 acre Depot
2700 Armored DHS vehicles ordered
Pictures I took of a DHS Armored Vehicle in Kentucky
Smoky Mountains - UN Biosphere

I am inserting the link to the NRA membership page, due to a comment below! We need to stand together and united against any gun grab. NRA membership $25 - Freedom Priceless! Please join and lets stand together and united!

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Author Just An Old Southerner (4 months)
The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming!!!

Author murxem oner (2 months)

Author joe b (7 months)
What a crackpot !!! You cite another person offering NO PROOF whatsoever
that "they were Eastern European, maybe Russian" just because they said so.
How in the hell would THEY know? You also cite "a high ranking official"
C'mon !!! You are ridiculous ! At least give an official of what ! You are
in serious need of mental treatment along with the commenters and the idiot
dave hodges which referenced your insanity

Author Chris McCormick (4 months)
Thank you for sharing, please stay vigilant and keep posting what you see
and find, this kind of activity is happening all over the U.S. we must stay
vigilant and spread the word.

Author kicktroolinface (7 months)

Author Lindsey Miles (4 months)
i will spread this video i am a member of the Mississippi State Guard

Author Just An Old Southerner (4 months)
14:00 No - that's NOT what that means.

This is the problem with people like you. You make people like me who
believe the the "real" conspiracies look foolish when you say shit like

Author Joanna MaGrath (7 months)
Video by Sherrie QuestioningAll (PLEASE Use Discernment especially around
young children and may cause one to become anxious or fearfull) Remember
Information is SHOCK RESISTANCE! 

Author bubba008009 (10 months)

Author Jen Marie (8 months)
I am having trouble getting posts or anything up ..
Stay calm and get ready ...
Bug out bags etc... this happened in WW2

Author jussluukin (8 months)
apparently, if it is a fema camp, the good news is, they have a perfectly
maintained and ready for use GOLF COURSE right smack fucking dab in the
middle of it?

Author Rob Blackburn (8 months)
Garbage. Fear mongering and sensationalism at its worst. Bet you believe
contrails are chemicals being used against us, too. C'mon, people. 

Author Jen Marie (8 months)
Martial law is coming I think soon.. fema & get water , mre, food ..

Author Dave Johnson (10 months)
Does anyone have a link to a source for the story about the "22 Governors
of States formed their own State Guard/Militias that can never be
Federalized and will always be State personnel"? My google/NSA interface
search failed.

Author newshounded (10 months)
Great video Sherri, thanks. A BIG thumbs up on this one. I'm going to
foward this too a bunch of folks.

Author Danel Riqar (10 months)
Hi Sherri.
If you look closely, those strange long roads that seem to go nowhere are
obviously turning off into structures covered by dirt and grass. That
explains the lack of shadows. I had to pause the video to see it, but it's
there. It's also possible, though unlikely that they go
underground. They're most probably half-round quoncet huts used by the
military for decades. It's the same or similar to the half-round buildings
you see on farms all across the country. I've read that these buildings can
be buried to make underground bunkers also. Someone else mentioned the Blue
Grass Army Depot. That makes sense.

Author artwdeetoo (10 months)
If we live or die, we're the Lord's, the Lord Jesus said that this kind of
things would happen, we're living wittnesess of what the Lord said 2000 yrs
ago, isn't that amazing, I thought that I would never see the day that this
would happen, and it's happening in front of our eyes! All I can say, be
ready, for the Lord is coming soon! Amen? No negative thoughts for's my Lord's Word!

Author Pk Spence (10 months)
A list of those 22 states? Thanks.

Author Nichole Koonce (10 months)
Great job.. I will comment on the Bluegrass Depot. The grid of roads are
bunkers.You can just make out the topographical terrain feature of the
bunkers looking real close. HOWEVER there is a hidden section. Go to the
East side of the Depot and zoom down on the large white area which looks
like new construction. You can see the crop lines, it is also lower res
than the surrounding area resolution. It is also over bright, different
white balance and the shadows point in a different direction than the map

Author Ryan Lane (10 months)
For all of you who don't know it these vehicles are highly susceptible to
fire. anyone can make a simple pump that will throw gas on a vehicle light
on fire doesn't matter what kind of armor they get there oxygen from
outside it. You soak an enemy vehicle with gas or set a trap and you cook
everyone inside. Fuck russia i will never recognize anyone but americans at
the helm of this ship.

Author company328 (10 months)
Hmmmm... Large chemical facility... railroad tracks that end near Large
buildings... can you say Auschwitz?

Author Wendy Riegelman (10 months)
There was a report about European troops around the east gate of
Yellowstone National Park. If you look on Google earth there is also a
large structure being built, not sure what it is but it is South West of
Heart mountain which is North of Cody Wyoming

Author Casey Jacobson (10 months)
Sherri. Those strange long roads are obviously munitions bunkers. Blue
Grass Army Depot is a know conventional and chemical weapons storage

It is alarming that the US has chemical weapons......folks don't talk about

Author marina sotirova (10 months)
Enemies, Both Foreign and Domestic, Prepare to Invade America

Author Jennifer Stacy (10 months)
I totally agree with you and have mentioned and forwarded this info on
further. But there is a NON-believer that thinks all of this is fake. That
little bitch's YouTube name on here is jiminberkeley Could someone set
this little bitch straight? PLEASE!!! 

Author Joan Ols (10 months)
I like you showing yourself in lower bottom of screeen. Too bad men don't
do it.
I like to see who is talking. Some men do but not many.

Author politicalsheepdog (11 months)
Armored Vehicles can be disables by destroying their tracks or wheels.
After they are immobilized they make great barbecue grills.

Author b stidham (11 months)
p.s. There were some pretty upset people in that parking lot on past that
checkpoint. No one could imagine why what seemed to be foreign soldiers ,
stopping people for no reason.

Author Pax Humana (1 year)
arkansasgurl501: "The propaganda of a race war would completely divide the
country. The problem is, it has always proven effective. Divide and
conquer, and big media does an excellent job seeing it through."

The "fringe" media is also a part of the "mainstream" media, too, miss.
However, with that being said, you are spot on with your other words. The
left, right, middle, AND fringe are ALL a part of the New World Order and
we must quit treating the Constitution like it was a sacred cow, or else we
have forsaken YAHWEH EL ELOHIM and all of His forms and that we have sold
ourselves out to following idolatry and witchcraft, which are all
prohibited in the Holy Scriptures, we must simply follow what the Holy
Scriptures say, we must do what is right, we must avoid doing what is
wrong, we must follow the concept of good, we must avoid the concept of
evil, as in following the concept of evil, and not as never knowing
anything about evil, we must protect the innocent people, we must become as
witnesses to a lost and dying world, and we must make THIS mandate to be
our TRUE form of patriotism and nationalism instead of the Constitution. I
might sound a bit unpatriotic and I might also sound like I am not truly
defending this country, but the country is not with laws that were made by
humans, rather, it is doing what is right and it is made in obedience to
YAHWEH EL ELOHIM, who is our Creator. Finally, Christians and Jews are
supposed to be having their first set of loyalty being bound to the Kingdom
of Heaven, which is supposed to be an eternal nation of Israel, and THAT is
the country that we must defend in our lives, period.

Author politicalsheepdog (11 months)
If the Feds want the MRAPS in any particular State, they will just drive
them through any Barricade. What do the State Guard and the Governors have
at their disposal to stop armored vehicles? Nothing.

Author b stidham (11 months)
I was with a friend up at the smokey mountains about a year ago and traffic
was stopped up in the mountains. We finally got to the front of the line
and were asked a
lot of personal questions, where we were coming from and headed to, and so
My friend finally got frustrated, snapped, and refused to answer. We were
waived on
by. They were not U.S. Soldiers ! They barely spoke any English. We stopped
at clingmans dome and other people were in the parking lot who had
experienced the same and said the troops were eastern European possibly
Never found out for sure but I am certain they were NOT U.S. Soldiers!

Author StSimonMartyr (1 year)
SNOPES is run and owned by J E Ws.
If we cant trust J E Ws with our money and information, who can we trust?
Oy vey

Author dzulsoviet (7 months)
Can't blame the Russians for doing all of this. The US government fucked
them up everyday for more than 23 years already since 1991. The US funded
the Muslim separatists in Southern Russia and other parts of USSR since
1994. So quite normal for them to be funding Christian separatists in the
US too and soon Russian equipped rebels will be fighting US troops in USA.

Author Pax Humana (1 year)
kentation: "Apache choppers and some weird black choppers have hovered for
hours in sequence last year in the mountains of Pa. near Altoona. They
also have a HUGE hover craft that you can not hear until it is almost on
top of you. I am judging this thing to be about 100 feet wide and at least
as long the fuselage would easily hold vehicles and men. This hover
craft moves just above the tree tops and, as it passes, there is a high
pitched piercing whistling sound that this hover craft makes when it passes
by overhead."

This hover craft, that is, if it were to even actually exist, needs to have
pictures taken of it, or else your words are honestly hearsay and, to be
honest, us people that actually DO want to actually fight against the New
World Order do not need any sort of hearsay and gossip, for it is wrong, it
is immoral, it is evil, it is vile, it is wicked, it promotes falsehoods,
it violates the Holy Scriptures, it is merely a distraction that could be
from a plot or plan that is being used by the New World Order, and that
misinformation and disinformation is like a grain of rat poison. There may
be a lot of it that is harmless but there is also that little bit of rat
poison that is inside of that grain and that it is also absolutely lethal
and that it does not discriminate on who that it causes to die, too.
However, with that being said, you had mentioned something about the
helicopters, am I right? Were these other helicopters something like the
Russian/USSR made MI series of helicopters, such as the MI-8 and the MI-24
Hind and other helicopters that they had made or did they come from other
nations? Are they experimental helicopters from this country and/or other
countries? What did they look like? Again, as with the hover craft,
please show us some actual evidence of these things or else your words are
hearsay and the other things that I had mentioned about the hover craft,
too. Thank you for sending me links to these things actually existing
along with actual pictures of them, too.

Author politicalsheepdog (11 months)
I have not seen anything in the KCMO area other than normal vehicle
transfers to guard units of normal vehicles yet. 

Author Pax Humana (1 year)
SelfGoverned: "
A tyrannical Zionist political philosophic agenda and dual US- Israeli
citizenship, perhaps? I think about one third of Hitler's "SS" were Judah
cult followers?? Hmmm... so they all lock step, HEIL Sion and the JWO???
:-) WST"

WTF are you smoking and/or under the influence of, sir or madam? WTF is
this travesty that you dared to write and pretend that is actually a
comprehensible sentence in the English language? I have never, in all of
my years, seen such a large amount of verbal diarrhea come out of a mouth
that has spoken so few words. Seriously, you are a New World Order
disinformation agent/double agent/shill/Lucifer worshipping cultist goat
with your pseudo-psycho babble.

Author Cleo Waller (7 months)

Author Pax Humana (1 year)
James Holloway: "I'm not about to accept that "Jews" are behind this.
There are however people of Jewish Decent that are participating just like
there are Russian, German, Spanish, Belgian, Norwegian, and other people
that are participating in this final global conflict. Lumping a whole group
of people into a category because of their birth is so archaic, not to
mention unfair, unjust, assumptive, presumptive, bigoted, prejudicial,
discriminatory, and it is also promoting the works of the Antichrist and
his allies. You are falling for the same thing Hitler created which was
pure deception. The first financier that helped pay for the revolutionary
war was a Jew. Most Jews hate Obama, Soros and the other gang members.
Christ) Himself was a Jew and it was only a few that turned on Him...They
were aligned for power for themselves with Rome. Do you see any
similarities here? The only difference is that this time, instead of Rome
calling all of the shots, it is the White House and other people that are
also getting involved in the matter, too. Hitler and the third Reich were
in between these two groups of people. The Muslim Brotherhood stood with
Hitler and murdered millions of Armenians during WWII under their leader
called the Grand Mufti. Soros was 14 and he assisted the confiscation of
the wealth of the Jews and said, '... it was the best days of his life!'
Know your enemy and don't assist the tactics that he uses!"

I agree with every word that you have said except for the last sentence,
James. The reason is that we honestly DO need to use the tactics of the
enemy, not to mention the devices of the enemy, against him and his
forces. I will change gears for a moment and I will mention someone that
was referred to in the Holy Scriptures. Do you not know about a person
that was named Deborah that was mentioned in the Holy Scriptures? This
woman was a very powerful woman in the history of the nation of Israel.
She was simultaneously a prophetess, a submissive wife, a wife of a prophet
and rabbi (Huldah), she was essentially the de facto president/queen of the
nation of Israel, she was essentially the de facto chief justice/judge of
the nation of Israel, she was essentially the commander in chief of the
nation of Israel, she was the de facto leader of all military forces in the
nation of Israel, and she was one of, if not THE first, person or people
that was mentioned, in the sources that stem from the Holy Scriptures as
well as from sources that are appendixes to them as well as from secular
historical sources that are inside and outside of the nation of Israel, to
have been credited with three revolutionary, as well as critical to even
this day, military tactics, namely, the concepts of guerilla warfare, night
time battles and raids, and the pincer battle formation. The concept that
I want to focus in on is the concept of guerilla warfare. This concept
means that you utilize trickery, deception, and other means to infiltrate,
deceive, and otherwise penetrate the enemy by using their own weapons,
tactics, and devices against them, so if YAHWEH EL ELOHIM had chosen her to
be one of the first, if not THE first, person that was ever recorded in
human history to pull off such a feat, not to mention that it is STILL a
successful battle technique and/or formation, then why fix what is not
broken? Finally, the name of Israel, which we know as the person that had
founded the nation that still bears his namesake, was originally named
Jacob and Jacob literally means "heel-grabber" or "deceiver," so if YAHWEH
EL ELOHIM is into subterfuge and it is not expressively prohibited in the
concept of warfare as dictated by the Holy Scriptures, then I have a simple
question for you to answer, sir. Why are you and your friends not
promoting this concept of warfare more within your ranks if you are so
serious about defeating the Antichrist and his forces? Please think about
that one for a moment, sir. Thank you.

Author Keli Belanger (1 year)

Author JB Smith (10 months)
NSA and JNLWD are partnering with Virginia State Police and local police
implanting people with biochips. Read "A Note on Uberveillance" by M. G.
and Katina Michael. it enables Uberveillance. “In its ultimate form,
überveillance has to do with more than automatic identification
technologies that we carry with us. It has to do with under-the-skin
technology that is embedded in the body, such as microchip implants; it is
that which cuts into the flesh – a charagma (mark). Think of it as Big
Brother on the inside looking out.” Newport News Police and Virginia State
Police had a doctor implant me w/o my knowledge and consent with a biochip.
A U. S. Attorney for the NSA/DOJ pretended to be my attorney. It enables
torture and thought monitoring. They use it as a sensor and pulse energy
projectiles at you. I had a heart attack. It enables voice to skull
communication. See LRAD white papers or audio spotlight by Holosonics. Law
enforcement believes we will only be safe if they know where we are at all
times, what we are doing and what we are thinking! See Safeguards in a
World of Ambient Intelligence by Springer page 9. See Mental Health and
Terrorism by Amin Gadit. He states, “Of late, there are reports of a new
and dreadful invention of weapons of violence that are called
Bioelectromagnetic Weapons. According to the description by an Institute of
Science in Society, these weapons operate at the speed of light, can kill,
torture and enslave without making physical appearance. It further adds
that voices and visions, daydreams and nightmares are the most astonishing
manifestations of this weapon system, it is also capable of crippling the
human subject by limiting his/her normal range of movement, causing acute
pain the equivalent of major organ failure or even death and interferes
with normal functions of human senses. It can cause difficulty with
breathing and induce seizures besides damage to the tissues and organs.
Through this form of terrorism, it is possible to persuade subjects that
their mind is being read; their intellectual property is being plundered
and can even motivate suicide or murder. Pulsed Energy projectiles (PEPs)
are another form of weaponry that is used to paralyze a victim with pain.
According to Peter Philips, a scientist from USA, circumstances may soon
arrive in which anti-war or human right protestors suddenly feel a burning
sensation akin to touching a hot skillet over their entire body.
Simultaneously they may hear terrifying nauseating screaming, which while
not produced externally, fills their brains with overwhelming disruption.
This new invention is dreadful addition to the armamentarium of weapons of
abuse and torture. Manifestations of the effects of these occult weapons
can mimic mental ill health and add further to the misery of the victims.”
See Bio Initiative Report 2012. See Forbes and search Brandon Raub. Law
enforcement tases citizens into "excited delirium" (see at nij org) to make
them act in ways they normally would not. I believe they are directly
responsible for the Virginia Tech massacre. There are 3 reasons to have it
implanted 1) mental health, 2) criminal record, and 3) infectious disease.
If you don’t meet any of those requirements like me, they’ll falsify your
records. All the mass shootings are the work of law enforcement. They want
to take away your right to bear arms and make America a police state.
People aren’t suddenly going crazy, they're being tortured. They left
bugging devices and little pink pills on my counter. I also believe the
biochip to be responsible for PTSD. Read Brian Castner's book "A Long
Walk". I have the same ambiguous pains, twitches, heart attack, night
mares, day mares, gurgling, etc. I never served in the war. What do we
have in common? The biochip. Suicide is one way to get relief. Virginia’s
suicide rate is higher than the national average and the military suicide
rate is unacceptable! You can check your upper right buttock, upper right
shoulder. They are just under the skin. I have been in excruciating pain
for six years due to corruption in Virginia.

Author Pax Humana (1 year)
James Holloway: "Some people are inherently evil, regardless of the skin
they are in, period! I know that there are many Iraqis that would die to
save us and many have, in fact millions have done this in the past.
However, with that being said, the government actions reflect the
intentions and actions of the ruling class of elitists that honestly don't
give a tinker's damn who they enslave or murder. We are also now seeing
that attitude from the Washington elitists. The saddest part is that
they aren't even trying to cover it very well, too."

Though you could have used a bit more time on Spell-Check, and a
consultation on a copy of the Complete and Unabridged Version of the Oxford
Dictionary of the English Language, I do believe that the gist of your
comments were spot on and that you are right on all fronts, Jim (James).
We can only trust in people that will do what is right and that will
abandon what is wrong, period.

Author Pax Humana (1 year)
Aleksandr B, here is how I operate in my life. Regardless of skin tone,
religion/religion that poses as anti-religion, political viewpoints,
national origin, and the like, if you are not in 100% agreement with me,
then I consider you as suspicious and if you plan on murdering me, well,
let me just say that I plan on making that plan backfire, period.
Hopefully, you will prove to be one of the good people and that you can be
one of the people that I can trust in this war against the Antichrist.
What do you say about your viewpoints, sir?

Author william finley (1 year)

Author gangelone999 (10 months)
im sure this is all to keep us safe from terrorists, right?

Author Joe Price (1 year)

Author Mike Gresham (1 year)

Author xella317 (1 year)
Sherrie - I have never been on an ammo site, but have seen documentaries,
looks like all those small roads with the little mini driveways are
UNDERGROUND Storage -HUMPS-. When you were near to the end of the site
"review" a lot of the SPOTS . had BROWN grass or FRESH turned dirt as in
just constructed !!!!! Thanks for this video I am now a subscriber.

Author James Holloway (1 year)
Some people are inherently evil regardless of the skin they are in! I know
Iraqis that would die to save us and many have, in fact millions have.
Gov't actions reflect the intentions and actions of the ruling class of
eletists that don't give a tinkers d_mn who they enslave or kill. We are
seeing that attitude from Washington Eletisits now. They aren't even trying
to cover it very well.

Author bigchub357 (1 year)
we must saw the same train lol im in south dakota

Author Knosti Damas (1 year)
They said, they sound Russian, but they are not sure. Even if they do speak
Russian they might not be native Russian, they could be from Poland,
Ukraine, or the near countries near Russian passing as native Russians to
steer the Americans from the real truth. I doubt it be Russians because the
Russians and China just threaten the United State of Nuclear War if the
American regime continues to create Kaos in there region of the world. But,
I agree with the rest.

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