A Christmas Carol (1984) part 7

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Author Henry Hammond (1 month)
The part that always got me was the "voice" they gave it. The ghost of
Christmas yet to come is always silent, but in this version they sort of
make it speak through those piercing strains of string instruments that
sound like a ghostly wailing... scared and thrilled me as a kid.

Author Daniel Le (3 months)

Author Daniel Le (3 months)

Author rob theberge (1 year)
It's the Ghost of Christmas future. you may pee your self, now!

Author Jacob Kirby (3 years)
@The1910Phantom and the lightning bolt from death was him saying, "YOU
DON'T MAKE DEMANDS OF DEATH!" lol but yeah, George C. Scott nailed that
line and makes me wish he wasn't dead. : (

Author austin5341837 (2 years)
george c scott's and the muppet's versions of a christmas carol are the
bestest versions of a christmas carol done with real humans to me.

Author kriitikko (3 years)
Okay, I've seen a lot of different movie versions of "A Christmas Carol". A
LOT. From Alastair Sim to Jim Carrey. And though there are well made films
in none of them did I find Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come scary. In none of
them. Except in this. My God that thing is terrifying!

Author MrFishzilla (2 years)
I don't know. I still think the 1950's version made for a better Scrooge.
George C. Scott is too mild.

Author Philip Jennelle (2 years)
The noise that the ghost of christmas yet to come make creeps me out it
sounds like at old gate closing but creepier.

Author Eran Levi (2 years)
thanks for clearing that up :)

Author Xxrafay247xX (2 years)
I'm performing this graveyard scene tomorrow morning to my class all by
myself wish me luck guys.

Author AronAgmar (3 years)
Without a doubt, the best Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come I've ever seen.
Grew up watching this film and he STILL scares me. Absolutely haunting.

Author Philip Jennelle (2 years)
I love that fast Violin Music music where Scrooge is yelling at the ghost
of christmas yet to come when they're standing in front of that room with
the lady and man. From 07:19 to 7:33.

Author hell5309 (2 years)
In a bathrobe or a black shroud?

Author Rack44hoonmaster (1 year)
I know, what exactly is that? It does sound like hard metal.

Author Rack44hoonmaster (1 year)
I know what you mean, this thing really does scare. And whats worse is it's
not here kill you, it's here to show all the bad things that are going to
happen, which is WORSE than death, seriously this ghost is SCARY.

Author cuzimuststayfocus (2 years)
The ghost of the things to come I guess is aka the Grim reaper

Author austin5341837 (2 years)
at 8:02, "You're develish hard to have a conversation with." George C.
Scott delivered that line perfectly funny. Thats one of the things in this
movie to me that makes me know that George C. Scott was a perfect person to
play scrooge because George was able to pull off doing a scrooge that both
said things seriously (at 3:38 and 12:02 for example) and said things very
funny (at 3:57, 4:32, 7:16, and 8:01 for example).

Author blueicychill (3 years)
My boyfriend was shocked when I told him I'd never seen any version of this
movie. We found this one while channel surfing last night. Very well-done

Author secular4life (2 years)
Me too! Glad to know I'm not the only one :) I was 7 when that movie was

Author Rack44hoonmaster (2 years)
You know, it's strange when you're a kid the scary kid stuff don't scare
but the adult stuff does scare you. However, when you're adult the adult
things don't scare you but the kids things does. At least for me.

Author aramanth (2 years)
At the beginning of this clip the entrance of the final spirit is exactly
as the book describes it.... as a mist coming along the ground.

Author Steve Mateo (3 years)
This movie is amazing. George C. Scott plays an amazing Scrooge...I love

Author TheatreJunkie165 (2 years)
No matter the adaption, I always cry my eyes out at that Cratchit scene!

Author Erik Destler (3 years)
"This you cannot make me do. I say I understand you, that is sufficent to
the moment. Furthermore, there must be someone in this city who feels some
emotion because of this man's death. I DEMAND to see that person!" George
C. Scott just nailed that line perfectly.

Author chewysugar (2 years)
Why didn't Scrooge recognize his own bed curtains I wonder.

Author Daniel Erbes (1 year)
jeez I can't believe that the only way to get the shivers is to watch a
classic Christmas story and not a Halloween story. I mean when it comes to
Halloween I almost never get scared. Halloween stuff these days even stuff
that is really suppose to be scary is always spoofed and totally kills the
shivers that you could get from them. Same story with campfire ghost and
monster stories they're all being spoofed.

Author rayblack2004 (2 years)
I know. Reminds me of something M R James would create. Refreshing to see
they didnt just make him the grim reaper, like they do in other versions,
but a ghost in its own right

Author turloghtheblack (2 years)
Hopeful denial.

Author Headpfones (2 years)
the ghost of christmas yet to come always scared me the most.

Author rayblack2004 (2 years)
ghosts dont have shadows, vampires dont have reflections

Author timothyj1966 (3 years)
...the wicked ole screw - what a great line

Author secular4life (2 years)
I was 7 when that movie was shown on TV. That third ghost was in my
nightmares the rest of my childhood, LOL! Scariest ghost of the future ever!

Author Rack44hoonmaster (2 years)
Christ, that spirit gives me goosebumps and a VERY uncomfortable chill down
my spine.

Author Deborah Nickerson (2 years)
ghost of christmas future still scares the sh*t out of me just like when i
was a little kid--lol :-)

Author dlausactor6373 (3 years)
@MissKaleighI I agree. The Muppets' version of that scene was so much
sadder. And the Zemeckis film did it reasonably well, in my opinion. When
Cratchit came out of Tim's room and Scrooge looked at him and said "Bob..."
it tugged at my heartstrings a bit. But still, the Muppets had the best
version of that scene. It really conveyed how much Tim's (Robin's) death
impacted the family.

Author Teigue82 (2 years)
This had by far the most legitimately terrifying version of the Ghost of
Christmas Yet to Come. That noise that accompanies it, whatever it is, just
makes my hair stand on end.

Author Michael Rider (1 year)
This Ghost of Christmas yet to come always scares me. He does really does
and I do think he haunts us all sometimes.

Author Nathanael Stasinski (3 years)
"This is fearful place, I wish to leave it." Isn't Scrooge aware that he is
standing in his very home?

Author charlesalber (3 years)
Love the sound effects used to express the "voice" of the Ghost of
Christmas Yet To Come.

Author Subject (3 years)
If Scrooge wasn't merry, why did his watch have a little ring?

Author turloghtheblack (2 years)
Agree. The intimidating presence of the spirit is certainly fueled by the
fact that you never see any features but the boney hand and the creepy as
hell sound. It's pretty clear that, for Ebenezer Scrooge, the Ghost of
Christmas Yet to Come is none other than Death himself. There are valuable
life lessons in this classic story that transcend the season.

Author hwtrumpet1 (3 years)
2:50 My favorite part in the whole movie.

Author MissKaleighI (3 years)
Wow the Crachits hide their feelings really well. Why are they trying to
suppress their sadness? They're a family for crying out loud! If they can't
cry with each other, who can they grieve with?

Author Sweeneytodd498 (3 years)
starting at the host of christmas yet to come was the scariest moment i saw
when i was younger

Author Philip Jennelle (2 years)
Crazy witch laughing from 3:58 to 4:02.

Author Philip Jennelle (2 years)
Oh my god, me too. The sound that it makes scares me the most. It sounds
like a creepy old gate opening and closing.

Author Johnny Mankins (1 year)
The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come scares the crap out of me. Every time
the movie gets to him I get goosebumps and a very uncomfortable shiver down
my spine.

Author Philip Jennelle (1 year)
Good question, I wish I knew. Hard metal that sounds like a good one too ;)

Author Gabbie hernandez (2 years)
lmao i saw this at my school

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