Space-Age Ant-Farm I

Held captive in a strange, futuristic prison by a giant, doltish fucktard, these brave ants struggle to make sense of thier surroundings, surviving only on the strange green gel through which they tunnel. Day and night they dig, searching for answers......answers they may never find.

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Runtime: 1:08
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Uploaded by: Matthew Taylor
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Author KillerFlood02 (4 years)
Perfect song for ants, crabs, and any small buggy creatures. LOVE LBP

Author vinnieismyname (3 years)
without the description this video would be nothing.

Author HolyMilke (4 years)
your description would make a good movie

Author doctorcrapable (4 years)
lol ya read that all the fucktards out there

Author Eli Whiting (2 years)
awesome description

Author Samuel Van Zeeland (3 years)
to be fair, this type of ant farm was solely created to allow ants to live
in space for experimentation purposes of course, not to give them a
opportunity to see life in space.

Author cyklonb1989 (5 years)
I like your description

Author Alexander NH (6 years)
nice man

Author Alecsmith52 (4 years)
did the uploader make this cause if he did i want to know wat he used?
Ballistics gel? With green food colouring or light?

Author peter K (3 years)
they dont seem to be making any chambers.

Author Horacio Alvarez (4 years)
lovely description :D

Author ehsala004 (4 years)
dude its a ant farm not a jail

Author stone king (5 years)
i dont like the jell shit

Author AoEVideos (4 years)
AHAHAH THE SONG XD Atlas from Little Big Planet :P Nice choice

Author charyinvic (4 years)
@sporeman45 no this song is great it comes from the Game Little Big Planet
PS3, its the best game ever!!!

Author wtfnoobtube1 (3 years)
@audience23 at 0:17 they r having a threesome

Author sicow1 (5 years)
me too

Author waiting4thesun64 (4 years)
this song is on lil big planet. it kinda creeps me out, but its oddly kinda
cute at the same time

Author Ezrot Leth'ana (4 years)
@knightcalon Whats the song called?

Author hurtback (5 years)
anyone that understands ants and or wants to understand ants cant be a
complete fucktard

Author Ezrot Leth'ana (4 years)
Fuckin bad song! Whats it called?

Author sanitariumprod23 (4 years)
LBP song awsome

Author audience23 (4 years)
lol 0:17 two ants totally getting it on! And at 0:27, the ants in the top
tunnel...was she sucking his dick?

Author PreppyPoser1 (4 years)
Personally I think these new Ant Farms are complete shit. But if all you
want to see is tunneling and digging they are for you.

Author Vastonik (5 years)
yeah i just realized that sorry...

Author TheMaxRomeo (4 years)
@charyinvic it truly IS the best game EVA

Author Ezrot Leth'ana (4 years)
What's the song called?

Author Vastonik (5 years)
i hate this video because you got this song from little big planet... nahh
just kidding whats the name of it?

Author MrHypnoEyez (3 years)
I LOVE THIS VIDEO! perfect song for little bugs and robotic bugs! its like
ants sing that whenever they are in a line looking for food!

Author TheMaxRomeo (4 years)

Author Gpickle42 (3 years)
lolz ant sex at 0:17

Author D081 (5 years)
lol the description xD

Author Ivan Diaz (5 years)
i find this song quiet frightning

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