Montana Skies - House of the Rising Sun

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a duo of six string electric cello and guitar. Montana Skies combines the full spectrum of an orchestra crossed with the energy of a rock band.


Videography - David Robinson

Sound Mixing - John Keane

Lighting - Bradley Bergeron

A must see live concert experience: a duo with the full spectrum of an orchestra crossed with the energy of a rock band. Jenn and Jonathan create a new acoustic sound with their pairing of cello, six-string electric cello, Spanish/classical guitar, and steel string guitar. These award winning musicians delve into music from Pink Floyd and Rush to Vivaldi, House of the Rising Sun, and Bach, as well as their own originals that have been featured everywhere from NPR to the Travel Channel. Using a wide range of effects, Jennifer Adams' blazing electric cello and Jonathan Adams' guitar wizardry combine to create a sound that is truly remarkable. Montana Skies has an extensive tour schedule which has taken them all across the US, Canada and to Asia.

Jonathan and Jenn met while studying music at the University of Georgia. Recognizing a kindred spirit in each other's devotion to their music, the desire to share music together was ignited immediately. The two assumed they would be performing classical recitals and great works for the cello and guitar; then, in one trip to the library to select music, their whole world of classical intentions came crashing down. The discovery: music written for cello and guitar was as rare as the combination itself -- no great classical works existed. What resulted from this new musical freedom of expression between the two was the formation of Montana Skies, and a unique style of music that would garner instant recognition and praise. Jonathan explains, "The fact that 'ready made' repertoire is not available for our combination of instruments is really what pushes us to be more creative with our music. We love composing and arranging, and appreciate the opportunity to present old favorites, along with newer music, to our audiences."

Montana Skies' name is taken from one of the first songs Jonathan composed for the group titled "Montana Skies." The song was written specifically about being in Montana and the joy of inspiration Jonathan felt from its natural beauty. At the time of its composition, he and Jennifer were completing their individual studies of music (he in Montana and she in Italy) and they realized that they would like to be together. Written during a crucial turning point in their relationship, the song marked the beginning of the duo's musical collaboration and their newly found sound. Montana Skies maintains an active touring schedule. Highlights from their touring has included: the Seoul Arts Center (2,500 seats) in S. Korea, Great Falls Civic Auditorium (1,800 seats) in Montana, and the new backstage series at the Morrison Center in Boise, Idaho. Jonathan's full length instructional book and CD, "Getting Into Fingerstyle Guitar" was published in 2002 by Mel-Bay Publications. Additional publications are in-the-works.

Influences and Inspirations include: Yo-yo ma, John Williams, Paco de Lucia, Tommy Emmanuel, Bela Fleck, Nickel Creek, Andy Mckee, Michael Hedges, Ottmar Liebert, rodrigo y gabriela, strunz and farah, al di meola, willie and lobo, Pink Floyd, Rush, Metallica, the Beatles, Pat Metheny, Derek Trucks, Nigel Kennedy, Yanni, Earl Klugh, Jean Luc Ponty, Stephane Grappelli, Vanessa Mae, 2cellos, Yes, california guitar trio, genesis, willie and lobo, Jimi Hendrix, David Grisman, Sam Bush, Tony Rice, the Allman Brothers, Charlie Daniels, Les Paul, Dave Matthews Band, Ben Sollee, zoe keating, The Police, kansas, Chet Atkins and more.

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Author John Holecek (3 months)
Flat out fabulous!!!

Author spooykgohst (4 months)

Author spooykgohst (4 months)

Author Immy J (6 months)

Author Mike Hollon (6 months)
Time for the devil to loose a golden cello lol

Author Filip Łakomik (6 months)
I really like Your expression :)

Author Dan Kastrul (7 months)
Fantastic - love this!

Author sonlightobed (7 months)

Author FREDD ISOPROPANOL (9 months)
hmmm awsome!!

Author Sarah S (4 months)
I was talking to my father tonight, and told him I wanted to play the cello
as an elective, and he suggested I watch y'all! Y'all are incredibly

Author kazl1m (3 years)
The devil who went down to Georgia best not go to Montanaskies or be ready
to lose another golden fiddle.

Author Michelle Umrao (1 year)
ME TOO ;D they did it at my school today THEY WERE AWSOME

Author Kathrin Arnicke-Roller (1 year)
Impressive! That's excellent! :-)

Author ggvirtualbs (3 years)
Thank you and I have definitely shared.

Author someinkstone (3 years)
wow. The best!

Author Johan Hansen (2 years)
These guys are totally inspiring!! They make me want to just drop
everything and listen!

Author boswell69 (2 years)
Nothing short of amazing.

Author gabila2728 (2 years)

Author Basil Baker (2 years)
Great artistry s always rewarding to the can only diet on trashes

Author Gene McClain (1 year)
I saw them perform last night in New Harmony, Indiana. They were awesome.
And such nice people to boot.

Author Mario Félix García (3 years)

Author michael h (2 years)
takes some guts to play like that girl, im normally a guitar fan but i am

Author ItsIndecisions (1 year)
It's beautiful that no-one could bring themselves to dislike this.

Author alessandro proterra (2 years)
Semplicemente spettacolare! Simply spectacular!

Author EeeebeeeE . (2 years)
This is excellent music. My 11-year-old son plays cello and is somewhat of
a prodigy and he was fascinated. I'd like to make a couple requests. Could
you do Hotel California, Behind Blue Eyes, The Raven (Alan Parsons
Project), Sweet Child of Mine, Shine, or Suite Madam Blue? Please give them
some thought.

Author ferreirachase (2 years)
Beautifully rendered. Amazing talent. Thanks for sharing.

Author Tevi Silva (1 year)
holy crap, seems like such a simple song, turns out i dont have a musical
mind im going to die in a hole now

Author MsCellist12 (2 years)
you guys totally inspire me! so awesome

Author danielsonn77 (2 years)
I want some of whatever she's on

Author John Deards (1 year)
May 3rd Temecula Old Towne Theater

Author atimtambaby (2 years)
They have played a couple times at the crazy little church I attend in the
Atlanta area. An amazing duo. Hopefully, this and other videos will help
disc sales...I am happy to own one (I promise to buy more next time you are
at Unity North!) Warmly, Al

Author Beaudaddy15 (1 year)
this is so great! me and my brother and oldest sister play guitar and me
and my second older sister play violin but I've been wanting to learn cello
too! this just makes me wanna try harder with my music! thank you! you are
very inspiring and talented both of you! :) also i like how enthusiastic
and energetic you both are :)

Author Jack DiPrima (1 year)
Very inspiring and unique. Great job of seemless blending!! I loved it!!!

Author Jennifer Kumar (1 year)
Sweet Child O Mine would be awesome to hear the Montana Skies way!

Author Snake4169 (3 years)
[iminent=mim4D7sRf] PORQUERIA

Author Giuseppe Lanotte (1 year)
...altra versione...molto interessante...

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