Top 10 Funniest Moments in Cricket History [Updated 2013] - HD

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Author Jan khan (13 days)
Thanks for uploading !!!! 

Author feathertopDT (4 months)
hahahaha number 5

Author The Cricket School - Online Coaching Lessons on How to Play Cricket (4 months)
Nice Job m8 ...lovely compilation i like the Great Glenn McGrath as well as
AnyOne ...But Come On Brother ...

The Women @ Number 4...with One Getting Her Tits Out Have Got To Be Number
1.....m8 come on ......

Author namith nazeer (4 months)
Top 10 Funniest Moments in Cricket…

Author G R Aashuthosh (1 month)

Author IndraEMC (4 months)
"Absolute Circus" <---- EPIC

Author TheBosnianborngamer (3 months)
Cricket blows. terrible sport.

Author John McNeill (2 months)
Surprising that Imzy didn't try to eat the stumps after knocking them over

Author Elijah Samuel (4 months)
really funny

Author shabbir a. tipu (14 days)
Australian are #funny 

Author Isaac Bird (5 months)
easy download i movie and put it into that

Author axe del (5 months)
good one 

Author Bob Solo (4 months)
billy bowden is a cock

Author Farhad Islam (3 months)
Awesome :putnam:

Author sathiya bama (4 months)

Author shakir ali (3 months)

Author shobuj ahmed (4 months)
Mcgrath. ..hahs

Author Yuvaz MJ (2 months)
No. 6 that was funny.

Author ashish parihar (4 months)

Author ismail hossain (1 month)
love it

Author gtaiv1000 (5 months)
#5 @ 3:32


Body Temp went from 0 degree to over a 100 in just a matter of seconds

Author baburaj vk (3 months)
funny and sexy

Author sahil ghimire (3 months)
nice one

Author Hemil Patel (3 months)

Author Samarth Shenoy (4 months)

Author Dinesh Parthe (2 months)

Author sandeep gaud (4 months)
dance on har pal har lamha dance

Author Sean Gibbs (4 months)
number 3: how the hell did that fat guy get on the team???!!!!!
He is not fit

Author Matthew Choyd (4 months)
5 is disgusting

Author Bhavneet Singh (5 months)
Good compilation buddy. Job well done! :)

Author Vernon Demerest (4 months)
Number 2 proves it's possible to train small animals to do great tricks!

Author Prathmesh Shah (5 months)
nice one

Author piu gupta (1 month)
5and 6 was awesome

Author nalam nabid (4 months)
no. 6 is the best :P

Author Ankit Pandey (5 months)

Author Mir Burhan (3 months)
Fon buss

Author ishanyoube1 (3 months)
No 2.

Author Brokis Voekler (3 months)
As an American,,, I have no idea what is fucking going on.

Author Parshy Srinivas (1 month)
no. 2 the most funniest

Author WebDeveloperSahil (2 months)
fame seeking ladies :P

Author ashleigj (4 months)
Number 2 is an absolute shocker

Author IBAD HUSSAIN (1 month)
5 is mf cool

Author TRAINER TANZIL (2 months)
This is Really Nice Video.

Author Om Pharande (4 months)

Author Bablu Sarkar (3 months)

Author Ravi Arora (3 months)
Funniest Moments in cricket history

Author Amar Singh (5 months)
5th one was the best .....;)

Author Deep Amin (4 months)
England one is very funniest

Author Tushar Ramgude (4 months)
Oooops! Nice video.

Author Budz (8 months)
This surely has to be there! watch?v=issXcKypKGk

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