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The engines I use are the 6.5 hp (212cc) from harbor freight. The welder I use is a 110 V , 90 Amp flux core also from Harbor Freight. I get my Wheels from ebay, Bmi, or Harbor Freight.
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These videos are for educational and entertainment purposes only. Always seek professional advice and training before using any power tools.

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Author T-Mans Go Karts (1 year)
TESTING THIS G+ CRAP, I'm posting on a video.

Author lilly reynolds (3 months)
i have a go kart frame and im not sure how i should set up the steering.
could i email you a pic for some help?

Author GoldStarTech (4 months)
is it bad to have no camber or caster at all? have same length arms top and
bottom so keep the tire square all the way? would that be weird on the

Author Amy Mck (5 months)
cutting and welding everything can be a pain, but why not extend the ends
of the rack. get it lined up perfect

Author Fast92RS383 (10 months)
do you have complete plans and parts list to build one?

Author LUKA JET (1 year)
Awesome bat mobile gokart

Author chadda king (1 year)
d frofesnal idea

Author Toan Chan Le Van (1 year)

Author Mootanks24 (1 year)
Could you tell me what I would have to do or refer me to a video, because I
built a go kart recently and now I'm trying to turn it into more of an
off-road buggy. Thanks.

Author frdradio (1 year)
Looks cool man. Good vid. I lol'd @ the boot fashion show video bomber.

Author T-Mans Go Karts (1 year)
hey Chris, I didnt get the plans anyplace ... Im designing them.

Author 231flash (1 year)
Or cut out what's needed in the frame section so they line up?

Author gummi bear (1 year)
im building a race cart / snow kart / gravel / tarmac kart if u wnat to see
what im basing the skin off of type in redbull xj2010. its from a video
game it will have at least 24 hp. thx for replying im on a tight budget i
have to fund it

Author Ben Miner (1 year)
Dude love the outro great vid tman wish i could help

Author Mootanks24 (1 year)
Hey tman, would a regular tie rod system work okay with independent front

Author GoodGamerDude (1 year)
His wife Crystal.

Author swabbster3 (1 year)
Nice, you should Greece all the pivot points

Author T-Mans Go Karts (1 year)
lol, well no, with dual A arms you dont want to put them on solid because
then there wont be any travel . The point to this set up to be sure that
the tire keeps as much contact with the road as possible.

Author tractors4life17 (1 year)
Do you still have stickers

Author David Durnberger (1 year)
Where did you get you steering system from? That looks like a good system!

Author Techmatt167 (1 year)

Author faceman5050 (1 year)
Wow that's a nice front chassis you got going there.

Author Chris Leech (1 year)
Nice, well i apologize for making the assumption. But from what I have seen
so far of your work the design has existed in your grey matter. That it
went from there to the 3 dimensional, not from paper.

Author chikin1974 (1 year)
So I hope my video will help U out. Let me know if u need any help.

Author Ron4936 (1 year)
good stuff :)

Author Fearlessfront (1 year)
Taking the time to make sure you do it right! I think no matter what you do
you'll probably end up with a small amount of bump-steer. But overall, it
looks great! But are those heim joints going to be big enough? They are
looking pretty small next to those tires!

Author T-Mans Go Karts (1 year)
oh that an idea, I'll play around with that.

Author 1941paco (1 year)
Oh Hell Yeah!! Great videos Tman, I think you have just the right
combination of finished product in your videos, and I am learning with ya
bro........keep up the great work!

Author Murray Mayhem (1 year)
Cool gonna watch it again

Author levi handlin (1 year)
Who in the boots

Author T-Mans Go Karts (1 year)
I got it at BMI karts for like 60 or 70

Author T-Mans Go Karts (1 year)
yep , Iv been subbed to him for well over a year, way back when He hacked
apart the rear end the first time.

Author WiperTF2 (1 year)
Nice intro! Keep making your nice videos! They are of nice quality and new
kind of content every time

Author jose angel pinal (1 year)

Author bigdogdaddy69 (1 year)
looking good

Author Steven Boughner (1 year)
Were did you buy that rack at and how much was it

Author T-Mans Go Karts (1 year)
I buy on ebay

Author T-Mans Go Karts (1 year)
Oh ya, good stuff here.

Author ConceptEngineering (1 year)
exacterally how many go karts do you have?

Author Jasper's Garage (1 year)
I wouldn't worry about that problem, I noticed that in a citroen AX (20
year old car I found in the scrap yard) the steering linkages weren't
pivoted in line with the wishbones at all, they were only pivoted at a
common point, in the middle of the car

Author gummi bear (1 year)
I'm building a go cart for the first time and want to know for a track kart
what sort of stearing and suspension should I use

Author T-Mans Go Karts (1 year)
ya, I dont think I'll be able to get the thing prefect. I think I'll swap
out those heim joints

Author DirtyDsGarage (1 year)
I would add gressable bushings.. it would help and make it smother. - D

Author marko3296 (1 year)
Can the spindle be connected directly (rigid) to the A frame or is there a
reason you are using eye ends? Ps ive seen most of your videos so i might
eswell subscribe:)

Author 231flash (1 year)
I still say your hem joints are going to snap. Go to 3/4" . As for the rack
& pinon why can't you extend it out on each side so it lines up with the
line of the a-arms and make it flex there?

Author udizzy1969 (1 year)
ur doing well just working out the bugs

Author FiveNineCummins (1 year)
TMAN! you need to go check out a user groutaone! he is building a long
suspension build and he has a way to completely change the caster in the
rear and front wheels. go to his channel and look for long travel
suspension build! you could definitely learn something from his videos!

Author T-Mans Go Karts (1 year)
Just a few of them, but I plane on putting them on my own stuff. I'll let
everyone know when I have them ready.

Author Jason B (1 year)
I am getting ready to build my own kart. Independent suspension in the
front and back chain driven with a sprocket. Any advice?

Author Raymond Earle (1 year)
Always remember. There is no such thing as a problem. Only a situation
looking for a solution. There is someone out there that can help. You just
have to find them. Great video and I liked the boots Crystal.

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