Minecraft Pokemobs Ep. 1

Charmander NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Author David Kerr (2 months)

Author Bram Kesseler van Brueklen (1 month)
I LOVE POKEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so lucky that u did this

Author renerichard2960 (1 month)

Author indyuenkar vreezen (2 months)
you need a healer to heal your pokemon and then you have charmander back!

Author bonniejerryrho (1 year)
Mama Luigi!!!!!!!!

Author Bestminer5 (1 year)
R.I.P CHARMANDER a.k.a flamey what you were probably going to name it

Author pizzamon11 (2 years)
its sad how videos like dis get so little views :( dont give up

Author Dru Stuckel (1 year)

Author Kington97 (1 year)

Author MrMilus999 (1 year)
tu parle français ???

Author ThexLuckyxNinja (1 year)
try to see if u can make anyother balls then pokeballs

Author Ognjen Miladinovic (1 year)
ju srd starta lec plej manecraft evrivan komz alajf

Author reedomfay (2 years)
you have wood for a reason you know

Author Kington97 (1 year)

Author Team J2 (2 years)
how do open the door?!?!

Author ty burch (1 year)
im bob im a sub do tekkit like so he can see

Author Dittio971 (2 years)
when you said you would take a rae candy every 5 pokemob you got did you
now there only is 15 pokemobs?

Author cecilia solis (2 years)
oh sorry didnt see holl video

Author Malik Greene (9 months)
you play so fucking stupid how do you kill a level 2 charmnder that you
just got.then what the fuck is a greeny you fuck up

Author TheVegitos (1 year)
those were some kick ass names

Author allycatprouductions (1 year)
18:23 I called it "Charmander Suicide"

Author Tue Mach (10 months)

Author mfbleyder747 (2 years)
speak up

Author lolyumaddoe (9 months)
Stop walking run idiot

Author JMA Studios (2 years)
@minecraft75625 thank you :)

Author Donna Gray (9 months)
stupid, the planks were for the crafting table and stop swaring!

Author Minecraft4peeps (1 year)

Author fairyinspirational (1 year)
what the fuck you dont have to cheat to get rare candy wow ow wo wow o

Author Katherine Blanchard (1 year)
18:05 Now charmander, don't touch that cactus...(hugs cactus) you're dead
to me!

Author Nga Dang (9 months)
minecraft has not updated when he played so you can't run

Author Allen Gonzalez (1 year)
Pokemon is just so awesome

Author scooterskillz mate (1 year)
I loved pokemon since leaf green and now im 16 and i still love it

Author Ricky Thakar (1 year)
soary about dom charmander nice !!1!1111!!1111! 1!

Author amuletspade231 (2 years)
WTH did you throw away a freakin pokeball! Every pokeball counts... ;(

Author minxyz09 (1 year)

Author dylan gregory (2 years)
i love you vidoe

Author jacob Stone (1 year)
What the hell.

Author Sadia A. (1 year)
How to make a healing table is you need weather and iron

Author Tom Jerry (1 year)
I do not like you

Author Nga Dang (9 months)
minecraft has not updeated when he played

Author agentsparky78 (2 years)
good vid :)

Author Maka958 (1 year)

Author CobyMKWII (2 years)
What's the download link

Author henriktran97 (1 year)
gard dangit

Author fantasy1149 (1 year)
The planks were for the crafting table.

Author Anna Kerridge (2 years)
he had wood why didnt he make one lol

Author LegoBoo25 (1 year)

Author JMA Studios (2 years)
@Dittio971 well that sucks... thx for letting me know

Author Allen Albert Dumas (1 year)
can you speak louder?

Author Evaldas Pocius (2 years)
WHOS THAT??? oh that's just a pig XD OMG PLUS

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