Mount And Musket Line Battle (For The Grand Campaign)

Mount and Musket Video ive Created of a line Battle For the 14th of may (grand Campaign battle) please rate comment and subscribe Hope You Like It !!! :D p.s can everybody sigh up to www, thanks and happy gaming!

Note: Audio is changed so that people from Germany can view the Video!

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Added: 3 years
Runtime: 13:09
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Author IamMcAsshole (3 years)
@1westbrom1 ur in a regiment?

Author 268412342684 (3 years)
can i have a link to this mod please

Author TheAcountguy (2 years)
where can i get these game as well? lol

Author Wesy123 (3 years)
@494industries :) ok

Author Wesy123 (2 years)
He is not my line commander anymore..!! I'm Lt.Col of the 1st Grens! And no
a Scottish man is nothing like a pussy, but a bad ass person with a awesome

Author all4pivot (2 years)
@1westbrom1 oh, and when he says present, is that the same as aim?

Author bassdude008 (2 years)
i have mount and blade warband how do i get this mod ?

Author Wesy123 (3 years)
@timeswaster Yh sure i'll pm You.

Author amiel169 (2 years)
pour la france! !!!!

Author kingmattify (3 years)
robin hood music i think, kinda sounds like end credits

Author Cal97g (2 years)
Not sure which is more epic, this or SPQR Total War. Also, why are you
playing as the french you dirty traitors? I'm surprised you didn't give up
2 minutes in.

Author Neebz (3 years)

Author 494industries (3 years)
@1westbrom1 will do btw this is 1st Yorks LtCol Perkins

Author Mryesify (3 years)
@1westbrom1 Thx. I actually went with my guts and just got warband before
you left a comment, and it worked. I LUV this GAME, Omg the line battles
are awesome!!

Author Wesy123 (3 years)
@Mryesify You can just get warband :)

Author Wesy123 (3 years)
@IamMcAsshole Yes the 18e As you see on the screen.

Author Michael M. (2 years)
4:00 The movie starts Your welcome for 4 minutes saved

Author Wesy123 (2 years)
@cagalova I'll Pm you dude ! :)

Author Tony M (3 years)
Is the intro song from Cossacks European Wars?

Author Wesy123 (2 years)
@Noctis1117 The game is mount and blade warband with the mod mount and
musket my friend :)

Author Wesy123 (3 years)
@DerrEinzige no dude its "last of the mohicans promentory" :D hope that

Author Wesy123 (3 years)
@WilliamDampbellows i got it on amazon ;)

Author timeswaster (3 years)
dude how many players are playing 200 or like tthat? and canyou give me the
link of this mod

Author IamMcAsshole (3 years)
@CM99501 Yes that is correct, i suggest you getting the game because the
game itself is very good and the many mods to choose from like this one is
also very good and fun :)

Author Wesy123 (3 years)
@DerrEinzige lol :P epic music though !!

Author Wesy123 (3 years)
@symptomx42 no problem its for the clan dude !! :D

Author Wesy123 (2 years)
Hehe ;)

Author amiel169 (2 years)
pour l'empire!!!!

Author Wesy123 (3 years)
@Xxz0mbi3fr13ndxX I'll Pm You :)

Author EvocatiPrefectofRome (2 years)
Can you tell me how to get it?

Author Rafael Navarro (3 years)
I dont new this game. What is his name?

Author cjstemplar (3 years)
West brom, like black country? Ave it, i'd follow u into a wall of bayonets.

Author Addictz (2 years)
no Mount and Blade Warband is multiplayer to, mount and musket is just a mod

Author Cal97g (2 years)
You do realise that the English pretty much dominated all of the world
worth dominating right? It got boring after a while, anyway the French army
was simply an organised rabble, compared to The British Empires Standing
Army of 150,000 troops it was nothing.

Author RK9ify (2 years)
So Mount and Musket is single player as well? :)

Author PriorVideos (2 years)
ahh I just read the comments above. solved my question

Author angel olvera (2 years)
where can i get this game

Author Qwyn (2 years)
Is this game still played a lot? In massive, well organised, battles that

Author reallytightpants (3 years)
@IamMcAsshole I wouldnt mind im gonna get Fire and Sword here in a few
days. maybe even earlier. Just let me know if you have slots and what not.

Author Wesy123 (3 years)
@WilliamDampbellows Yes. ;)

Author 494industries (3 years)
3:34 thats us :)

Author YiGzit (2 years)
Victory to France but he they speak english :D

Author thom brouwer (2 years)
You basterd!!! XD

Author IamMcAsshole (3 years)
Good video! I like how the captain were hiding behind the tree there for a
while xD Anyone wanna join the 64th Regiment?

Author 494industries (3 years)
6:16 we werent flanking you we were running 4 our lives XD

Author Wesy123 (1 year)
Over 2000 hours later.. yes! I guess you can call it fun :3

Author LoLMalley (2 years)
Good to see that M&B Mount and Musket users can form lines just about as
good as Battle Grounds players.....

Author Wesy123 (2 years)
@mutimateco Ive Pm'ed You enjoy !

Author Wesy123 (2 years)
No, it has a decent single player as well.! :)

Author Wesy123 (3 years)
@MrNevino1 yeah !!

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