Secret Place In Monkey Island 2 Uberstrike

A secret place in monkey island. If you want a tutorial on how to go there please contact me with a message .

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look and do!!


Author NicSasha (3 years)
@uberstrikepro aaaa 12 months ago i posted this !

Author taco285 (3 years)
@ferbsuperfans its not that hard

Author Tim m (3 years)
Nice place

Author goduster4kids (3 years)
seen it done that

Author CONNECTIVITYify (3 years)
@ferbsuperfans hey just go to the jump boost or the trampoleen thingy then
get on wat lvl are u by the way im 19 my name is Love&Peace

Author Idraki Faeez (3 years)
The blue 1 is the easiest,but the orange 1 is the hardest I always get into
the blue 1 by jumping on the monkey head (The blue and the orange were mean
the color of the hot ballon)

Author NicSasha (3 years)
@messi6345 yeah you have to be on the blue baloon ........

Author NicSasha (3 years)
@nicsashaita second account

Author NicSasha (3 years)
@eitreb123 0.0 i think you won't be able to do videos ! send me a message
when you will do a video ( approximately 20-25 years

Author CONNECTIVITYify (3 years)
@ferbsuperfans hey just go to the jump boost or the trampoleen thingy then
get on

Author NicSasha (3 years)
@Halodark998 @Halodark998 @Halodark998 Io uso screenflow . è un programma
che costa ma io te lo do gratis , vai su questo link (aggiungi megaupload):
COPI POSSO DENUNCIARTI) Se vuoi fare un video con le mie idee chiedimelo

Author NicSasha (3 years)
@gonkproduction CAN'T CARE LESS !!!!!!!

Author BandRunescape (3 years)
easy ? :) Just wait till the balloon gets there GOOSH! :D

Author OATki (2 years)
secret? omg its no fucking secret its eaasyyy

Author dex123james (3 years)
ive done it ones but i can't do it now

Author NicSasha (3 years)
@Halodark998 si si sono italiano xD ho un account anche in italiano
nicsashaita se vuoi guarda i mie video ..... ciao

Author NicSasha (3 years)
@eitreb123 learn to speak English ! deos ? does ...... ass hole

Author uberstrikepro (3 years)
theat is not new

Author Urte Siliute (3 years)
learn to talk in englis im am from ingland noeone says like that like a

Author NicSasha (3 years)
@ferbsuperfans you have to understand the technique !

Author NicSasha (3 years)
@Halodark998 ok mi iscrivo xP

Author messi6345 (3 years)
better place: when youre there you must jump on the monkey head

Author NicSasha (3 years)
@retardedpokemon1942 @retardedpokemon1942 screen flow ????? if yes go to :

Author NicSasha (3 years)
@1999tim1it's a little difficult to get there ......

Author NicSasha (3 years)
@eitreb123 and if you already know this place ...... don't watch this video
!?!? and wow 0 subscribers you are doing great !

Author Yolo Swag 69 (3 years)
How is that a glitch

Author NicSasha (3 years)
@retardedpokemon1942 screen flow ????? if yes go to :

Author 100anfra (2 years)
its not hard but like it

Author Bertie Smith (3 years)
I have no vidios but I am making some about how u can walk into a stone
shoot people and u can't be seen and I will be making call of duty 4 glitch
videos and I know like 20 glitches on each.I still think your a bitch.

Author UberStrikeFreak (2 years)
Are u fricking kidding thats not a secret place everyone can go there and
even one in lvl 2 can go there and u can kill from the ground there and one
more time thats not a frisking secret place u can go up there with a spring.

Author Bertie Smith (3 years)
wtf every one knows that place dumb ass. then u say whats a ass and what
deos wft mean

Author hectorrodriguez60 (3 years)
spring grnade and get on baloon 2#u can get on the hill and get on spring.

Author uberstrikepro (3 years)
@NicSasha ok then

Author NicSasha (3 years)
@matiaguia D:

Author chaos4571 (2 years)
so easy right timing and u can get on the ballon

Author messi6345 (3 years)
@NicSasha yes you're right. in ge yellow baloon does it not work

Author potter7123456 (3 years)
you suck balls

Author NicSasha (3 years)
For a tut comment !

Author NicSasha (3 years)
@retardedpokemon1942 @retardedpokemon1942 screen flow ????? if yes go to :

Author hank2417 (3 years)
@ferbsuperfans at the very 1st start of the round, go to the jump thingy in
front of the sniper island, wait till the jump thing and the balloon is on
line, and then use the jump thing to jump into the ballon

Author legoman5727 (2 years)
its not a secret place coz i did it yesterday on training so nobody would
bugger me while i was spring boarding but i can say it is an immense sniper
spot if you've got a right click button for your scope but it is a hard
place to get to.

Author NicSasha (2 years)
@jorgemzara haha i remove ur comment

Author Ilma Jašarević (3 years)
that's not secret

Author ArcadeMania4 (3 years)
How to get to the balloon: wait for it to go near the trampolines then just
jump on it it will make you go to the balloon. Hope it helped!

Author salman allam Muhammad (3 years)
wtf how you get in the ballon?i tried
soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard that's was soooo coooooool

Author jonathan seria (3 years)
i know how to do that click next to the like button

Author Ubereminemslimshady (2 years)
OMG your raping the balloon

Author NicSasha (3 years)
@happyhappylol111 TRUE :D

Author NicSasha (3 years)
@jubinjibin ?????'

Author screm4mo4 (3 years)
es muy facil hacer eso

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