Here is 5 brand new Cydia Tweaks for all iOS Devices


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Author soh kehao (1 year)
Super chargedios do u know that there is a cydia tweak that enables u to
download song and movie from free can u tell me what is it if u know please

Author SUPA CHARGEDiOS (1 year)
lol, thanx for watchin, hope u Like and Sub !!

Author SUPA CHARGEDiOS (1 year)
no prob,, thanx for watching !!

Author xD3C3PTICONx (1 year)
where did you get your pyramid zeppelin from?

Author SUPA CHARGEDiOS (1 year)
you're welcome, and thanx for watchin !!

Author Isiah Candelaria (1 year)
Nice vid

Author Fernandovelez1485 (1 year)
Hey men good job!

Author Kuldeep Mahur (1 year)

Author Luis Vargas (1 year)
What is your font called ?

Author SUPA CHARGEDiOS (1 year)
thanks, and thanks for watchin too !!!

Author juned khan (1 year)
download from cydia:- vshare

Author Evanescence4ever100 (1 year)

Author SUPA CHARGEDiOS (1 year)
Sorry, I'm from a part of the deep south (New Orleans) where we all pretty
much sound alike and we don't look at it as sounding black or white.... The
people who use a color to describe ones voice or appearance are the ones
with the real issues worth addressing... Sorry if u don't like my videos or
my voice, but thanx for your interest, anyway...

Author Evanescence4ever100 (1 year)
what is the font youre using?

Author Scott Knecht (1 year)
A straight up, well-made vid!

Author SUPA CHARGEDiOS (1 year)
i have a video on my channel thats shows how to change the font on any

Author SUPA CHARGEDiOS (1 year)

Author AcerKombat (1 year)

Author SUPA CHARGEDiOS (1 year)
thanx !! and thanx for watchin too !!!

Author SUPA CHARGEDiOS (1 year)
thanx !! and thanx for the sub and remember to go check out my other videos
on my channel too !!!

Author SUPA CHARGEDiOS (1 year)
you're welcome bro!! Please Like my page @ FacebookDOTcom/CHARGEDiOS

Author SUPA CHARGEDiOS (1 year)
thanx man, i really appreciate that !! More great vids like this are being
uploaded always on my channel, so please subscribe and dont forget to click
like too !!! Thanx agin for all of your support !!!

Author sawyer loper (1 year)
hay man r all the packs for Zeppelin free

Author SUPA CHARGEDiOS (1 year)
thanx for the Sub, and thanx for watchin too !! Don't forget to go to my
channel and check out my other videos !!!

Author SUPA CHARGEDiOS (1 year)
the new link is now up, sorry about that

Author Mohd sani Shaipudin (1 year)
How to get back shsh on top cydia app

Author SUPA CHARGEDiOS (1 year)
You're welcome, Glad to help you out and thanks for watching!! --Plenty
more helpful videos on my channel go check them out !!

Author SUPA CHARGEDiOS (1 year)
You're welcome, thanks for watching!

Author SUPA CHARGEDiOS (1 year)
Thanx bro!! It's comments like yours that mean the most to me, and keep me
enjoying doing this!! Please remember to check out my other videos and
subscribe too (if u haven't)

Author jose garduno (1 year)
How do you get diffrent letter type

Author Carlos Ramirez (1 year)
Thanks check my weather app fix

Author iEasha apple (1 year)
Hello I'm trying to get the twitter icon on my statusbar when I get a tweet

Author Tim Myers (1 year)
lol fuck that guy, your voice is awesome. Easy to understand, good speed to
know what you're describing, and a different tone rather than most annoying
iOS tweak channels.

Author Annes Parson (1 year)

Author San A (1 year)
Another amazing video thanks alot

Author SUPA CHARGEDiOS (1 year)
you might have too many tweaks, but I'm not really sure what that could be,
sorry.. anyone else feel free to answer cus I've never heard of that
happening unless he has too many tweaks installed..

Author SUPA CHARGEDiOS (1 year)
Sorry i didn't answer u, I've had so many comments and questions to answer
every day....Did u ever figure out how to get the Twitter icon on the
status bar ?? All u have to do is install the Twitter Zeppelin Icon Pack
from Cydia, and it will be configurable from in your Settings App... Hope
this was helpful !!

Author SUPA CHARGEDiOS (1 year)
yes they are all free,, thanks for watchin !!

Author SUPA CHARGEDiOS (1 year)
It's called "Triangle Wifi" free in the ModMyi Repo and is used with

Author Axel Vidal (1 year)
I installed mywi, now i cant delete the app. I get an error. Help is

Author SUPA CHARGEDiOS (1 year)
I have a couple different videos showing you how to get free music, movies,
TV shows & more.. Click on my name to go to my channel and check them out..
They're called "How to get free Music on any i-Device" and "How to Get Free
Movies & TV Shows on any i-Device" Enjoy !! hope this helped u out !! Pls
Like & Sub !!!

Author Azaldin Omar (1 year)
Nice vid

Author Shrhodes I (1 year)
as soon as i heard his voice i knew he would start talking with black guy
slang and now i'm going to a different video.

Author Herman Green (1 year)
is there anyway u can get paid apps 4 free

Author Shrhodes I (1 year)
I know right, lol fuck that guy.

Author SUPA CHARGEDiOS (1 year)
My font is called "Hey Gorgeous Font" and it's applied with BytaFont

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