JFK Assassination Debate John McAdams vs. Tom Rossley pt 3

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Debate that took place on Sunday, April 5th, 2009 between Professor John McAdams of Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and a 40+ year student of the Kennedy assassination Mr. Tom Rossley. Professor McAdams takes the position that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman, and thus part of no conspiracy. Mr. Rossley contends that Lee Oswald was a patsy that did not even shoot President Kennedy, and that the President was killed by a conspiracy that was covered up by our national news media.

Table of contents of debate

Part 1
Evidence of a second gunman?
Secret Service at the scene of the crime?

Part 2
Oswald innocent?
Paraffin test
Marina Oswald

Part 3
Backyard photos
Was Oswald a lousy shot?
Accuracy of the Mannlicher-Carcano
Back and to the Left

Part 4
Zapruder Film/Back and to the Left
Doctors at Parkland
Autopsy photos and x rays
James Hosty

Part 5
Back and to the Left back of his head in tact
How man people would have to be in on the conspiracy?
Single/Magic Bullet

Part 6
Single/Magic Bullet
Oswalds Agency/Intel connections

Part 7
Oswalds Agency/Intel connections
Testimony of James Wilcott and others

Part 8
Did Oswald know Jack Ruby?
Beverly Oliver (the alleged Babushka Lady)
Connellys Wounds?

Part 9
The throat wound
How did Oswald learn Russian?
Jack Ruby

Part 10
Oswalds intelligence
JT Tippit
How did Oswald get to the USSR?

Part 11

Website of Professor John McAdams
Website of Mr. Thomas Rossley

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Author TheAmbassador11 (3 years)
Osawald was innocent.

Author joe80dman (4 years)
It's as plain as day that McAdams is employed by the Federal Reserve, a
paid lackey. Even his voice sounds defensive, as a liar would.

Author ShutterBun2 (5 years)
Interesting things about this segment: Rossley directs us to WC25, page
799, which has the report about "the scope, as we received it...for a
left-handed man" But he forgets that on the SAME page is a report of the
FBI's parrafin tests, which not only confirms McAdams contention that they
are "unreliable," but that the FBI's own tests (taken from someone KNOWN to
have fired the rifle) also resulted in "positive hands, negative cheeks"
results. PWNED!

Author IwshIcldstrtover (5 years)
That is right, you are not an expert, and you're dead wrong. The target was
barely moving(10.5 mph). You are also basing your conclusions on erroneous
info. Oswald actually had 8.5, not 5.6 seconds to kill JFK. Some of the
worlds experts have, in fact, fired a carcano in less time than O and hit
the target.

Author Brian Scott (4 years)
what Oswald said was written down, larry ignores that..because he like the
typical conspiracy nut, wants to believe the conspiracy, and could never be
bothered with reading the actually facts of the case.

Author Brian Scott (4 years)
larry, name a interragation at that time in texas that was recorded. Didn't
happen at the time. but this is typical of the nuts. standard procedure for
the time is proof of a conspiracy for them. what he said was written down,
and they were so scared of what he might say that he was actually given a
national press conference, and allowed to meat with his family. and you
call others idiots..amazing...

Author Brian Scott (4 years)
larry typical, standard percedure for the time is proof to him of a
conspiracy... Oswald was given a press conference and was allowed to meat
with his family for Gods sake, yet larry wants us to believe the cops were
scared of what Oswald might say. Amazing.

Author akaredcrossbow (5 years)
In the youtube clip of Oswald and the Curtain Rods Wesley Frazier Makes
this Pose or stance at the time frame between 1:35-1:41 take a look.

Author Obelisk2290 (4 years)
when you have over 4 dozen pieces of evidence as oswald, the game is over,
this debate does not change it

Author barmtraiI (3 years)
Who cares what is on CIA written and controlled pages or page numbers. The
feds simply made up the lies and created whatever evidence they wanted.
Anyway, it has already been proven Oswald had no guns. It was all "created"
evidence against a dead guy who was murdered on orders of the government.

Author samiemma (5 years)
I really like the supplemental visual material you have posted with the
audio. thank you And, while I don't agree with all Rossley's assumptions he
does a nice job interrogating McAdams. He clearly knows the evidence better
but should have pointed out that the paraffin cast evidence was bolstered
by two additional, more precise studies by the government, both of which
were purposely excluded from the Warren Report.

Author Dogheadj (4 years)
A left-handed scope would be like a left-handed hammer.

Author BushBlewUpTwinTowers (5 years)
alos....9/11 was a inside job by the same texas dumasses who will be on
trial for treason

Author petereuropa (2 years)
This case is too old now to be solved. But I admit that a hitman can reload
and hit three times. But what I do not believe is that LHO was the hitman.
You must have another personality to be THAT hitman. Ho had left the army,
he had no training to hit (= just when it happened). And to hide the rifle
in the TSBD is just ridiculous. LHO was not that stupid. Please, let a TV
production company make a 5 hour ballistic program, with accuracy, and you
they will find the right killer.

Author Brian Scott (4 years)
larry tell us what murder cases in 1963 had recorded interrogations? You
don't even know what you are talking about with this. yet typical ct its
proof in your eyes of a conspiracy.

Author abennett4 (3 years)
now Rossey is looking for the moderator to come to his rescue. he can't
stand to me shown to be wrong. Again, McAdams remains calm and rational.
McAdams wins the debate hands-down. All Rossey is able to do is come up
with the page numbers and when McAdams can't come up with the page number,
Rossey makes it look like he wins the argument. Rossey is a fool!

Author yfna1 (1 year)
McAdams loses the debate when he resorts to assumptions in regards to the
condition of the rifle as found. What happened to it to cause it to require
these metal shims to be added in order to bring the telescopic sight into
alignment is unknown. The rifle as found is the evidence you have to argue
with, the rest is meaningless conjecture.

Author petereuropa (5 years)
If you see, the whole series, is very interesting: "ON TRIAL: LEE HARVEY
OSWALD" - here on youtube. See witness: Part 6 -The policeman Eugene Boone
saw a rifle which was a Mauser kind of rifle. Then when he saw pictures of
the 'official' hitman rifle. It was a junk kind of rifle. He told the
authority that, but they were not interested to hear that. I am to almost
100% sure that it was a shooting from that window in the Depository! But
was it LHO? Part 8-police saw LHO in the lunchroom=calm

Author mcmchugh99 (4 years)
McAdams doesn't even mention all the new documents that came out in recent
years showing that Oswald was in the CIA and also an FBI informer, among
many other interesting details.

Author joy4118 (2 years)
Are you serious? Or do you just want to argue for argument's sake? College
professors often make 6 figure salaries doing very little work spouting
what the powers-that-be want them to say. If you doubt the JFK conspiracy,
kindly explain why most of the cels in the famous Zapruder film have been

Author IwshIcldstrtover (5 years)
I was talking to petereuropa. I do not recall Eugene Boone saying anything
about the CIA.

Author IwshIcldstrtover (5 years)
Rossley is an idiot. Listen to the 5 minute and 7 minute section of this
tape. He is trying to say that the scope on Oswald's rifle was mounted for
a left handed person. There is no such thing as a rifle scope being mounted
to be benefit to either a left or right handed shooter. Rossley's argument,
like Rossley, is stupid.

Author Dogheadj (2 years)
True, true.

Author FGTorres FJTorres (5 years)
@RuudJH I agree. common sense.

Author petereuropa (2 years)
1st of all you must find a rifle with 6.5 mm cartridge that can be
assembled in small parts in a box. If that rifle is automatic= let say 6
bullets to fire rapidly, is wven better. Then you let somebody put the
rifle owned by LHO hided in the TSBD. Then look at the man who was the
owner of the TSBD (NB. this is only hypothesis). tHERE WERE DOORS IN THAT
BUILDING = easy to escape. And finally look on YT: The men who killed JFK,

Author Jordan Kareem (4 years)
Tom Rossley is absolutely correct. I smuggled in David Ferrie inside the
box i told Frazier contained curtain rods, he was just a lousy shot &
missed.. but he was in a hurry because he had to go to the spot were we hid
the getaway plane. Clay Shaw, Guy Bannister & a Cuban wearing a ski mask
were all on the knoll playing paper, rock, scissors to see who would take
the shot. Then out of nowhere Jack Ruby did a 3 stooges move on all of them
& took a couple shots for himself. He was jealous of me.

Author jacktorse28 (4 years)
I love how conspiracy peole blast how erroneous the W.C. report is but then
quote from it as credible when it serves them.

Author TheAmbassador11 (2 years)
Do you have to be a meteorologist to know the diffrence between snow and
sleet? Of course not. There are certain elements in this case where a
person does not have to be an "expert". You are correct; shoot, reload, aim
and shoot again with a bolt action rifle, through a tree? In the time the
Warren Commission stated? Did not happen.

Author RuudJH (5 years)
Spasm my foot. Any scientist can tell you, if the subject moves backwards,
the impulse came from the front.

Author Jimmy Brooks (2 years)
are you serious? or you do just go around spouting conspiracy because
you're a basket case? conspiracy authors can make just as much drawing up
colorful scenarios from their imagination, writing down whatever it is they
want tin foil hat wearing morons like you to buy into. yup. the zapruder
film was definitely altered, backyard photos were photoshopped, tippit's
and jfk's bodies were switched, donalrd rumsfeld is a lizard, and we're all
getting sent to fema camps....sure, nut job.

Author Jimmy Brooks (2 years)
you really don't make that much being a professor. it'd be an equally
lucrative deal to become an author and purport conspiracies. as long as you
have a good imagination, like a lot of conspiracy authors do, you can
create more scenarios, stir up more hysteria, dupe the already paranoid
public, and watch the money roll in.

Author Dallas Burns (2 years)
Except a scope has these tricky things called windage and elevation knobs.
Not that Oswald couldn't have shot with it but there are scopes for left
handed shooters.

Author andrelebaron (2 years)
none of the cells were altered.

Author andrelebaron (2 years)
and where would you "leave" the rifle? Let's see, you've just killed the
President, there's cops all over the place, so you're going to wander out
of the building with a rifle in your hands to find a better hiding place?
that's pretty funny.

Author james hurlbut (1 year)
The scope was mounted off center left for bolt clearance. Pert much useless
to a lefty shooter. Jim

Author petereuropa (5 years)
It's ridiculous that LHO could 1st shoot, reload, and then shoot again on a
mooving target with that distance. I don't believe that also the worl's
best hitrman could do it. Ok, I'm not an expert.

Author petereuropa (5 years)
What do you mean? O In the trial I refer to, it is the lawyer who says: a
junk rifle. What the policeman E. Boone says is, that it was not the same
rifle that the police and CIA showed afterwards. He saw another rifle at
the window in the TSBD.

Author commonman80 (4 years)
The answer to who shot President JFK lies in the weapon, Not the shooter.

Author Jeffrey Hanley (3 years)
@TheAmbassador11 working for the cia

Author petereuropa (2 years)
For me the 5 videos on yt: The Men Who Killed Kennedy The Guilty Men is an
essential interesting report. But it has only a few thousand viewers. Why?
I don't know. For me it is the key to solve the assassination of your
President JFK that I and so many others admire and admired so much.

Author joy4118 (2 years)
Mock conspiracies all you want but be honest with yourself and look up
Zapruder Hoax on Youtube and see if you can explain all the strange things
about the "film." I doubt if you have the integrity to do so. You would
rather side with most people who seek an easy life going along with what
your government, schools and news media tell you. Banks just loan your
money to other people and make a justifiable profit from the interest. Have
a nice day Pollyanna!

Author Robert Elliot (5 years)
Re: McAdams - I keep wondering what it must be like to spends one's entire
life upholding a lie, having a finely tuned disinfo line about every little
detail of a case, and repeating them over and over, knowing you are telling
an endless series of lies. It seems so exhausting, but it's a living I

Author ShutterBun2 (5 years)
Rossley's betraying a certain level of ignorance, with regard to the
weapon's accuracy, suggesting that by "firing high & to the right" at close
range, this misalignment would be "multiplied" at greater distances. Which
in fact is false. While the "to the right" portion cannot be accounted for,
the fact is that a rifle that fires "high" at close range will fire "lower"
at longer ranges, due to gravity on the bullet. In other words, the "high
firing" sights would correct themselves at distance

Author TheAmbassador11 (3 years)
@wwerocks200000 I don't believe he fired any shots and yes it does look
like he worked in some intelligence orgs.

Author FGTorres FJTorres (5 years)
@tonyclifton2010 he was set to fail....just like the HSCA was hand picked
by CIA

Author james hurlbut (1 year)
Left handed scope? Pull twice 2 stage trigger? Sweet Jesus. Give me a
break. Jim

Author andrelebaron (2 years)
any scientist will tell you you're clueless. any physicist will tell you
that a bullet isn't capable of moving something with the mass of a head
more than about an inch and Kennedy's head moved 8 inches. It's
scientifically impossible for it to have been the force of the bullet.

Author Marty (3 years)
while i do believe there was some sort of conspiracy, exactly what kind who
knows, this Bossley guy is a joke...confrontational and melodramtic...

Author voidforpurpose (5 years)
Flip the image of 133-A and Oswald's pose is obviously phsycially
impossible as a stance... you would fall over if you tried to stand at such
an angle. The head size remains the exactly same when overlapping
transparencies are shown comparing all prints, an impossibility. Fake.
133-A Fake. 133-B Fake. 133-C & Fake 133-"D" (George de Mohrenschildtt's
larger frame, finer definition print of 133-A)

Author weworkforamerica (3 years)
Hmmm....all but the most expensive reflex cameras are 35mm which almost
always are rectangular format. Usually only twin lens reflex cameras have
square format prints. Both require advancing the film and/or cocking the
shutter for the next shot to be taken unless they have a motor drive or
autowinder which is uncommon for the times and expensive. NOT likely to be
within the finances of the Oswalds.

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