Bo and Lauren - Love scene 2x06

Disclaimer: I do not own Lost Girl.

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Author lostnlove love (1 month)
hot zoie,,,hehe

Author gardenhead904 (1 year)
Ugh, I can't believe TPTB broke them up, they are so perfect together!

Author Shelley Debeltz (2 years)
Did you see Lauren's hand?

Author Caravelhos07 (2 years)
vc sabe q musica ta tocando?

Author Chelsea Hyatt (2 years)
@ncis599 Lauren is the greatest! And yes, she is so hot! :)

Author 100asianlily (1 year)
I finally finish season 1-3 but can't find this scene in season 2:(

Author Shelley Debeltz (2 years)
The shit between the to makes me want to have sex with another women. Only
if we had the same chemistry.

Author David Villatoro (1 year)
Fuck the 16 people that don't like this!

Author jayas6 (1 year)
my best serial...lost girl..

Author 黑 密麻 (2 years)
@chelshyatt13 Thank you very much

Author Shai Nash (1 year)
I like what Bo did @1:00. pushing Lauren on the bed then pulling her back
towards her

Author MrBlazerking101 (2 years)
no bo is thumbs up if you all agree

Author LeftOut145 (2 years)
totally hot (LAUREN <3). I'm sure ou agree, so, thumbs up!

Author Naya Morris (1 year)
I want Lauren to become Fae so they can be together forever. <3

Author 黑 密麻 (2 years)
This song is?

Author JoanneB (2 years)
I am sorry, but I dont like this couple. I have nothing against lesbian
couples, but Lauren is so boring! I like Bo and Dyson much much better.

Author Shelley Debeltz (2 years)
Love the end where they are in bed and sleeping. It show bo's love for
Lauren. To have that kind of love for someone.

Author Caravelhos07 (2 years)
@AlicePira vlw!

Author Arakhan harshtrade (2 years)
sorry * show

Author Yard Haunt (1 year)
This is a little more straight foward than the Lesbian sub text in Xena
Warrior Princess Lol

Author yeslove24 (1 year)
Ownt,Bo and Lauren,I ♥ YOU 4EVER. HOT,HOT,HOT,HOT.the cutest couple.

Author Joe Mama (2 years)
haha bo's like I WANT YOU NAKED!

Author jill mortenson (1 year)
Could you make this available for mobile. Thanks.

Author SunshineDanny001 (2 years)
Soccubus my ass, Bo's just horny!

Author admntk2022 (2 years)

Author AlicePira (2 years)
@Caravelhos07 Austra - Lost It =D

Author Vivian Goldstein (1 year)
Zoie Palmer is the luckiest girl alive

Author k w (1 year)

Author Chelsea Hyatt (2 years)
@tat770113 Austra: Lost It

Author 89louiz (2 years)
anna silk is a great actress. just see how she played this character she's
so her

Author alexandram71 (1 year)
ascooo :S

Author mamanfaoo (2 years)
the movie is????

Author Chelsea Hyatt (2 years)
@mamanfaoo it's a tv show called Lost Girl!

Author Arakhan harshtrade (2 years)
The shows sounds canadian.

Author Ryan Howell (1 year)
Hottest Couple Ever

Author GAYFEVER100 (2 years)
Thanks a heap :)

Author Tiffany Martinez (2 years)
Totally Hot I felt Something In My Tummy :s

Author V A I N (2 years)
LUV this show,and song thanks for the cilp!!!

Author juan solis (6 months)

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