Barcelona - Arsenal 4 - 1 Lionel Messi Super Hattrick All Goals HD (06.04.2010)

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This is Lionel Andres Messi with super hattrick against Arsenal in Champions League.

Lionel Messi GOALS :

21' (1 - 1) Lionel Messi
37' (2 - 1) Lionel Messi
42' (3 - 1) Lionel Messi
88' (4 - 1) Lionel Messi

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Runtime: 6:23
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Author Trexx (26 days)
Damn Messi what happened to you, back in the day I hated you because of
your godly way of playing, now you just walk around the field with no
passion whatsoever.

Author Method775 (5 months)
i typed gang rape and this is what i showed

Author aFlacidIguana (5 months)
Arsenal's defense was ridiculously poor back then. You can really see how
far we've come since

Author gp5 (4 months)
God was mad that day, and I mean Messi

Author Hit-Guy (3 months)
N'awww look at how happy he is

Author *Richie~Rich* (27 days)
Nothing new here typical arsenal getting rape again

Author Alfred Jodl (4 months)
Best goal of the game is missing. Bendtner > Messi.

Author Diego André (2 months)
I love this commentator hehehe Hala Hala

Author Tim Senna (5 months)
When Almunia was a Champions League Goalkeeper....

Author andyangchannel (2 months)
Who scored that 1?

Author Abuzar Jamani (6 days)
It's not the old Arsenal, If Henry, Ljunberg, Toure, Viera, Van Persie, and
all those 2003 - 2007 crews and legends were in the team, Would have been a
different story if all those mentioned players were in the team and then
Messi was doing such things... 

Author FKTOluwa HD (8 days)
the of the arsenal team got humiliated by Messi RESPECT those who aren't
being bitchy

Author Martin Curran (11 days)
that last one, if he had scored it on the first kick, was one of the best
goals ever

Author Abuzar Jamani (6 days)
Before he used to play to show everybody that he is the best, Now that
everybody has recognized that he is the best so he doesn't put's any effort
what so ever in any game now a days. He should play like he used to before
those 2007 - 2013 5 years..

Author Sohaib Ahmad (1 month)
2:03 playstation say whaaaa!?

Author DIEP Michael (2 months)
Thank you Messi for everything

Author Moreoff (1 month)
Complete English translation can be found here- 06:14

Author DIEP Michael (2 months)
So amazing ...
Incredible ...

Author iTzFoxx (9 days)
2:02 why am i hearing playstation 

Author SGProdzz (5 months)
when you upload a video title it with arabic commentary, so ill know not to
click on it.

Author Swollenspot (4 months)
Messi doesn't smile like this anymore...why?

Author conormac79 (5 months)
How the hell could anyone dislike this?

Author Heisenberg (6 months)
The link to this vid should be the automatic reply to anyone spewing their
"Messi would only score like 20 goals a season in the PL" shite.

Author Farid YNWA (6 months)
everyone please do me this favour listen to 3.41-3,44 when messi is
chipping, listen to the way commentator sys SAYUSAJIL

Author Давид Бейбутян (6 months)
Comentator name?

Author Zach Waage (6 months)
PlayStation? haha what?

Author Armando Coyoli (7 months)
To this day, I don't understand why the commentator keeps saying
PlayStation when Messi scored the second goal XD.

Author Alex Ilies (6 months)
wtf is that HORRIBLE commentary? i hate those sand monkeys 

Author MEGABOY240 (5 months)

Author gebrhiwet werede (5 months)
loenel messi is the best of the best

Author itwsw (8 months)
Allah oula ou playstation ! Allah oula ou playstation! Sounds so badass

Author Dirtydozen (7 months)
This was so painful to watch as a gunner. But he surely is the best of the
world. I wanted to cry that day.

Author Fredo X (7 months)

Author antony john (7 months)
A good player should be able to do it for his country to. sadly he ain't
that good......

Author rid pvp (8 months)
Best performance in a single match ever?

Author robert stancioiu (5 months)

Author bossmemo112 (5 months)
I'm an arsenal fan but what a HATTRICK!!!

Author classicwiseguy (3 months)
LOL 4:56, could you imagine if Messi got this much space now?

Author Diego Pintos (22 hours)
At that time one just coudn't play "mano a mano" to Barcelona if you do it,
you will get raped

Author Nick sysysyy (8 months)
Tata is messing everything up. Messi doesn't get the ball much anymore
everything is aimed at Neymar...idiot Tata

Author Piki Miki (8 months)
Um Excuse me Gaycelona fans but MeShit SUX!

Author kyle Matthew (6 months)
bla bla bla bla playstation 2:00 lol

Author RamzoCR7 (4 days)
I was 11 watching this lost for words back then.

Author X-Digimon_Veemon (1 day)
my two favourite teams versing each other

Author Muhammad Aashiq (1 day)
Messi best

Author Damian Mess (4 days)
Messi > Ronaldo

Author Sergio Homsi (10 days)
LEO MESSI: único é irrepetible......

Author Lionel Messi (12 days)
Best player ever!!!!!!!!!!

Author Qasim Hassan (10 months)
Remember this? What was your most memorable player performances against
Arsenal in recent years?

Author Tammy Bui (9 days)
See you like this so amazing :( Poor you at WC , let's go messi :(

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